Subscription Box Business 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Start A Valued Subscription Box Service—From Prospects & Marketing to Subscription Box Billing & Management

With the onset of subscription-based business models, the businesses have recently seen a prevailing tide of revitalizing and recurring revenue with more opportunities for business expansion and customer loyalty. Subscription businesses are booming and businesses from all the niches and industries are incorporating it into their business model in one or another way. No matter if you are in B2B or dealing with B2C product- or service-based ventures, Subscription-based business models are widening the new horizons of not only maintaining and managing but also growing the revenue a hundredfold.

To extend the customer lifecycle for a prolonged period so that they can stay loyal to your products or services, subscription business has also introduced the idea of a niche-specific subscription box services. It isn’t a new concept, but its novelty comes from the mystery of its contents when revealed after every interval by the customer. It can never get outdated as it fuels some of the most stimulating emotions, such as curiosity, excitement, surprise, and pleasure, in an individual while fulfilling their needs or wants.

In this guide, we will walk you through the different but basic aspects of the subscription box services and how you can start the subscriptions-based business, strategize its workflow and operations, reach out to the customers, and above all, how you can manage the subscription box billing. Let’s begin.

First Things First,

What is a Subscription Box?

A Subscription Box is a box that contains a hodgepodge of the products or items of the same niche or theme that would be delivered to the customer’s doorstep after every decided interval for the length of the subscription.

A subscription box can be conceived on almost every niche from self-care or beauty products to garments and wardrobe accessories to pet food and accessories to medicines and food boxes to books and mobile phone accessories to anything that one may require depending on their needs and interests after every interval with a touch of variety and feasibility.

Some subscription box services even allow their customers to personalize their boxes themselves as they want or need.

Subscription boxes can be of various types, including

  • Sample Products Subscription Boxes
  • Seasonal Subscription Boxes
  • Dedicated Subscription Boxes
  • Personalized Subscription Boxes
  • And Others

What is a Subscription Box Business?

Subscription Box Business deals with delivering the Subscription Boxes with the assorted products related to the same theme to the customers at their homes against a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription fee.

No matter you operate online, offline, or both, anyone including traders, retailers, dealers, merchants, or even freelancers working from home running grocery, beauty, or pharmaceutical stores, garment, toys, handicrafts, stationery, ornaments, jewelry, food, hardware, IT hardware, pets, sanitary, or any other type of products-based business can step into the Subscription Box Services and grow their recurring revenue and retain their customers on any scale.

How Does It Work?

Once you have decided your niche and figure out the way to get the products for your Subscription Box, the next thing is all about providing an extraordinary Subscription Box as a business.

An impressive Subscription Box appears with a combination of few operations:

  • Conceiving the Subscription Box Idea
  • Designing the Subscription Box—Appearance, Products Assortment, Placement Within Container, and Personalized Amazements i.e. Notes, Coupons, Surprise Gifts, and many more.
  • Reaching out to the customers through marketing, advertising, and PR
  • Selling the charm of Subscription Boxes
  • Managing the Seamless Subscriptions Affairs and Subscription Box Billing
  • Punctual Delivery of the Subscription Box to the Customer throughout the length of the Subscription

How Can I Start the Subscription Box Services?

Depending on your current status, you need to make arrangements to kick start your subscription box services. If you are already a trader, retailer, merchant, or manufacturer, all you need is to use your resources and devise a subscription business strategy from Subscription box pricing and plans formulation to boxing, marketing, delivery, and subscriber’s personal or payment details and billing management.

For others, first of all, you need to discover ways to access to the theme or niche-specific products. Based on the niche, you may manufacture the items, buy the products, or can become a retailer. The further steps to become a subscription box services provider, you can follow the steps to establish the business and customer base:

  • Kickstart the business with Prototype Subscription Box with a pre-launch pocket-friendly subscription plans
  • Make Shipment Arrangements
  • Create a website, social media pages, or an e-commerce shop
  • Market through social media, search engine, and influencer
  • Subscribe to an easy, simple, and extensible Subscription Management SaaS Platform
  • Start taking orders from near-by customers and deliver the Subscription Boxes personalized for them
  • With the identification of market and customers needs, expand the net of Subscriptions and fully launch the Subscription Box Business
  • Auto-manage the Subscription operations and Subscription Box Recurring Billing with one of the best-budgeted and highly flexible Subscription Management Software, SubscriptionFlow

Why Do I Need SubscriptionFlow to Manage Subscription Box Billing?

  • To automate subscription management, recurring billing, and payment processing
  • To auto-manage monthly subscription pricing as per the changes occurred due to shuffling of products
  • To auto-incorporate the coupons, customer discounts, and promotional offers in billing
  • To auto-enable the tax management
  • To automate the payment retries through smart dunning
  • To set the subscription box products catalog and the subscription pricing and plans features through smart modules powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • To reduce the operational costs of accounting, billing, support, and subscriber base management
  • To empower your subscriber to update the personal or payment information, upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel the subscription plans, personalize the assortment of the products in the box, send feedback or complain emails or receive payment status or recurring billing reminders, and do more with their self-service portal. Any update in the customer portal will automatically get updated in your client’s portal in real-time so your operations run smoothly and stay updated.
  • To integrate other third-party applications to streamline the billing, sales, marketing, customer care, and other RevOps across the board
  • To review the real-time subscription metrics through the dedicated dashboard integrated with the user-friendly and responsive Client Portal and Billing UI
  • To monitor the Monthly or Annual Recurring Revenue, Churn Rate, or Leakage in Revenue
  • To check the payment statuses of the subscribers
  • To get the present, past, and future projections of the recurring revenue in run-time

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