Benefits of Xero SaaS integration: A Guide

Benefits of Xero SaaS integration: A Guide

By concentrating entirely on product initiatives to simplify a more complicated problem to a straightforward plug-and-play option for medium to small business (SMEs) owners and accountants all over the world, Xero has grown to become one of the most well-liked business accounting platforms on the market. There are many lessons to be learnt from its success and its specific offering of features in the world of SaaS, all of which we will be going over in this blog.

In this blog, keeping this context in mind, we will firstly briefly introduce to our readers what exactly is Xero and how does it work, after which we will go deeper into its benefits. Then, just to complicate the matter further, we will differentiate between Xero integrations and add-ons. After doing all of this, we will cover SusbcriptionFlow’s integration with Xero.

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What is Xero?

Basically, you can understand Xero as being an accounting software that operates on the cloud. It does so by facilitating cash flow management, financial management, and app integration. Xero is also available for use on desktop and mobile devices (though the latter is not a very popular outlet for it), and a 30-day free trial is offered. Additional features provided by Xero that businesses like making use of include online invoicing, partner programs for bookkeepers and accountants, automated data collection, and customizable reporting.

Benefits of Xero SaaS integration: A Guide

Every business must have visibility into its operations and processes in order to succeed. Systems with inaccurate data have a substantial impact on a company’s productivity, client interaction, and profitability. Because data is siloed, disparate applications are primarily to blame for erroneous and incomplete data on systems.

This is where Xero SaaS integration benefits tie in and which we will be delving itnto greater detail in this section:

  1. Cutting down on your expenditure: Since Xero is a bookkeeping program that helps you keep track of your business’s finances, when it is utilized in tandem with a subscription management software then you have a comprehensive bookkeeping and spending flow. Purchases are monitored from the time a team member makes a payment until the end of the fiscal year when the books are closed. Nearly all of the front-end work (managing suppliers, approving payments, and tracking budgets) takes place in your subscription management software, and very little of your work is required to update your Xero ledger.
  2. Keeping track of your expenses: Xero has developed a new add-on called Xero Expenses to assist with receipts and claims for a company’s workers and their expenses. The way Xero Expenses works is that employees can log new out-of-pocket expenses and take a picture of each receipt right from their phone. Since these are connected to your Xero account, you can evaluate claims and give employees their money back right away.
  3. Going big with Xero: If you use the Xero add-on of BigCommerce, selling goods on your own website or via eBay or Amazon, and other large marketplaces is made very simple. It is made to be operational right out of the box; you do not need to spend time building things like inventory control, order analytics, and checkout.

This add-on is a great help for businesses that do not require better company cards or comprehensive spend management, as it will cut down on expense errors and save time.

Understanding the Difference Between Xero Add-ons and Integrations

One main way in which Xero add-ons and integrations differ is that add-ons are additional services that Xero has custom created to enhance its own services where integrations are the connections/collaborations Xero builds with third-party applications (like SubscriptionFlow) to account for a feature that Xero or any of its add-ons do not offer. It should be entirely dependent on the need of your business, how deep are your pockets, and whether you can even afford the added bill of these extra services for you to decide which of the two (if at all) you require.

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Integrating SubscriptionFlow with Xero for Seamless Accounts Management

SubscriptionFlow is a cloud-based software that can handle your billing, invoicing, and subscriptions. By integrating SubscriptionFlow with Xero, you can easily synchronize your taxes, payments, invoices, and customer information. Furthermore, you can even track your income and expenses, automate your subscription billing process, and provide precise financial reports with SubscriptionFlow and Xero.

The reason why SubscriptionFlow and Xero are a match made in heaven is because SubscriptionFlow allows you to accommodate customers from around the world and adhere to local laws by supporting a variety of currencies, tax rates, and payment methods. And since Xero too offers global services, it makes for an excellent match that can equip businesses to take a lead in the increasingly globalized world.

In short, Xero is a great platform to help you manage your accounts. Book a demo with SubscriptionFlow now to integrate it with Xero and see how this combo allows for the most efficient of accounts handling ever seen!