SubscriptionFlow: 2022 Year in Review

SubscriptionFlow: 2022 Year in Review

Two days back, the world celebrated the New Year—indeed it is the time of festivity. Netflix—one of the biggest names in the subscription business market—offered its users New Year Eve’s Countdown where the kids could enjoy their favourite characters and trailers of new movies and series. Likewise, other OTT subscriptions-based platforms covered the New Year celebrations their way.

However, for subscription businesses, it is also the time to cast a cursory glance over the past 365 days to perform better in the coming days.

So, here we are!

Team SubscriptionFlow is here to share with the subscription business community its new launches, feature enhancement, application developments, and more.

New Integrations to Enhance Outreach of SubscriptionFlow Users

The previous year, SubscriptionFlow integrated with several new applications and payment gateways. The target of our team was to help our users and new subscribers to explore new horizons for their businesses. So, we introduced these integrations that helped remove hurdles to entry into the global market.

For instance, our subscription management platform integration with Paystack enables users to do business in African Region. Paystack is a payment gateway that allows collecting payments from anywhere in Africa. This is not only an integration that we have introduced but also a business opportunity for our subscription-based companies. Africa—especially North Africa—is considered a developing region which is not that tech-savvy. However, people out there are performing well even in Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. Paystack integration facilitates getting paid from anywhere in Africa.

Other than Paystack, NMI integration has also been an attraction for subscriptions-based startups and small to medium-sized businesses. The established gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree etc are difficult to onboard and they have a lengthy process of security checks. On contrary, NMI is easy as well as quick to configure and use. So, startups and small businesses that need to integrate with payment gateways are preferring NMI gateways.

Recently, SubscriptionFlow also offered integration with Square, again to facilitate small businesses having issues of onboarding and limited budget. Also, Webflow is a SaaS platform for web development and hosting. SubscriptionFlow offered integration with this platform in 2022.

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Feature Enhancement

Enhancement of features of SaaS products is crucial to keep your product competitive enough in the market. SaaS businesses need to improvise features and prices both. SubscritionFlow has also worked and introduced various new features in the previous year. One of the features that our clients loved was for customer retention.

SubscriptionFlow allows users to get the churn score of their customers calculated. This score shows the customers who are safe (the chances of these customers to leave are minimum) and those who are on the verge of cancelling subscriptions so that the subscription businesses can plan customer retention strategies accordingly.

SubscriptionFlow also offered integrations with third-party applications and software to offer customers not just a platform but a complete business solution.

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Product Hunt Release

For any business, it is extremely important to introduce its business to the right community so as to achieve sales and revenue targets. So, team SubscriptionFlow launched its recurring billing and payment processing software on Product Hunt. This activity produced satisfactory results and helped the team to come in contact with tech enthusiasts.

The launch of our SaaS platform on Product Hunt enabled us to learn a lot from many of our competitors and even other SaaS businesses that are not our competitors.

Taking SubscriptionFlow to Global Marketing Events

In 2022, a team of executives from SubscriptionFlow took its amazing platform to global marketing and tech events. SubscriptionFlow was at:

  • Dreamforce
  • TechCrunch Disrupt
  • SaaStock

This interaction with the SaaS business community helped us a lot in understanding the demands and development in the market. It also increased the outreach of our product. People liked and appreciated our subscription management system.

New SubscriptionFlow Application

Last year, SubscriptionFlow successfully launched a few of its integrated applications as well. The work on some of the applications is still going on.

For instance, the SubscriptionFlow application is launched. Also, the integrated application with HubSpot is working. Our clients who need integration with trusted CRMs get and use such integrated applications.

Summing it up, 2023 has started and just like any other business in the subscription market, the team at SubscriptionFlow has its goals, and plans to achieve these goals. These days, our teams are up to analysing datasets of the previous year and the performance of the overall SaaS platform to achieve targets set for the New year. We are progressing every day.

If you want to be part of this journey, then schedule a demo for SubscriptionFlow now.