Driving Ease and Efficiency In Workflow—SubscriptionFlow Teams Up with Salesforce for One-Stop Customer, Sales, and Subscription Management

Switching between the windows to navigate things one after another can be quite disruptive when it comes to managing the sales and subscriptions, separately. To help SaaS and subscription services providers with a seamless and friction-less recurring billing management along with other processes of Quote-to-Cash (Q2C) and Order-to-Cash (O2C) cycle management, SubscriptionFlow is partnered with the customer and sales management—Salesforce.

Salesforce—The Top-of-the-Line Choice for CRM Management

Organizations from across the industries and of various sizes and resources have been using Salesforce to manage their sales, marketing, customer relationships, and support.

Salesforce is an industry leader in Customer Relationship Management. Salesforce, for years, is popular among the companies and continue to claim the share with its ever-evolving features of scalability and customization.

It provides all the modern tools and highly extensible platform to optimize customer engagement for deal-closing communications, loyalty-building, customer retention, and enhanced customer experience to create opportunities for upsells and cross-sells. Along with the standard CRM features like Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity Management, some of the other amazing features to manage customer interactions through different media, such as phone calls, email inquiries, communities, as well as, social media, include:

  • Web to Lead
  • Weeding Out Duplicate Leads
  • Opportunity Forecasting
  • Email and Campaign Management
  • Google Apps Integration
  • And many more

These features are available as the following services:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Support Cloud
  • Services (Commerce, IT, and other) Cloud
  • Custom Cloud
  • Analytics

What is SubscriptionFlow Salesforce Integration?

SubscriptionFlow is a highly flexible SaaS platform to manage recurring billing, payment processing, and revenue management. It, now, offers a highly customizable integration with Salesforce.

SubscriptionFlow teams up with Salesforce to provide a one-to-one relationship between SubscriptionFlow subscriber records and Salesforce accounts by keeping both the system synced, efficient, and up-to-date.

Subscriptionflow integration with Salesforce

Following standard objects and some of the custom objects of the Salesforce can be created, managed, or updated with the SubscriptionFlow Salesforce integration without switching between the platforms:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Opportunity Product
  • Product
  • Price Book
  • Price Book Entry

Significant Features of the SubscriptionFlow Salesforce Integration

Some of the key features of the integration of two platforms are given below:

  • Leveraging SubscriptionFlow features that empowers the sales-driven workflow are available in the window of Salesforce
  • Data-syncing directly into Salesforce to cross applications flow of information
  • Sync checks and log maintenance to track the data syncing status across the platforms
  • Easy Installation and Integration of SubscriptionFlow with Salesforce
  • Flexible other third-party integrations directly into Salesforce
  • In-app custom field mapping
  • And more

What SubscriptionFlow Salesforce Integration Is Meant For Customer Management?

SubscriptionFlow for Salesforce is an ultimate solution to manage subscription billing and recurring revenue with customer-centric tools as a one-window operation without compromising the security and privacy compliance for any sort of data breach.

Streamlined Workflow Across Revenue Operations

To help sales, marketing, support, and other RevOps, SubscriptionFlow lineups with Salesforce to provide a laser-focused 360-degree view of the customer to quickly identify the opportunities and get-up-and-go with data-driven AI-guided conversion and revenue growth moves.

One-Window Business Management

SubscriptionFlow integrated with Salesforce eases the subscription handling and streamline the recurring billing within the Q2C or O2C cycle. The teaming up also enables the PCI-compliant database sharing and flow of information across the application integrated with Salesforce.

Database Sharing and Flow of Information

The sales, marketing, and customer service teams can take advantage of the real-time customer, order, billing, payment method, and processing data to devise data-driven campaigns and strategies.

Leveraging the insightful convenience supported by SubscriptionFlow and enterprise solutions such as marketing automation, analytics, and others, offered by Salesforce, teams, and managers can, not only, map the customers and their subscription health, fully, it also enables them to close deals with quick AI-augmented sales communication and moves and automated triggered actions for instant achievement under one-umbrella.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The data-driven engagement attracts more leads as well as increases the chances of conversions, cross-sells, upsells, and re-sells by automating and tailoring the activities like email marketing, customer service, and prompt communications, at scale.

Salesforce manage customer relationships by streamlining the RevOps of Sales, marketing, and support operations. The hi-end and laser-focused customer experience are achieved by collaborating the SubscriptionFlow real-time data and business processes workflow while working with the standard objects and channelling the logical relationship between them.

How Salesforce Can Be Integrated with SubscriptionFlow?

SubscriptionFlow Salesforce integration is required to be configured as per the needs and resources of the business workflow and business processes. Here, is your quick guide to install and integrate Salesforce with SubscriptionFlow.

  • To connect Salesforce to the SubscriptionFlow, the user is required to access and install the Salesforce package from the SubscriptionFlow site.
  • Navigating settings to the third-party integrations will land you to the Salesforce.
  • Connect it to move to the Sandbox login page.
  • Enter credentials, follow the instruction of installation, and then set the sync mechanism.
  • Salesforce is installed and is ready to integrate different options with the SubscriptionFlow.
  • After the installation and integration configuration, SubscriptionFlow customers can manage subscriptions within the window of Salesforce.

To learn more about the opportunities of business with SubscriptionFlow Salesforce Integration, schedule a demo with our consultants. Explore SubscriptionFlow’s high-end features and extremely flexible platform to extend your system with integrations and scale business with workflow automation.