Subscription business metrics to track in 2023

Key Subscription Metrics To Monitor And Analyze In 2023-24

Subscription services have grown exponentially in recent years, increasing the number of options available to consumers and businesses. As such, subscription-based companies need to pay attention to KPIs that can help them better understand their customer base and make decisions about their product offerings and marketing strategies. This article provides a list of key metrics to monitor and analyze subscription business growth in 2023-24.

Key Metrics To Track

1. Subscriber Growth Rate: The rate at which new subscribers sign up for your service indicates how well you’re doing. Monitor this metric closely, as it will tell you if you need to make adjustments or investments to keep your customer base growing. Additionally, consider what your competitors are doing regarding subscriber growth and use that information to inform your strategy.

2. Average Revenue per User (ARPU): This metric measures the average amount of money a user is spending on your service over time. Knowing this number can help you identify potential opportunities for increasing customer lifetime value or switching pricing plans to maximize revenue.

3. Customer Churn Rate: This metric measures how many customers cancel their subscriptions or do not renew them at the end of a period, such as when their free trial ends. High churn rates indicate that something must be done quickly to ensure customers remain engaged with your service and continue paying for it over time. Consider providing incentives, such as discounts or free trials, to help reduce churn.

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4. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): This metric measures the amount of money you’re spending to acquire new customers or subscribers and how effective your marketing efforts are at driving new users to your service. A high CAC indicates that it’s time to rethink your tactics and look for more cost-effective ways to drive growth.

5. Average Lifetime Value (LTV): LTV helps you understand the value of a customer over an extended period—typically across multiple billing cycles—by measuring the total revenue a user generates during their subscription with your company. Knowing this number can help inform decisions about how much you should be investing in acquiring and retaining customers and what pricing strategies you should implement.

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6. Customer Satisfaction: Measuring customer satisfaction is essential for understanding how well users receive your product or service and whether they will continue using it over time. Consider using surveys, customer reviews, and other feedback mechanisms to assess how satisfied customers are with your offering accurately.

7. Net Promoter Score (NPS): NPS helps measure customer loyalty and how likely customers are to recommend your product or service to others. It is a numerical score based on responses from users. The ways to increase it include

  1. Understand your customers thoroughly
  2. Make a positive first impression
  3. Encourage customer engagement
  4. Provide a quality product
  5. Be transparent in everything

8. Customer Engagement: This metric helps you understand how engaged customers are with your product or service. Consider tracking the number of time customers spend using your service and their click-through and conversion rates to get an accurate picture of user engagement.

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By closely monitoring and analyzing these key subscription market KPIs and stats in 2023 -24, subscription-based companies will be better positioned to make strategic decisions that result in more profitable businesses and more engaged customers. Doing so can help companies stay ahead of the competition and ensure their long-term success in the subscription market.

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