Salesforce SaaS Integration with your Billing Platform is Your Recipe for Success: Know It’s Top 5 benefits

Research shows that 88% of fortune companies use Salesforce to manage their business operations and save themselves from all the insanity of hassle. Talking about SaaS integrations, Salesforce takes the first place as it regulates most of the business operations whether they are related to customer relationship management (CRM), automation, finance, and much more.

Coming to recurring revenue businesses and B2B SaaS eCommerce businesses, the need for a centralized system is extremely important. One does not have enough time to switch from one tab or window to another. Moreover, the struggle to switch from one platform to another for managing data sets is frustrating. To overcome any such problems, Salesforce integration is the right choice and action to be taken at the time.

Now you already know the successful recipe, it is time to know the benefits of the SaaS integration with the billing platform that will lead your business to growth and success.

Improve Integrity and Accuracy

Data accuracy is achieved when data integrity is maintained. data maintenance is vital to maintaining the customer data sets. However, it has been observed for a long that when customers try to sync their data on two different platforms, the data gets prone to error along with inconsistent information.

Statistics show that 80% of people using Salesforce, enter data into multiple platforms to sync data between salesforce and other platforms. This implies that there is a high percentage of people that use Salesforce for CRM, another for billing, email marketing, and so on.

Syncing data is an old practice and companies are leaving it. In replacement to this, SaaS business and recurring revenue models businesses have moved towards getting an integration of Salesforce with their billing platform that saves them the hassle of manual labor and saves their time as well.

SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management platform and a billing platform that monitors MRR, ARR, churn rate, and other statistics. Experts say that integrating salesforce with your billing platform can maintain data integrity and accuracy.

When you integrate Salesforce with your billing platform, you can manage and see your data in one place. You can access the data on one platform as it combines and sync information at a single platform.

No one can escape a CRM reliance, however, the data on the CRM needs to be accurate and fluent enough to work properly. Therefore, integrating the SaaS integration of Salesforce with the billing system will be fruitful for the growth and success of the business.

Automate Business Operations and Organize Your B2B SaaS Business

There are different kinds of SaaS integrations that have been allotted with special functions such as a SaaS integration of for project management. Talking about management and organization, one has to develop workflows for the execution of different projects. With that being said, developing workflows for every set of customer data and executing the task is not only cumbersome but also futile in this fast pace world.

It is suggested to integrate the SaaS integration of Salesforce with the billing management platform that will help you to make and execute workflows quickly and seamlessly. It will also provide the on-the-desk customer and subscription data to get done with all the tasks.

A billing management platform – such as SubscriptionFlow- integrated with Salesforce CRM will automate the invoicing and billing processes leading to the steady growth of B2B SaaS success.

Hence, to get an extra boost for growth and success, integrating your billing platform with Salesforce is the right decision to make.

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Accelerate the Sales Cycle by SaaS Integration of Salesforce with Your Billing System

The role of sales times for SaaS is very crucial. To keep the sales team motivated with their goals, businesses use Customer relationship management (CRM) for SaaS to maintain the customer’s data, track leads, marketing efforts, and much more. But to make it easier for the sales team there is another thing that you can do. Integrating Salesforce with Billing Management system.

Doing so would render benefit the sales team as they will be able to book the opportunities and forecast the potential revenue from that deal or the opportunity.

Did you know that nine out of ten companies of Salesforce prefer the data to be integrated? When salesforce is integrated with subscription management software it becomes easy to operate the data, make sales and add data in one instance, and execute the tasks seamlessly.

SubscriptionFlow provides you Salesforce integration with which you can get a third-party integration at one platform. You will not have to go through the hassle of entering data at different platforms rather than all the information, customer detail, billing, invoicing, and related processes will be handled and synced at one platform.

You can import your data and easily manage the tasks without interrupting the workflow by using SubscriptionFlow and its third-party integrations into the system.

Equip your sales team with the easiest management so that they can bring more sales by utilizing insight, customer information, and automation of billing and invoicing. Experience the utopia of sales and journey towards a step to success.

Simplify Processes for Your Customers

In a survey of B2B companies on their investment, 85% of the companies said they are to invest to simplify processes for their customers. In this competitive era, customers are more likely to incline toward the services that have high ease of access and ease of use. They do not want to be searching from one platform to another.

Therefore, giving your customers one source and platform to manage their processes would be fruitful for increasing customer retention rates along with higher customer acquisition rates. Once you acquire the customers, it is really important that you can provide them with consistent results and easy solutions. Integrating the billing management system with salesforce or SDFC is the key to giving your customers a utopic customer experience and user experience.

For SaaS and B2B customers, you must leverage a platform that provides integrations at one platform rather than needs to switch from time to time to manage your plans, subscriptions, and customer data.

SubscriptionFlow gives you the ease of access and ease of use to manage customers’ data, monitor useful insights, and manage automated billing seamlessly.

Get Real-Time Analytics of MRR and ARR – Sales

Wouldn’t this be great if you get all the reports on one platform? Sounds great to the customers and enterprises who want to save their time.

By integrating Salesforce with the billing management system, you will be able to get reports and summaries not only for customer information but also for inviting, billing, sales, revenue, subscription, and much more. This will help you in making strategic decisions and implementing the strategies seamlessly.

SubscriptionFlow also provides reports for customer retention, churn scores, monthly recurring revenue, annual recurring revenue, sales report, and other required analytics.

Leverage SubscriptionFlow SaaS Integrations for Your Business

SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management platform that provides third-party integrations to SaaS businesses and recurring revenue enterprises.

We provide invoicing and billing for subscription management and third-party integration to sync the data in one place. Our robust features and solutions render the services to give the best customer experience and be a ladder to the growth and scalability for our clients.

Schedule a demo with SubscriptionFlow to automate and sync the operations at their finest with lightspeed!