Use CardPointe Gateway to Sell Medicines

Use CardPointe Gateway to Sell Medicine Subscriptions for the Elderly

Although selling eCommerce subscriptions can be a cash cow, one major catch with it is that the revenue generated can be quite unpredictable. This is first because these subscriptions seem expensive (since they usually require the bundling together of multiple products). And they make the consumer feel tied to a particular set of products that they may soon wish to opt out of. (In short, eCommerce subscribers have commitment issues.)

How do you tackle that? You do that by identifying a product (like medicine) that a consumer has no choice but to regularly buy. Secondly, you choose the right payment gateway and subscription management software to help process your consumers’ regular payments and bill them regularly.

In this blog, we will shed light on the CardPointe gateway to help you understand why it is such a promising option for those wishing to sell an eCommerce subscription for medicines. In the end, we will also encourage you to integrate this CardPointe payment gateway with a subscription-management software as robust as SubscriptionFlow to ensure that your subscriptions are billed and processed as seamlessly as possible.

How do eCommerce subscriptions work?

How do eCommerce subscriptions work?

E-commerce subscriptions boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic. When people couldn’t go to brick-and-mortar stores, and instead had to get something as important as their everyday groceries delivered to their doorstep, they opted for eCommerce subscriptions from places like Costco. These places offered them bundled options at a much cheaper price (since these customers were now all buying in bulk).

The way that eCommerce subscriptions work is that the subscription provider conducts research into the products that people will want to buy. These products will most likely be bought as bundles and/or will be products that people will want to buy regularly. These products are then sold via subscriptions that people regularly keep paying for (as they do for a Netflix subscription). The most popular items being sold as eCommerce subscriptions are common grocery items, personal care items, and now increasingly medicines.

Why is selling medicines online to the elderly such a good option?

Why is selling medicines online to the elderly such a good option?

While old people usually are not the most well-versed in matters of technology, there are a few reasons why selling them medicines online makes sense:


Old people tend to struggle to get out of their houses, which is why they’d be the ideal audience to pay a little extra for a service that will deliver their medicinal essentials to their doorstep.


Already resistant to change in their old age, older people will be the ideal customers who’d be least likely to churn away from your eCommerce subscription. In short, old people are the most dependable spenders on non-negotiable things.

Ease of use:

Buying medicines again and again, even online, can be a hassle. Old people generally know exactly what medicines they need and in how much quantity. Furthermore, they also know that the number of medicines they’ll be consuming is probably only ever going to go up and only rarely going to go down. This is why it makes sense for them to just hook themselves up to a reliable subscription service that regularly delivers medicines at their doorstep.

Why opt for CardPointe Gateway to set up your eCommerce subscription for medicines?

Why opt for CardPointe Gateway to set up your eCommerce subscription for medicines?

Accept payments both in-person and online:

A big selling point of the CardPointe payment gateway is that it allows you to securely accept payments both online and through the POS system in physical storefronts. This means that if an elderly gentleman gets his monthly subscription to medicines, but is informed by his lazy doctor in the third week of the month that he need not eat one of the medicines, the gentleman can simply ask his already overworked daughter to stop by the drug store on her way back from work, and get these spare two weeks’ worth of medicines exchanged for store credit that SubscriptionFlow will automatically deduct from the total cost of the gentleman’s next month’s dosage of medicines. (Trust me, once you integrate CardPointe Gateway with SubscriptionFlow, the entire process of doing this will not nearly be as long and complicated as the previous sentence.)

Access key reporting and analytics:

Owing to the inclusion of the CardPointe payment management software, the CardPointe gateway API has been specifically designed to allow you access to key reporting and data analytics. These analytics vary from identifying which is your bestselling product, who is your top-paying customer, and how positively or indifferently your customers react to a particular marketing ploy like tailored offers and special discounts. Having this data collected for you and made easily available to you via CardPointe’s application for mobile processing makes it super convenient for you to continually modify your subscription offers. This application is available for free on both Apple and Android devices.

Integrate with a plethora of useful software:

Just like no man’s an island, similarly no software’s an island. You license software for your product only because it is the best in its particular function, and never because it is the third best in one function and the sixth best in some other. (No one likes a Jack of all and master of none.)

This is why you must make use of CardPointe Gateway’s abundant integration capabilities with software that offers a range of top-tier services such as website solutions, accounting software, marketing software, and subscription-management software, among others. By integrating all this software, you will be ensuring that you offer the best possible service to your customers so that no competitor can whisk them away.

What’s the bottom line?

Look: you need money, old people have money, but to get their money, you need to offer in exchange a product that they will want and a service that they’ll be able to regularly use. This is why you need the best of the best. Use the CardPointe gateway for its diversity of features and smoothness of accepting payments to ensure that all your consumer payments reach you safely.

In doing so, also integrate CardPointe gateway with SubscriptionFlow, a robust subscription-management software. Book a demo with SubscriptionFlow now and begin selling medicine subscriptions online!