Snowflake & SubscriptionFlow

Snowflake & SubscriptionFlow: The Perfect Match for Data-Driven Subscription Management

The world of big data is reminiscent of an ancient fortune-telling oracle containing all the secrets to success, but only when utilized the right way! Knowing this, businesses all over the world are increasingly leveraging data as a strategic asset through cloud-based warehousing, computing, and analytics.

Integrating Snowflake with SubscriptionFlow, your trusty subscription management, and recurring billing platform, offers limitless potential for growth by improving customer retention, diversifying revenue streams, and actualizing scalable growth for your subscription business! Here’s how.

Snowflake for Data-Driven Growth

Snowflake is a cloud-based data storage and analytics platform enabling companies to efficiently store, manage and analyze large volumes of data. Its unique architecture enables independent scaling of warehousing and computational resources, thereby reducing infrastructure costs and operational complexity.

Additionally, it provides features such as data sharing, multi-cluster warehousing, and support for multiple programming languages, making it a popular tool to leverage big data for business intelligence, data science, and machine learning applications.

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Integrating Snowflake with SubscriptionFlow

The Added Value of Integrating Snowflake with SubscriptionFlow

Integration of Snowflake into your subscription management and billing platform enables the seamless extraction of customer data into your computational cloud for smooth, efficient, and frequent processing.

Without this integration, subscription businesses needed to build and maintain their own ETL (extract, transform, load) pipelines or outsource them to an IT service provider. This process was both expensive and cumbersome with multiple moving parts.

The integration enables a seamless, automated and highly secure data pull into Snowflake which then ingests and tracks data insights. Up-to-date data is constantly fed into Snowflake to be transformed into business insights dramatically improving the efficiency, accuracy, and precision of the reports.

The Power Duo in Action: How to Put it to Work?

1. Standardized Reporting with Actionable Steps

The data insights gleaned from the Snowflake-Subscription Management duo can be used to improve customer retention and suppress customer churn. Each customer leaves bucketful’s of data crumbs throughout their subscription journey. When properly digested and analyzed, these signal consumer trends, preferences, and pain points that your business can address through actionable steps and by incorporating them into your sales and marketing strategies.

SubscriptionFlow also offers its users analytical tools to track customer health scores against entirely customizable parameters that are relevant to their business niche. By connecting a high-powered data-processing engine to your subscription management platform, you can effectively customize and extract a wealth of information that aligns with the unique reporting needs of your subscription enterprise.

2. Data-Driven Marketing and Sales Strategies

The Snowflake-Subscription Management power combo lets your business power sales and marketing strategies with data-driven insights. To exemplify, a seamless connection between Snowflake and your email automation system can empower your business to track the success of an email marketing campaign.

Similarly, Sales forecasting reports can be generated by feeding information from CRM platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce, etc. into your computational cloud. Frictionless data flow from having everything you need in one place ensures the maximum amount of data generated by your operations is fueling your business analytics. After all, when it comes to data, more is more!

3. Dynamic Tracking of KPIs

A data digestion engine hooked up to your subscription management system means you no longer have to sweat it when it comes to tracking the key performance indicators for success. A benchmarking study, done by Darryl Hicks, CEO of FlexPay, and Karen Webster, CEO of on the lifetime value (LTV) of customers revealed that the businesses tracking this metric were generating more revenue.

Darryl Hicks put it simply, “what gets measured, gets managed!”

With a constant oversight of a powerful data processor, you can be sure to stay on top of your KPIs and push the limits of your business’s potential to generate revenue.

4. Identifying Savings Opportunities

Big data also has the power to flag areas of improvement so you can cut costs while maximizing revenue. This includes the development of best business practices and research methods to carve out a lean operational flow.

5. Powering Product Development

Data insights into consumer behaviour and the pain points also help in product development by empowering you to quickly and efficiently identify any vulnerabilities before they start to pile up costs and cut profit.

Who better to optimize your product against than the consumer destined to use it? This smart integration enables you to efficiently monitor customer insights and gauge the growth potential of your product or service with the ultimate goal of driving sales and generating revenue.

6. Diversifying Revenue Streams

In addition to product-led growth and savings, the integration allows you diversify your streams of revenue by identifying new avenues to earn. Allowing Snowflake to sift through huge volumes of data, can help you optimize your current billing and pricing strategies, develop strategies to recover missed payments and also tap into new revenue streams that your competitors may have overlooked.

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Snowflake has become a go-to platform for businesses across industries, to consolidate their data and improve their decision-making. We’re excited to see SubscriptionFlow businesses integrate with Snowflake to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their business from every angle.

The Snowflake-SubscriptionFlow power duo is sure to provide businesses with the insight they need to actualize scalable growth. If you are interested in knowing more about this integration, then schedule a demo now!