3 reasons why Subscription Management is important for SMEs

Why Subscription Management is Important for SMEs

Subscription management has changed the way businesses operate. Every business requires convenience more than anything else in today’s competitive world.

In 2020 when Covid-19 was at its peak, businesses worldwide were looking for remedies that would help them grow even if the operations stopped.

That is when subscription-based platforms started peaking. With subscription Management, the vows turn to glee. Thanks to subscription-based platforms many businesses have cracked the code of subscription management and have saved thousands of bucks annually.

These Statistics tell the real story of how people and businesses all over the world have allured themselves into the subscription economy.

Gone are the days when people have to waste their precious time renewing their subscriptions. Thanks to Subscription Management Software everything is manageable with a state-of-the-art software.

 Subscription Management is a one-stop shop for you and your Business

Isn’t it nice to have all your subscriptions in one place? No more toggling between applications, No stress, and less hassle.

There is an endless stream of subscription management. You can buy a pair of Air Jordans on a subscription, you can buy that dream car you always wanted and the list goes on and on and ON.

Do you know that:

point to ponder

In this blog, we shed light on the 3 major reasons why subscription management is a worldwide phenomenon.

Following are some major reasons why subscription management is gaining popularity among businesses

1. Everything Under One Roof: Multiple subscriptions become difficult to handle at times. With subscription management ,businesses can gather and analyze revenue data with accuracy . Recurring bills are sorted and unwanted subscriptions are thrown out the window.

2. A Simple Billing Remedy: Billing for multiple subscriptions often becomes a pain in the neck. Conventional ways were stressful and time-consuming. Waiting in long queues for bill payments was a norm.

Subscription management is a breath of fresh air when it comes to billing. You no longer have to call customer service or log onto the website to look for billing methods, Subscription management has got you covered on all fronts.

3. Managing All Subscriptions Simultaneously: From entertainment to media to health and sports the options are endless. Subscription management helps you manage and arrange all billing and automation with just a simple click.

4. Easy Cancellation Of Subscription: Sometimes it becomes difficult to cancel a subscription: With Subscription Management software, Businesses do not have to hire a workforce to perform billing tasks manually. With the assistance of Software for Subscription Management, everything is managed accordingly and:

  • Recurring bills are aligned in an understandable form
  • Canceling more than one subscription is easy and simple
  • Unwanted subscriptions are managed and executed by the software

Following are some quality components of Subscription Management

components of Subscription Management

  • Automated Invoicing: With automated invoicing, businesses are saving not only precious bucks but it allows them to keep a track of time as well. When a business can configure a way to automate its billing that is where time management and money-saving starts. SubscriptionFlow has a magnificent automated invoicing facility that is providing ease to businesses all over. SubscriptionFlow eradicates conventional methods where invoicing was difficult and time-consuming.
  • Recurring Billing: With recurring billing, modifying pricing strategies becomes simple. SubscriptionFlow can keep an eye on the tracking revenue and furthermore it simplifies billing models accordingly.
  • Metered Billing: Customers demand ease of use. Whenever a business onboards a customer they promise satisfaction and commitment. SubscriptionFlow allows a customer ease of use by giving them the option to pay only for what they are using. In simple words it’s pay-as-you-go. This is known as Metered billing.
  • Checkout Management: We have come a long way in terms of technology. Every customer wants user-friendliness when it comes to a product or service. SubscriptiopnFlow’s checkout management process is very easy to understand. SubscriptionFlow has an exceptional API integration method that requires no coding whatsoever.
  • Customer Portal: A good customer portal promises quality. Customers become hasty sometimes when they are not provided with quality. A well-designed customer portal takes care of customer queries and works as a custodian. SubscriptionFlow keeping this in mind presents a customer portal that is on point every time a customer says “I need assistance”.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: A secure payment gateway promises a long-term relationship with a customer. This is mainly because the customer wants a hassle-free and scam-free experience when it comes to billing information. SubscriptionFlow keeping this in mind delivers when it matters the most. Our System not only provides multiple gateways for payments but makes sure that the customer sets the rules for payment routes.
  • Retention & Growth: For any business to succeed retention and growth is and should be the primary concern. A big indicator of success is when a business retains customers and gets referred by these customers to bring in newer ones. SubscriptionFlow is a firm believer in retention and growth. The client base is growing day by day.

Generating revenue through a quality Subscription Management software

A potent Subscription Management Software does everything for your business. A user-friendly portal will manage all affairs effortlessly.

Subscription Management Platforms help align all notifications in an understandable manner so that all deductions are visible. One of the best platforms is SubscriptionFlow.

Our quality software helps you unlock a world of simplicity and proficiency. With SubscriptionFlow Businesses do not need to worry about recurring bills. Subscription Management becomes a walk in the park.

A well-constructed web portal helps customers to navigate through all their subscriptions. SubscriptionFlow has a portal that is easy to manage and helps you with all subscription-related matters

SubscriptionFlow is a platform that presents all types of data. This includes billing months, bills paid, subscriptions held, subscriptions that need to be eradicated, and those that need to be renewed.

Another commendable function that SubscriptionFlow has is the pause your subscription function. There comes a time when Many customers want to cancel their subscriptions. It is better to think twice rather than just saying no! this is where SubscriptionFlow with its pause your subscription function helps you take a break for a while.

SaaS businesses widely benefit from recurring customers. It is easy to make a profit from already-existing customers rather than fetching new ones. This is where the subscription management plays a vital role.

What is SaaS Subscription Management?

Whenever a customer signs up for a subscription, their lifecycle starts, and whatever they do during that period which includes making changes to the ongoing subscription managing trials and everything else is considered to be a part of subscription management.


Subscription Management is helping businesses grow and reach their true potential. A proficient Subscription management software like SubscriptionFlow helps expedite systems and produces substantial results when it comes to managing plans and executing billing matters. Business all over the world has suffered a lot during and post-COVID times. They always look for solutions that will help them reduce costs and grow as a whole. Subscription management is bridging the gap of inconvenience by providing manageable course of action.