Managing the Barriers of Subscription Management in WooCommerce with SubscriptionFlow

WooCommerce is one of the largest eCommerce platforms built by WordPress providing a large customer base from all over the world. According to the given statistics, WooCommerce has the greatest market share of the whole eCommerce industry, with a massive 23.43 percent of the total eCommerce customer base.

WooCommerce also provides subscription management for merchants and customers to manage their recurring revenue and increase their potential.

WooCommerce might sound enticing but it does have some barriers that have been proven to be irksome for merchants. Over time, some limitations with payment and pricing, analytics and reporting, self-service management etc. have been unearthed. To solve all of these problems, the one concrete solution is the use of an all-inclusive subscription management system integrated with WooCommerce.

SubscriptionFlow is a sure-fire way to handle all the limitations and barriers in WooCommerce subscription management.

In this article, we are going to learn about how SubscriptionFlow will cast off all the barricades for WooCommerce users. Let’s begin!

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Barrier 1: Manual Subscription Management and Trackless Subscriptions

With the rise of subscription businesses and subscription customers on WooCommerce, merchants are having trouble keeping subscription management manual. The other problem is limited subscription settings in WooCommerce to track and manage instances like failed transactions. The subscription renewal process and transaction or payment are also not tedious and eventually lead to subscription failure and loss of revenue.

Let’s look at its solution now.

Solution: Subscription Optimization with SubscriptionFlow

To solve the above-mentioned barriers, automation, customization, and system flexibility are the keys. Automation is leading the world and SubscriptionFlow does it all. SubscriptionFlow functions through automation to optimize subscriptions. In case a payment failure occurs, customers will not only be informed about the event but the payment retries as scheduled for renewal processes through automation will also not stop. It leverages customers and merchants to never let go of the valuable customers and revenue.

Using SubscriptionFlow and its smart dunning management features, it is ensured that customers are informed of all the subscription processes timely. Also, through automation, all the subscriptions renewal, subscriptions downgrading, upgrading, and cancelling can be handled by the automated subscription platform for WooCommerce subscription management software.

Barrier 2: Limited Payment Gateways for the large user base

Imagine losing a customer because you can offer a limited number of payment methods and your customer doesn’t have one. It’s downright non-negotiable!

On WooCommerce, PayPal is the most suitable payment gateway for subscription sites and PayPal standard does not offer tiers and packages for users. This also limits the users from upgrading and downgrading subscription packages, subscription renewal dates, and payments.

Solution: Plans, Pricing, and Payment Optimizations

Being a subscription management platform, SubscriptionFlow works to optimize plans, pricing, and payments for WooCommerce subscriptions management. Integrating SubscriptionFlow with WooCommerce enables customers to use a number of payment gateways so that they can process payments without any halt and that too in their own local currency.

Collecting payment from various payment methods gives freedom to customers and merchants both for purchasing and selling subscriptions. Furthermore, you can select different SaaS pricing models such as flat-fee billing, hybrid billing, usage-based billing, tier-based billing, and much more to select from. You can also customize the billing models as per your requirement and also the one that is tailored to your customer needs. It is a very viable option for the small businesses working on WooCommerce to customise subscription billing plans with custom features to get the most out of it.

Moreover, you can add coupons and discounts to your pricing with a robust execution through the platform for SubscriptionFlow.

Optimizing pricing and Payments with SubscriptionFlow Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Integrate Multiple Payment Gateways in WooCommerce with SubscriptionFlow

Payment Gateways

Barrier 3: Slow Customer Support with a Backlog of Issues

WooCommerce deals with uncountable subscription businesses on a daily basis for which it gets difficult for them to deal with the queries or tickets they get from customers. Many customers or merchants who use WooCommerce face delays from customer support due to a number of requests.

Moreover, from basic to advance questions by customers, whether coming from customers or merchants, the level of priorities and functionality also halts the customer service which only creates a backlog of issues on WooCommerce for subscription management.

Solution: Customer Service Management with Self-Service Portal

With SubscriptionFlow’s dedicated support and features like self-service or customer portal, a great number of queries can be solved in a matter of minutes. It enables customers to manage their subscriptions through a self-service portal from which they can manage all of the processes, details, and information without waiting for hours. From managing their subscriptions, generating invoicing, payments, to making custom prices, upgrading, downgrading, and displaying add-ons – every option is available at the self-service portal of SubscriptionFlow.

SubscriptionFlow provides retailers and their consumers with configurable self-service portals to help them get the most out of their subscriptions.

With SubscriptionFlow’s self-service portal for WooCommerce subscription management your customers can:

  • Add, Remove, or Edit the Contacts, Billing, & Payment Information
  • Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel, or Pause the Subscription
  • View the New and Previous Invoices
  • Manage Everything with a Secure and User-Friendly Interface
  • Make Profile Changes
  • Request Customer Support
  • Share Feedback
  • Seek Additional Information and Services
  • Information Sharing

Barrier 4: Glitch in Analytics and Reporting

For businesses and merchants, reporting and analytics in any part of the subscription businesses are non-negotiable. Even though WooCommerce gives analytics and reporting but is not sophisticated for subscription analytics and real-time reporting. This leads to creating problems for the merchants when it comes to prospect planning and devising strategies.

Solution: Subscription Analytics and Reporting

SubscriptionFlow dashboard for analytics and reporting enables customers to generate different types of reports and summaries from the given analytics. There are different types of reports and summaries. From the ageing report, you can create a subscription summary, churned subscription reports, reports for revenue, reports based on region, reports based on product, and much more for you to explore.

It also enables merchants to get the classic reports or even create reports for themselves with several customization options and features available.

To give you an overview of reports, you will get:

  • Subscriptions Reports
  • Invoices Reports
  • Orders Reports
  • Product and Plans Reports
  • Customer and Contacts Reports

Manage your subscriptions on WooCommerce with insightful analytics and reporting available to manage and plan your subscription business seamlessly.

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Bottom Line

WooCommerce is a huge platform for operating subscription businesses and there is no way for you to miss the chance there. With that being said, SubscriptionFlow provides its robust features and solutions to manage all the discrepancies and limitations WooCommerce bring along and limits your business growth. To give your customers a seamless experience on subscriptions, integrate WooCommerce with SubscriptionFlow now.

We offer you to simply schedule a demo with our experts and learn how you can take your business ahead with this seamless integration and streamlined RevOps between two platforms.