Shopify-Paystack to take eCommerce business to next level

Shopify-Paystack—An Ultimate eCommerce Solution

Statista forecasts the eCommerce market to soar from $3.6 trillion in 2024 to $5.3 trillion by 2028 showcasing great potential for businesses that sell goods and services online. Globally, supply chains weave a complex web of interconnectivity. Retailers increasingly operate beyond simple B2B to B2C chains, with sellers often vending to other sellers in a labyrinthine network.

Amidst this dynamic landscape, the African market is as ripe as ever for the taking and Shopify has long been established as a favored platform for eCommerce startups. This article delves into the synergy of three powerful platforms — the Shopify Paystack integration coupled with SubscriptionFlow — highlighting the transformative potential of such a tech stack for eCommerce ventures in the African region.

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Shopify: An eCommerce Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

Shopify: An eCommerce Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

Today, trends and markets are evolving quickly. Many people who want to start a new business, especially in the digital arena, cannot wait long so that they can find reliable and affordable software. There are many platforms that allow you to create an online store such as WordPress, Wix, WooCommerce etc. However, Shopify is the most popular option to have your eCommerce storefront up and running in a way that is fast and simple.

Shopify is famed to not only suit the needs of small businesses but also a range of medium to large enterprises as well. Having said that, the competitive landscape of eCommerce today necessitates the use of an ultimate tech stack to fulfill the diverse needs of growth-oriented eCommerce businesses.

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Shopify Payment Gateway Options for Africa

Shopify Payment Gateway Options for Africa

E-commerce businesses are increasingly going global to target not only local but international customers as well. A diverse customer base means a diverse revenue stream that brings more annual recurring revenue (ARR).

In this global climate, the African region is often overlooked on the grounds of being a developing country with less purchasing power. This could not be further from the truth. The local subscription economy in South Africa is currently worth $530 million and projected to be worth $820 by 2025. This is why smart eCommerce stores know not to sleep on this market bustling with opportunity and ripe for investment. For this reason, Alibaba, a renowned name in the eCommerce business market, serves all 54 countries of Africa.

So, what are the crucial prerequisites to enter the African eCommerce market? One of the most important is a payment gateway that supports transactions in this region and ensures the security of customer data.

Payment gateways encrypt the payment and customer details provided during checkout. Encryption of the data keeps it safe and secure from any fraud attempts. Paystack is one of those gateways that allow eCommerce businesses to operate in the African region including South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. If you are running an eCommerce platform and want to enter the African market, then your go-to option is the Shopify Paystack integration. By opting for this integration, you cannot only set up your online eCommerce platform but also be able to receive payments seamlessly in the merchant’s account from PayStack supported countries. And you can do this by supporting all the relevant payment methods used in the African region such as mobile money.

Selling Subscriptions with Shopify Paystack Integration

Selling Subscriptions with Shopify Paystack Integration

The boom of the subscription or recurring revenue model has taken the business world by storm and the eCommerce vertical is no exception. The reason behind the sustained success of this business model is that it creates a win-win situation for both the retailer and the customer. And to enter the eCommerce market in Africa, offering something comparatively affordable can be a big attraction for the targeted demographics. An example is supplying people with clean bottled water on a subscription basis as one of SubscriptionFlow’s clients do.

The customer base will love subscriptions for eCommerce items that you offer. And you, as a retailer, will succeed in setting up a revenue stream from Africa.

So, you have another thing to add to your tech stack to operate your eCommerce business smoothly in the African region.

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What the Shopify PayStack SubscriptionFlow Stack Can Do For Your Subscription-Based eCommerce Store in Africa?

Manage and Grow Your Subscriptions

With a central hub to manage product inventory, subscription plans, customers and billing cycles you can focus on growing your eCommerce business. Utilize dunning management and payment recovery to retain subscribers lost to involuntary churn and

Collect Frictionless & Secure Recurring Payments

Paystack can be your partner to provide your customers with the best payment experience in Africa. It helps in keeping the customer data secure and utilizing this data once the subscription cycle completes processing payment once again while renewing the subscription.

SubscriptionFlow automatically bills, invoices and collects payments against highly flexible billing logic and makes subscription management and renewal a breeze.

Offer Seamless Checkout

Whether your customers are in the US or in Africa, one thing common in customer behaviour is their need for the best treatment when they pay you. And the first thing that makes the payment experience the best is the quick and secure processing of online payments. PayStack powering payments on your checkout store will ensure that is more than taken care of.

SubscriptionFlow lets you offer hosted or embedded checkout, use your own forms to collect data and utilize a standalone payment element in the final step, and brand your checkout endlessly to suppress cart and checkout abandonment.

Enable Self Service Portals

SubscriptionFlow lets you set up branded customer self service pages where they can renew to different plans, upgrade, downgrade, suspend or cancel their subscriptions, affording this dynamic flexibility improves the lifetime value of your shoppers. By focussing on retention rather than acquisition alone you can steadily grow your revenue and reap the rewards of the subscription based business model.

Leverage Data Insights

With this powerful tech stack you don’t just manage eCommerce subscriptions optimally but can use tracked customer purchasing data to make smart business decisions that drive repeat purchases, upsell/cross sell products and services and grow your bottom line.

SubscriptionFlow’s robust analytics and reporting features help you achieve this and supply crystal clarity of subscription lifecycles and any revenue leaks that may be hampering your growth.

And when you have subscription management software like SubscriptionFlow in your tech stack, things are easier. Here you can track all payments and recover payments as well because this software offers dunning management as well.

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Lowering Entry Barriers to Africa

The primary barriers to entry in the African eCommerce subscription market include the lack of ICT infrastructure, the lack of education about ICT, and cybercrimes.

This is solved entirely by using this sophisticated and synergized tech stack with an eCommerce store front, a secure payment gateway and a subscription management tool that recurring bills and retains your subscribers. Iff the targeted customer base is lacking in education regarding ICT, then you can educate the targeted customers. For that, you can offer demos and training regarding your eCommerce offers and platform use. Also, opt for product-led growth so that the product will be easy enough to use.

The second issue is of cybercrimes, the Paystack integration with SubscriptionFlow and Shopify can be the best way out for eCommerce businesses to overcome this issue. Paystack ensures the security of online payments in Africa and its widespread popularity means that when your shopper sees a checkout powered by PayStack they won’t be distrusting of your site and whether they wish to put their credit card details on your website. After all, fraudulent transactions, scams and lack of digitalization in the target market also makes people vary of online shopping.

Embracing the Future of African eCommerce

As the African eCommerce market continues to evolve, the Shopify PayStack integration, augmented by SubscriptionFlow, emerges as the quintessential solution for businesses seeking to thrive in this dynamic landscape. By embracing innovation and strategic partnerships, eCommerce ventures can unlock unprecedented growth and success across the African continent.

In summary, the synergy between Shopify, Paystack, and SubscriptionFlow epitomizes the ultimate eCommerce solution, empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of the African market with confidence and efficiency.

These are the reasons because of which we, team SubscriptionFlow, claim that this power trio is the ultimate solution for eCommerce businesses that wish to enter the African market.

If you are interested, we offer you to schedule a demo with SubscriptionFlow to know how the integration will work for you.