How To Come Up With The Best Beauty Subscription Box in 2021

At present, when people are avoiding going to marketplaces, it has become quite a challenge for them to try and find new beauty products. Pictures and descriptions that customers can find in the digital world with various beauty products is not enough to convince many customers to pay for these beauty products.

So, it is high time to offer your customers amazing beauty subscription boxes. People need beauty products recurrently. Now, that it is difficult to access the products that they want, you can offer them the beauty subscription boxes. You can also curate boxes of testers so that people can test then order the subscription boxes. Subscription boxes can even increase the demand for the products out of the subscription box that they have tried and tested.

Subscription Boxes are also a way to establish your brand name. And you can manage subscriptions for these beauty boxes through subscription handling software. Bring your sales and marketing teams together. Ask them to work on subscription boxes as well as the strategies to market these recurrently needed subscription boxes. You can add sanitisers in all beauty subscription boxes as per the contemporary conditions out there. It will improve your brand image. Your customers, as well as leads, will know you fulfil social responsibilities and playing role in keeping customers safe from the pandemic.

In this article, SubscriptionFlow experts have come up with a guide to help you curate the best subscription box for the upcoming winter season so that you can keep your customers happy and beautiful & maximise your revenue.

How to Create a Subscription Box

There are many retailers already offering subscription boxes of beauty products in the market. Then what is your entry point in an already saturated business market? How to make your beauty subscription box different and exciting?

Though the market has giants who are ready to compete with you, there is still a need for your beauty subscription box if you curate it the way it should be. The customer base is waiting for you. People want to experiment with new beauty products. Follow this step by step guide and devise your own beauty subscription box.

Step by Step Guide to Use As a Reference

To start with the subscription box you have to come up with an idea first. It can be niche-oriented e.g. beauty products, health care, and hygiene, etc. After selecting a niche, the next step is to review competitors and look into what their customers are saying about the subscription box look and feel, along with the quality and pricing of the products in the box. Another way to come up with an idea is by creating a customer persona and positioning the product as a solution.

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  1. Before you decide on a single price, make sure you take into account the product and box cost, shipping, fulfilment, and fixed platform cost. Along with this, you have to consider the monthly cost and acquisition cost as well.
  2. The next step includes setting up a prototype box and clicking display pictures. Here, people often confuse the prototype box picture with the actual product box, but this is not true. You can have the product picture clicked after the subscription box is up and running. Not in the case of personalized or custom subscription boxes. Therefore such pictures are only considered as the reference.
  3. Another step in our guide is to start preparing for the pre-launch. It plays a crucial role in getting subscribers to initiate the subscription box initiative. However, before you initiate the pre-launch campaign, make sure you have an email system set up that sends instant notifications about subscribers, including the subscription box they have opted for. To widen the reach of your subscription box campaign you can connect your social media account with the website. Lastly, be sure you have a certain deadline in mind when you should stop the pre-launch campaign.
  4. The last step on our list is setting up a marketplace and website for your system.

Example Of Successful Beauty Subscription Boxes

1. Birchbox

It is a beauty subscription box that offers 4 to 6 samples to the customer and bills monthly. The best thing about this is, Birchbox keeps the customization of the subscription box to itself and ensures that customers don’t receive one product again. This strategy keep subscriber hooked and keep them motivated to receive another box.

2. Lib Box

Another strategy to engage customs is to put them in charge and let them customize their box and Lib Box is doing exactly that. But the best thing about the Lib Box is, customers can browse the 100 plus products from their catalogue and select 6 products that customers want to try. Unlike Birchbox, it offers full-size products.

3. SugarBear Hair

This is a hair-care niche-based subscription box that offers three types of subscription box e.g. one month, three months, and six months. Unlike the above-stated example, SugarBear has its own formula to provide a customized solution to customers, based on their hair care routine, texture, diet, and so on.  The best thing about SugarBear gummies is, they are created from natural ingredients that cause no harm to the stomach.

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How SubscriptionFlow Can Help You With Beauty Subscriptions And Billing Management

SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management software that also provides subscription businesses a complete billing and payment management system that can help businesses of all sizes and type with efficient subscription management. Some of the amazing features of SubscriptionFlow that can make your subscription box a success include:

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  • Subscription Management: It includes custom workflow creation in which when a customer register and subscribe to a box, his or her information is populated to the merchant and a notification is sent which include customer name, address, subscription box type, billing date, subscription expiry date and complete history of subscription renewal communication.
  • Hosted Payment Page: The customers can get it integrated with their website and process payment in a secure manner. SubscriptionFlow hosted payment page allows one merchant to collect data on the customer, process payment, and save customer information on the cloud for recurring payment collection.
  • Customer Portal: The moment customers select a subscription, and process payment a customer profile is created. Here the customer can manage their subscription, update information, review past payments and modify the subscription plan.
  • Invoice, Billing, And Payment Management: This includes a custom workflow where triggers are created and linked with the subscriber profile. It includes automatic invoice creation with proration and billing to the client. The moment the client pays the bill, the system automatically processes the payment updates the information and reschedule another billing. At every step, the customer is notified through the customer portal.

To know more on how to manage subscriptions with subscription management software, feel free to contact team SubscriptionFlow.