Here’s Why SaaS eLearning is Becoming the Norm and Why You Should Consider It

Software as a service is being utilized in more fields and aspects of our work and even personal lives. From CRMs and ERPs to eLearning SaaS platforms, the digital age is overtaking the market and the evolution of user experience is showing no signs of slowing down. This leads us to believe that the SaaS market will only continue to grow as more solutions to complex computational problems surface.

When it comes to businesses, not only is SaaS being utilized for enterprise resource planning, but it’s also serving the purpose of educating workers and training employees for work-related and non-work-related skills and educational courses. Businesses are figuring out the potential for equipping employees with more technical knowledge to involve them in more business-oriented tasks, taking them a step further from their respective positions and having them take charge of something more.

Emerging SaaS LMS Platforms

The emergence of software as a service learning management systems has seen a dramatic rise ever since the pandemic rendered us all inside our homes. Hosted software systems and networks suffered devastating blows as they were proving useless in terms of adaptability and accessibility for organization members. Whether it’s an IT company looking to offer digital skills for its employees or a school trying to take its educational discourse online, SaaS eLearning platforms have proven effective as reliable cloud-based systems that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Other than this, here’s a list of benefits that have resulted in the emergence of SaaS LMS platforms in the last few years:

Benefits of SaaS eLearning


Firstly, the fact that these systems are cloud-based means that they are available for everyone to use at any time. Since these systems are hosted by the vendor, you don’t have to spend a dime on managing the storage space and the IT crew required to manage a locally hosted LMS. This makes it easy for all new learners and teachers to simply sign up and register themselves and get their respective login credentials. Once they have access, they can seamlessly surf through the contents provided on the system.

Instant Set-Up

As discussed above, there is almost nothing to worry about when you’re signing up for a cloud-based SaaS eLearning platform. All you have to do is register or sign up and you’ll instantly have your own LMS to customize and fill with content of your choosing. Though different in pricing, there are several alternatives in the market for you to choose from. Since each of these options offer state of the art features that you’ll probably need to manage your eLearning institute, it’s best that you try out a few of them before selecting the one you pay for. Make sure to use up the trial opportunities that many vendors provide in order to make the best decision.

Seamless Integration and Authoring

Content authoring tools are a necessity when it comes to hosting a learning management system. Unless you’re using a cutting-edge platform like SubscriptionFlow, you’re likely to face several issues with manual content authoring. The fact that you’ll need to completely revamp the code of your LMS in order to get a tool integrated into it also spells out a waste of time and resources. Which constitutes yet another reason why SaaS eLearning platforms outperform their alternatives and take the cake for being one of the fastest systems to implement.

Likewise, if you’re looking to integrate more than a few tools and plugins in your code, you’ll have to spend a ton of time and resources, especially manpower, on synchronizing your changes with your software. Whereas, with an e Learning platform SaaS companies can easily integrate everything they need with a few clicks. With easy integration options, one can equip their system with the latest tools they need to market and streamline their business operations seamlessly.

An example can be of processing billing and payments. Suppose you want to offer your courses to someone living outside the country. Just because you can’t accept their payment via an integrated payment gateway, you’ll always face the same issue whenever you think of scaling and growing your business across borders.

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Easy Updates

SaaS eLearning is easy because everything provided on the platform can be made ready in a few clicks and a few minutes. There’s a significant difference between offline locally hosted and cloud-based SaaS platforms for eLearning. One of these is the fact that locally hosted LMSs are not going to be as easy to manage as compared to SaaS solutions.

Compared to locally hosted learning management systems that require manual installation of updates on the server and consequently, in each node on the network, SaaS eLearning platforms make management a seamless task that can be done from anywhere and at any time. The cloud-server can easily pick up every update and for the users, refreshing their browser page can implement the new changes. This makes it very easy for administrators to incorporate and implement changes without down-times or need for installations.


This is another argument that inevitably goes in favour of the SaaS eLearning platforms because they boast of some of the easiest management features possible. Whether it’s processing multiple payments from different places or connecting two or more databases and merging data to provide an all-in-one interface for all members of the organization, you can rely on a software as a service learning management system to provide you with everything you need in one window.

SaaS eLearning platforms are as easy for managers as they are for the end-users or learners. Whether you’re an institute looking to provide a seamless interface to your students or an organization helping employees learn technical skills, you can upload the content you wish to provide and even notify all your users of the updates.

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For every organization, it’s easy to start off with a SaaS eLearning platform as it’s simple and can allow you to scale as per your business’ growth and development. Compared to the costs of setting up a locally hosted learning management system that requires a hefty set up and maintenance cost, a SaaS LMS can save you thousands and give you an easy start. Though the costs of scaling with added users can rise up with time, it’s still nothing compared to the management costs of local hosting. Which is why it is recommended for start-ups and emerging eLearning institutes to go for SaaS options before they move towards local set-ups.

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Ready to start? Try SubscriptionFlow, the customizable eLearning SaaS platform that can be tailor made to provide you with an all-inclusive learning management system that automates most administrative tasks such as processing recurring billing and payments, communicating with users and monitoring user interaction and a lot more!

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