Fueling the growth of magazine subscription with gift subscription

Attract More Readers with Gift Subscriptions—Skyrocket Recurring Revenue of Your Magazine Business

“Greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but love.”

And you can offer your magazine subscribers to send love and care to their loved ones, digitally.

Worldwide, people are maintaining social distance, and they are looking for healthy activities to keep them entertained within the confines of their personal space. There can be nothing better than a magazine to keep someone busy in such conditions.

eMagazines and eNewspapers subscriptions have touched the roof after the onset of COVID-19. Amidst the chaos of false news and misinformation, offering options to gift a magazine subscription is a way to approach customers from different strata with updated, concise, and collected information in an issue, only.

Offering magazine subscription gifts can be a way to cater to this need of your magazine subscribers. It is a sure way of expanding the magazine subscription business.

The News & Magazine thespians like Times and The Economist are targeting their customer base by offering the options of gifting the subscriptions for their issues.

E-magazines manage their subscribers through magazine subscription software, the same platform can be used to offer magazine subscription gifts. If you run a digital magazine, newspaper, periodical, or news channel, this article is going to be fruitful to explore the options of gift subscriptions offered by SubscriptionFlow, the ultimate magazine subscription management software.

Why Offer Gift Subscriptions?

Today, people need reliable sources of information about what is happening out there. Your magazine or newspaper subscription can fulfil this need of many people and help you get more subscribers to your digital magazine.

Magazine subscription gifts can bring the following positive impacts on your business:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Streamlined revenue stream
  • Lead conversion
  • More Referrals and Good Word of mouth
  • Edge Over competition in the market

So, the digital gift subscriptions magazine is one of those products for which subscriptions become an eternal source of earning revenue.

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How to Gift Magazine Subscriptions?

You can gift your magazine e-subscriptions to your customers.

Another way to offer gift subscriptions is to offer a subscription box or subscription folder of previous issues. Digital publishers can plan to compile their magazine issues of six months or more to formulate a subscription box or folder and can offer it to their subscribers to gift these to friends and family.

You can plan these and more gift subscriptions in SubscriptionFlow. It is a magazine subscription management software where it is easier to plan your strategy to gift magazine subscriptions.

At SubscriptionFlow, you will need to enable ‘gift subscriptions’ to offer your subscribers magazine gift subscriptions to their friends, family, colleagues, juniors, subordinates, peers, and more. Your magazine subscribers will be asked to enter their name and email. They can choose the date when they want their gift to be delivered.

The recipient of the gift will have the option to redeem the subscription at the end of the subscription gift that he got. However, the process of sending the gift can vary from one platform to another.

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Magazine-Subscription Catering to the Needs of E-readers and Improving Their Digital Reading Experience!

How to Redeem the Subscription Gift?

The person who sends the gift of magazine subscriptions can choose the time period for which he gifts the magazine. However, the recipient will have the choice to decline the offer or use the gift subscription for the term and then renew it as a formal subscription.

Usually, the details for the redemption of the subscription gift are explained through an email, and links are provided in the email to redeem the gift.

Expiry of the Magazine Subscription Gift

Your magazine subscriber, as the sender of the gift, decides the expiry of the gift.

  • It can be a one-time purchase
  • 3-6 months magazine subscription (many magazines offer discounts for their 6 and 12 months subscription packages)
  • Annual subscription
  • Customized magazine subscriptions

Nonetheless, as soon as the expiry of the subscription gift draws near, an email will be sent to the recipient to redeem the subscription if he wants.

Magazine Subscription Gifts for Kids

“Sharing is caring,” that’s what mothers want their kids to learn. One of the best ways to make kids learn this lesson is to make them gift subscriptions to their friends. Enough of gifting toys, kids have been at home for more than a year now because of the COVID outbreak. They need to be home-tutored. Parents are looking for informative and creative magazines for their kids to engage them in learning activities. Many magazines that were not publishing content for kids are now coming up with their exclusive issues for kids.

If you have a digital magazine for kids, then it is high time to offer kids gift subscriptions for your magazine to their friends. Elders do not bother when they receive emails regarding subscriptions because it is a routine for them. Kids, on the other hand, get fewer emails. They feel excited when they receive emails. Magazines and newspapers can make it part of their email marketing to send emails to promote magazine subscription gifts among kids.

Different toy-making companies used to publish their catalogues and magazines. They have shifted towards eMagazines e.g. Lego Life Magazine. Through their colorful and interactive magazine, they reach out to their clients and provide them with a chance to sneak a peek at their upcoming products range. Anorak is another very attractive eMagazine for kids. Young artists instantly fall in love with the subscriptions for this magazine. They have their own strategies to attract as many subscribers as possible.

If your magazine is only publishing content and offering subscriptions for the elders, then it is the right time to start working on creative content for young minds. A new market is open for you.

The most thriving stream for magazine and gift magazine subscriptions is industry-specific magazines, research journals, and publications. These include business, finance, insurance, banking & investment, law, consultancy, medical, engineering & constructions, fashion, media, and a lot more.

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In Conclusion

The magazine and newspaper industry is one of those businesses that have always followed the subscription business model. In the past, it was not automated. With time, there has been established the trend of automated subscription management with digital magazine subscriptions in millions. Every day, digital magazine publishers look for new strategies and policies to improve their revenue.

SaaS companies are also active to facilitate digital publishers. You can use your SaaS subscription management platform to offer your magazine subscribers gift subscriptions to their friends as well.

SubscriptionFlow is a platform offering its services to manage the day by day increasing magazine, newspaper, and other digital media subscribers. It allows you to offer your subscribers a chance to sneak into your interests with gift subscriptions. The team SubscriptionFlow is also available to provide you consultancy to make a subscription gifts plan.