How will SubscriptionFlow manage your eCommerce Wix Subscriptions?

Subscription e-commerce is predicted to earn more than 38 billion dollars in revenue by 2023, more than twice as much as it did in 2019.

Did you know that in the United States alone, subscription e-commerce sales reached nearly 28 billion in 2021?

Subscription is the future of e-commerce.

Needless to describe the significance of e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and others to sell subscription-based products and services online. Still, these spaces are not enough hands-on to manage the subscriptions within the platforms.

Subscriptions management in this age demands the use of subscription management platforms such as SubscriptionFlow.

This article will cover how using SubscriptionFlow, billing, recurring payments and subscriptions in Wix can easily, yet sophisticatedly be managed within this graphically rich and easy-to-use e-commerce store builder.

Wix and eCommerce Subscription Management Limitations

Wix and eCommerce are interlinked to each other as Wix provides a wide platform for businesses to launch their website. As Wix is used for creating websites with different aspects, a huge audience uses it for their eCommerce stores given that it has the most easy-to-go features providing a better customer experience.

eCommerce caters to users and buyers from all over the globe. Different eCommerce businesses sell different products at different billing models and pricing plans. The star billing model for today and tomorrow’s businesses is definitely the subscription model.

Though managing subscriptions in Wix could be a tedious job. As it was actually not meant for subscription management so it does have limitations like flexibility, functionality, inadequate subscription management expertise, etc.

The better is to integrate a subscription management tool with WiX. SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management platform that aims to provide customers with inclusive and intuitive features. The features and solutions are tailored to the exact market needs ranging from subscription management, invoicing and billing, proration, to various payment gateways and integrations, to customer lifetime value and recurring revenue management.

Managing Wix eCommerce Subscriptions with SubscriptionFlow

Subscription Management entails many processes such as invoicing, billing, payment process, pricing for subscriptions, communications, subscription lifecycles management, and more. Managing subscriptions in Wix with SubscriptionFlow enables merchants to find all the solutions in one place. It also provides other in-app solutions like third-party integrations, custom modules, automated workflows, subscription analytics, real-time reporting, integrated payment solutions to cater to a wide range of customers all over the world in local currencies, and many more.

Let’s look at how subscription management in Wix is handled by SubscriptionFlow.

Subscription Orders and Billing Management

Subscription billing and recurring payments are not Wix’s primary offerings. To manage recurring billing and payments features, the best way is to integrate Wix with subscription software and embed a subscription checkout on a Wix store.

With SubscriptionFlow, it is easier and faster for the users to manage subscription billing and payment processing in Wix. Subscription orders can be created with utmost flexibility. Merchants can define billing cycles, subscription terms and types, renewal conditions, payment processes, and more as it comforts their end customers.

SubscriptionFlow will ensure e-Commerce businesses tap more revenue without compromising the customer’s subscription and billing experience.

Being an e-Commerce subscription management platform, it covers all the features for managing Wix subscriptions such as:

  • Multiple Plans and Product Cataloging
  • Onetime, Recurring, or Usage-based Pricing
  • Annual, Monthly, Evergreen, or Termed subscriptions
  • Trial and Gift Subscriptions Management
  • Automated Sales Tax Management
  • Recurring Billing Management
  • Subscription Upgrade/Downgrade and Renewals
  • White labelled Checkouts
  • Multicurrency and Payment Methods Support
  • Protection Against Chargebacks
  • Payment Recovery Support

And more.

Moreover, SubscriptionFlow automates the whole process without compromising accuracy, transparency, and stability.

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Payment Gateways for Easy Payment Processes

For any merchant and customer involved in the purchasing and selling process, it is highly important to have a seamless payment processing system set up. Breaking the barriers of limitations and aiming to provide your customers with the maximum number of payment gateways, SubscriptionFlow manages it all for your business.

We provide multiple payment gateway integrations that support multi-currency, multiple payment methods, and a large number of customers from all around the globe. A white-labelled solution for invoices, checkouts, transaction receipts, and others also boosts your trust in customers and helps minimise cart abandonment.

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Automated and Accurate Subscription Billing

Running an eCommerce business comes with a larger customer base. Inadequate subscription billing and subscribers handling can cause dents in retention goals, in fact, inadequate invoicing can even sabotage the repute and ruin the business.

SubscriptionFlow aims to manage all of eCommerce Wix subscription’s pricing and billing processes with its purpose-built system working mainly for it. Generating automated invoices and sending them timely to customers will not only reduce the cost but will also build transparency and credibility between you and your customers.

SubscriptionFlow provides prorated billing features to equip customers with the way they want to have their subscriptions.

Sales Tax Management for your eCommerce Wix Subscriptions

Sales Tax Management for your eCommerce subscription business is an integral part of subscription billing. To avoid going through lengthy sales tax calculations and pertaining processes, SubscriptionFlow with its automated platform and robust integrations with Avalara carries all the processes of Wix subscriptions and taxes related to it. Comply with all the tax requirements through our platform to keep the business going and take it to the heights of scalability.

Keeping Clients Informed and Up-to-dated

Communication is the pillar in the subscription business to ensure customer retention.

From invoicing and transaction updates to discount offers and payment status intimations, an automated system for reminders, notifications, and emails in the inbox will help merchants to build trust with customers and offer them the ease to track their subscription processes.

The smart dunning feature of SubscriptionFlow ensures merchants reach out to their customers and recover payments. They can also set up the scheduled payment retries.

The other way to place more trust in customers is to give them the charge of their lifecycles management using the customer portal. SubscriptionFlow self-service portal lets customers manage their subscription upgrade, downgrade, pause, renewals, etc. They can choose their payment methods, keep track of their purchases, generate reports, manage profiles, and more.

Final Thoughts

Wix is now an active player in the subscription eCommerce market. Thousands of the merchants are offering their subscriptions from the platform of Wix, and hundreds of thousands of customers subscribe to eCommerce subscriptions from there.

As Wix is not enough to run a whole subscription business and handle all the eCommerce subscriptions without any third-party assistance, the use of an automated subscription management platform like SubscriptionFlow is compulsory.

From recurring billing and payments, and subscriptions, to the payment gateways, sales tax management, and integration, all are provided by SubscriptionFlow in one place.

Schedule a demo with SubscriptionFlow to learn more about Subscription Management in Wix and level your business up.