Combat Fake News, Get News From Reliable Sources, PAY FOR NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS

Covid-19, Palestine crisis, vaccine politics, and now, Afghan peace process are a few of those topics about which people need the most recent and the accurate news updates. It is also high time for newspaper and magazine publishing agencies to devise a policy to offer subscriptions for e-versions of their magazines and newspapers.

Statistics show, there has been a dramatic surge in the number of digital magazine & newspaper subscribers in the first week of the pandemic outbreak. New York Times reported that for the first time online subscribers brought in more revenue than print subscribers. The Guardian offers attractive subscription plans and discounts for new subscribers. The Economist is offering money-saving discounts for its yearly subscriptions.

If you are also keen on increasing your newspaper and magazine customer base, you need to know who pays for news and why do companies need newspaper and magazine subscription management platforms?

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Who Pays for News?

Internet and various social media platforms are erupting with a plethora of sources of information and news, but how many of them provide readers with authentic and the most recent information? There are very few sources of news that fulfil the need for valid and current news.

And subscriptions are one of the ways to convince readers that you as the digital newspaper & the magazine publisher provide them reliable information at the right time.

Studies reveal they are mostly adults who pay for online newspaper subscriptions. Though there are available free online sources of information and news, the ongoing circumstances have convinced even the students to turn towards newspaper and magazine subscriptions. So, a new customer base is already there for you.

E-publishing or magazine and newspaper subscription services providers just need a pragmatic policy to cater to young, adult, and elderly readers. SubscriptionFlow—a team of one of the best magazine subscription management software is here to share some of the ways to urge people to subscribe to news.

Find the News Seekers

We all are news seekers and we constantly scroll through our social media feeds for updates on current affairs and other everyday interests. Amid the struggle to know the truth, we often become prey to fake news. However, the actual news seekers may know how to swim through the waves of fake news.

News seekers constitute the group of those readers who are eager for recent and authentic news. Some are subscribers whereas some go after the free access to the news.

Interestingly, most news seekers can be converted into subscribers as most of them are willing to pay for news subscriptions in today’s age of fake news, propaganda, and unbiased reporting. However, the only challenge is to identify these news seekers. This phase of finding news seekers is just like reaching out to the targeted customers.

For instance, at present, nationally and internationally, people are looking for updates regarding the Afghan peace process and the US evacuation from Afghanistan. Digital magazines and newspapers can activate their teams to find those people on social media platforms who eagerly look for such news updates. Offer them pocket-friendly subscription plans for the news that is interesting for them.

When the Covid spread was at the pinnacle, there was news about the death of the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson from a fake Twitter BBC account. Fake news is not only a source of negative propaganda but also an attack on reliable news agencies. If news agencies want to fight the propagation of such fake news from fake social media accounts, then subscriptions are the only way out, and to manage these subscriptions you can board the platform of SubscriptionFlow for the newspaper and digital magazine subscription management. You need to inculcate this thought in the minds of readers that a person who inputs energy and time for accurate news broadcasting does not emanate news and opinion for free. Paying for subscriptions is the only way to get authentic news.

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Offer Discounts & Coupons

There can be nothing more attractive for online newspaper and magazine readers than the sign of the percentage showing a certain amount of discount. Discounts can help digital magazines and newspapers to bring new readers as well as improve the reader retention rate.

Presently, The Guardian offers fifty per cent off for three months of subscriptions. The Economist is offering the option of gift subscriptions and group subscriptions. That way reader satisfaction is improved—they believe they are getting exactly for what they have paid. Just like that, The Economist and other magazines and newspapers have special and discounted subscription plans for students. They opt for these business tactics to cater to the demands of all e-magazine readers of varying age groups.

So, if you want to bring more readers on board, you need to provide them honest opinions, accurate & current news, and discounts.

Devise Policy to Reach Out to Young Readers

Have you ever thought that what is the reason that all newspapers and magazines have a consensus on this point, recurring billing and payment is the best way to charge readers? Let our team propound some of the facts that will broaden your view about this.

  • First, people need to know current news and happenings across the world recurrently.
  • Second, e-paper and e-magazine readers seek reliable and affordable sources of news.
  • Third, as one of the dependable news sources, you need to beat fake news propagation.

The best way to offer your readers quality content and accurate news updates are the subscriptions. And when you devise a policy to hit the young news readers, you need to consider the factors mentioned above. Young readers have many parameters to judge whether the news subscription benefiting them or not. What you need is to identify these parameters and come up with the expectations of the young readers.

Also, if you want to grow your young reader base, you need to find them where they are already present. Social media platforms are the places where you can find young readers. For example, The Economist is using Snapchat actively to publish its daily dose of updates in a way that young readers get intrigued to subscribe to this weekly magazine. Instagram has become a source of cultivating young subscribers for The Guardian. Just like them, you can also reach the young reader base, and you can use the magazine and newspaper management software of SubscriptionFlow to assist you in this mission.

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Cope with Digital Lifestyle

Just remember the format of newspapers and magazines in the 1960s and compare them with the format that you see today. There is a huge difference in not only the newspaper and magazine format but also the jargon used to deliver the news. What you need to deduce is that the lifestyle changes with time. And digital lifestyle changes more speedily than real-time lifestyle.

As a digital newspaper or magazine agency, you need to cope with changing trends to convince people to continue subscribing to digital magazines and newspapers.

What Digital Magazines & Newspapers Would Look Like in the Future?

Now that the shape of e-magazines and e-papers business is changing dramatically, it is crucial to keep in consideration the implications of the future. To make policies to offer subscriptions for news in the future, you need to keenly observe the market today. At present you will notice:

  • The covers of the e-magazines resemble the trailers of movies.
  • Audio and video tracks are added in the digital versions of magazines and newspapers.
  • Every piece of news or opinion contains hyperlinks to previously written relevant content.
  • Graphics and visualisations are so refined that they have never been before.
  • Ads in the digital marketers need to be planned for they have their own technicalities.

There are a lot more things that you can observe. Despite all these tech-related changes, experts predict that subscription or recurring billing is going to be the leading business model for e-magazines and newspapers.

As a digital news publisher, if you want to survive in this market, you can join hands with SubscriptionFlow to keep abreast of all related to newspaper subscriptions. This robust platform will help you combat fake news. You can also bring more e-newspaper and e-magazine readers on board. If you are interested, you can proceed to demo right away.