Flower Subscription Business

How to Start a Flower Subscription Business & Offer Your Monthly Floral Delight

Flowers are not only the manifestation of the beauty in nature rather they provide a complete experience and a connection with nature to people who cherish this beauty. Flowers are a daily reminder of appreciating and enjoying the small things in life. Offering subscriptions for flowers is like providing a package of positive energies to your customers.

Many people love to start their day with a refreshing smell of flowers. So, why not offer irresistible subscription plans for these people? The subscription business model is a tried and tested business strategy to fulfil the recurring needs of people.

We are here to help you with how to start a flower subscription business. By the end of this article, you will be able to provide your target customers with a door to the world of floral delights.

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Subscription Business Model for Flower Shops

If you haven’t thought about running your flower shop on the subscription business model, then it is high time to do it. You would already have many customers who purchase flowers of their choice daily, monthly, or even weekly. Also, you would be well aware of their choice of flowers. Even if you are new in the market, there is a margin of exceptional growth and success in the subscription business market. So, all that you need to do is to curate subscription plans for them. And what needs to be considered while you curate flowers subscription business plans or floral subscription boxes include:

  • Targeted customers
  • Size of the bouquet
  • Style of the bouquet
  • Number of flowers
  • Type of the flowers
  • Subscription duration
  • Monetization of the subscription plans
  • Discounts & deals if any

Even if you do not own a flower shop, you can create your online flower shop.

Shopify Integration for Your Online Flower Shop

It is time to move beyond brick and mortar shops, the digital world facilitates many people who do not have any shops or warehouses. They are still running their eCommerce businesses successfully. So, we also encourage all those florists who do not have any flower shops to try their luck online.

SubscriptionFlow has something amazing for you. You just need to have a robust flower business plan. Coming towards your flower shop, you can set up an e-store on Shopify just like any other e-store. You will manage your storefront from Shopify. And to manage subscriptions, the SubscriptionFlow subscription management platform will be integrated with Shopify to help you with seamless billing, payment processing, and revenue management.

For in time payment processing, you can also integrate the payment gateway—the one that your customers prefer. SubscriptionFlow integrates with the top payment gateways. Also, it integrates with the region-specific payment gateways. So, just as we said earlier, you need a flower subscription business plan, and the rest can be managed with SubscriptionFlow because other than Shopify there are available other integrations with eCommerce platforms at our marketplace. You can come and explore.

Deciding on Your Tech Stack

By now, it would be clear that SubscriptionFlow experts are suggesting flower shop owners explore opportunities in the subscription business market. And when they find an opportunity for them, harness it with SubscriptionFlow.

We not only offer the best subscription management platform but also we offer you a complete tech stack that will help you make persistent growth. Today, when every business is getting benefits from this age of digitalism, then why not florists?

However, deciding on the right tech stack is very important for the success of a flower shop business based on the subscription business model. You need a perfect billing management system, payment processing gateways, and automated revenue management. However, SubscriptionFlow offers you this all-in-one platform. We offer you the tech stack that will suit your flower subscription business the best.

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Gift Subscription Boxes of Flowers

Today, it is a trend to gift subscriptions. Also, the recently passed episode of the pandemic has contributed to making this trend widespread. Nothing can be better than gifting a bunch of flowers. So you can offer your customers:

  • Monthly subscription boxes of flowers
  • Weekly subscription boxes of flowers
  • Special subscription boxes of seasonal flowers
  • Even a daily bunch of flowers
  • Personalized gift boxes of flowers

However, the subscription duration will also depend on the customer demand and availability of flowers where you deliver. People prefer personalized subscription boxes because they want to gift such flowers that the receiver loves.

Monitor Your Business Performance All Along

For every business, monitoring is crucial. In the subscription business world, platforms like ours offer monitoring. There are utilized AI algorithms to offer analytics. KPIs like monthly recurring revenue, annual recurring revenue, customer lifetime value, and more show the performance of the subscription business of flowers.

Other than that customer retention and churn rate must also be monitored. Because it is simpler and less expensive to nurture existing customers than it is to recruit new ones, customer retention should be a primary goal. After all, repeat customers are the lifeblood of subscription-based businesses.


Whether you have a plan to establish a new flower shop in the digital arena or you already have a flower shop, and you are about to adopt a subscription management platform for its management, SubscriptionFlow is your go-to option. We have an established subscription management platform. It can help you manage your flower shop and subscription plans seamlessly. To see how to revolutionize your subscription flower business with SubscriptionFlow, schedule a demo now!