PayStack wix integration

Find New Sales Channels for Your Subscription Business in Africa with Paystack-Wix Integration

Digitalism is penetrating the world, even in the African continent, where from 2015 to 2018, it was debated that there was only 28 per cent of the population that was using the internet, now, the internet users have doubled in number.

Hopefully, you see the challenge to do business in the African region. Other than that, even if a subscription business finds the opportunity to enter the African market, there are constraints regarding payment processors.

In this blog, subscription business retailers who are interested in entering the African market will find solutions to various issues. We have come up with the Paystack Wix integration with SubscriptionFlow. So, let us take you to the details to prove how it can be the ultimate way to enter the African subscription business market. However, first, it is important to have a detailed overview of the African subscription business market.

Opportunities & Challenges in the African Region for Subscription Businesses

Though there are challenges in the African market for subscription-based businesses, it has enormous potential, making it an exciting new market for business owners looking for expansion options.  The burgeoning middle class and increase in disposable income are also encouraging consumers to spend money on a variety of products and services, including subscription-based ones. More Africans are getting access to smartphones and other digital devices as urbanisation keeps accelerating and digital literacy rises, making it simple for them to sign up for services that cater to their needs and interests. The demand for subscription-based models is growing in Africa, which is the ground for businesses to prosper in this dynamic market. These subscription-based models can be streaming services, health and fitness subscriptions, educational platforms, or software solutions.

So, there are challenges to doing business in the African region, but opportunities are so many that if you get your hands on the right tools and technology, it is worth entering this market.

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Paystack & Wix—The Ultimate Combo to Improve Sales Cycle in Africa

Coming towards why our experts recommend the integration of Wix with Paystack, so, this combo is for you because:

  • Paystack is the payment processor that typically helps businesses process payments in Africa. The African business market from other regions. So, payment gateways that help subscription businesses bill and process transactions in America or Europe are not operational in Africa.

So, what does that mean? Retailers should stop thinking about entering the African market? Absolutely not! Paystack is the payment gateway that is being introduced specifically for subscription businesses that want to extend or start a business in the African region. A payment gateway is specifically needed in Africa due to limited access to traditional banking, the dominance of mobile money, diverse currencies, the need for fraud prevention and security, regulatory compliance, customer trust, and seamless integration with eCommerce platforms. By bridging the gap between digital and cash economies, Paystack enables businesses to accept online payments from customers. It also facilitates currency conversion and international transactions, making it easier for businesses to operate across borders.

  • Due to its user-friendly website builder, mobile-friendly design, and language support, Wix is a great option for businesses in Africa. With the increasing use of smartphones and a variety of regional languages across the continent, Wix makes it possible for companies to design localised websites that are accessible to a wide range of users. In addition, its integrated eCommerce features, affordability, and dependable hosting make it a desirable option for African startups and small companies looking to develop a strong online presence and take advantage of the expanding digital market on the continent.

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New Sales Channels in Africa

In the African subscription business market, to hunt opportunities, you need to do research on what customers demand over there. Following are some of the factors that if you consider, it will be easier for you to find new sales channels for your business in Africa:

  • Diverse Payment Options: To satisfy the wide range of client preferences, subscription firms in Africa must provide a variety of payment choices. Businesses may now accept payments from credit/debit cards, mobile money, and bank transfers thanks to the PayStack-Wix integration. Subscription businesses can increase customer convenience and lower barriers to sign-up by offering a variety of payment options, thereby growing their subscriber base.
  • Cross-Border Subscriptions: By making international transactions easier, the PayStack-Wix connection enables subscription businesses to reach customers outside of their native country. Businesses can exploit international possibilities and benefit from cross-cultural commonalities by tailoring their subscription services to fit local markets.

See, offering many payment options and opening up doors for you and interconnecting with companies across borders will automatically help you get more customers and harness opportunities to sell even add-ons etc.

Scaling Business Reach and Thriving in Africa

With Africa’s young and tech-savvy population, subscription businesses can embrace innovative subscription models to cater to the evolving needs of consumers. Offering subscription plans with localized content, flexible pricing options, and personalized experiences can enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Subscription-based businesses that adapt their offerings to suit the cultural diversity and preferences of African consumers can gain a competitive edge in this vibrant market.

If you are convinced that integrating Wix with Paystack can open up the door of opportunities for you in the African region, then call us now to schedule a demo. It is time to check out how our subscription management platform integrates with a robust payment gateway (Paystack) and the eCommerce website builder (Wix).