Get Efficient Discount Management for Subscription Business Model with SubscriptionFlow

As per research, about one-third of the United States purchasers look for discounts and vouchers when they look for products online.

Giving discounts, vouchers, and offering other exclusive benefits to your customers is a great strategy to acquire customers and generate revenue from them.

By offering discounts to your customers, you not only generate revenue but also help in studying the buyer persona and buyer journey that will help you in developing content for marketing strategies and implement them seamlessly.

In this article, we are going to look at discount management for the subscription business model and how SubscriptionFlow will help you run discount operations without any obstacles. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Why SubscriptionFlow as Your Discount Management Platform?

For subscription-based businesses, discount management acts as a magnet to attract customers and cash those customers.

With the help of a subscription management software that manages discounts, you will get an effective platform to implement your digital marketing strategy. As you develop your content marketing strategy for your SaaS and B2B business by studying the buyer persona and buyer journey, SubscriptionFlow will empower you to implement this strategy.

Therefore, to map out an effective marketing strategy offering discounts and applying them using a subscription management platform.

Discount Management and Application with SubscriptionFlow

In this section, we are going to look at the features and solutions that SubscriptionFlow provides for discount management and application for your B2B and SaaS business.

Advanced coupon customization

Discounts come in different shapes i.e., sometimes in the form of coupons, vouchers, redeeming points, and so on. With the advanced coupon or discount customization, SubscriptionFlow enables you to make highly targeted campaigns based on customer database segmentation.

Using the customer database information, you can manage the discount lifecycle i.e., managing the validation date and expiration date so that the discounts are managed as per the requirement of the merchants.

With the flexibility of our subscription management platform, you can create and run diverse types of discounts with incentives included.

Here is what you can achieve more through our flexible SaaS software:

  • Multiple criteria-based flexible redemption rules based on segments, order size, or cart contents.
  • Options for code customization to make your vouchers user-friendly and fraud-proof.
  • Limits on redemptions for each customer, order, campaign, and more.
  • specific deadlines and the duration of the voucher’s validity.
  • White-label options to accurately represent your branding

Discount Redemption Tracking

Gone are the days when businesses used to offer discounts and vouchers for sales only.

The game of discounts and vouchers has become so powerful now that discounts and coupons are tracked to study the customer persona. As we have talked about tracking above, let’s talk about the discount redemption.

Within discount management, an important step taken toward technology is to keep track and record customers who have redeemed their discounts, vouchers, or coupons.

With discount redemption tracking, merchants or businesses get reports of sales rates. With the reports and summaries of redemption tracking from SubscriptionFlow’s dashboard.

You can generate unique codes, apply the codes for redemption, and keep the track of points or discounts redemption for an organized and well-managed recordkeeping of your business sales operations. Using our software here is more that you can take advantage of:

  • You can monitor each coupon among many generated campaigns thanks to unique codes.
  • Redemptions and delivery information detailing the time and method of delivery of the code (you can see who has redeemed a particular code and which delivery channels are the most effective).
  • Metrics and statistics demonstrating the current performance of your campaigns (like gift card balances, the total number of redemptions, or the most popular types of discounts).

Experiment with Discount Types for Pricing Scalability

Pricing scalability is a very important factor to consider while merchants start to work on discount offers. With marginal costs, SWOT analysis, and profit ratio, merchants can apply these strategies in a better and more effective way. Therefore, the most important discount pricing strategy is to experiment with different discount types and check which discount type suits the best for the business growth.

Two discount types are primarily used in SaaS and B2B businesses:

One type of discount that estimates on percentage like 10% off

The other type of discount that estimates on flat price like $30 off

With SubscriptionFlow, you can experiment the types of discounts that are in the best interest of the business. You can also run promotional campaigns for A/B testing of your discount pricing strategy.

After you determine the most suitable discount pricing strategy, you can implement it for your business discount management. Scale your discounting game with SubscriptionFlow.

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