How To Turn Your Subscription Business Into A Brand Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new concept rather business community has been using emails for the sake of marketing for a long time. Also, the importance of email marketing in the SaaS subscription business is undeniable. However, there are certain misconceptions about email marketing. For instance, many people relate email marketing to sales only. Though email marketing improves sales performance, it serves many other business needs.

Emails are used as a sophisticated means of communication across the globe. According to Statista, in 2020, about 306 billion emails were sent or received in the world. It is also expected that the number of email users will further increase in the future. So, subscription businesses can use emails other than just meeting the sales targets.

If you are already using some cloud-based subscription management software, you can integrate it with tools that can help you manage recurring billing and email marketing on the same platform.

In this article, you are going to read how email marketing can help you establish your brand name in the subscription business market. But first, you need to know some essential details regarding email marketing.

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Why Do You Need Brand Awareness?

Today, you know that Netflix, HubSpot, and Zenefits are considered the giants in the subscription business market. How do people know them? They are known because they have effective marketing campaigns. They have established their brand name in the market. People need to know about the company and services or products that it offers. Only then, potential leads would come and they will turn to be loyal customers.

In the 19th century, after the industrial revolution in the US, there was an era of invention. There were many new products that were to be sold. It was the time when producers started using radio to market their products. They knew they could not sell products without brand awareness. Brand awareness is important because:

  • It helps in meeting sales targets.
  • It establishes relations with customers and subscribers.
  • It generates and nurtures leads.
  • It is a source of marketing your product or services.

Subscription businesses not only need to establish the brand name but also brand credibility so that the subscribers would know that they will always get for what they pay and what has been promised.

How to Establish Brand Name through Email Marketing?

It is crucial for SaaS subscription businesses to market the actual image of the company. And email marketing has become an effective tool that can portray the exact image of your subscription business that you need your subscribers to perceive. If you are working on the email marketing strategy, then the following are some of the ways to establish your brand name:

Effective Welcome Email

It has become a norm to send welcome emails whenever customers are onboarded. Your welcome email must be highly communicative. The tone, the content, and the images or links that you provide subscribers in the welcome email have to be communicative. You should plan with the team of marketing experts to decide a specific layout of the welcome email.

The first impression is the last impression, and a welcome email provides you with the chance to impress your subscribers. You can add links to demos and the user guide to help new subscribers know your system or the product. Add the business quotes and take care of the placement of the quotes. Your welcome emails should give an effective overview of your subscription business.

To the Point Subject

It is one hundred percent true that the subject of the email that you send to your customers should be to the point. It should explain the purpose of writing the email. However, it is better to keep the subject of the email unique so that you can urge the customer to at least open and see the content of the email.

To the point, yet interactive and unique subjects portray a better image of your brand for recurring customers.

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Links to Your Website

Whether the emails that you send to your subscribers are meant for marketing or not, they depict the image of your business in one way or another. Plan the layout of these emails so that you can engrave the brand name of your business in the customer’s mind. You should add links to your website in these emails.

For instance, you send a dunning email to your customer to ask him to pay his subscription charges, you can add the link to the page where the customer can pay his charges. It cuts the customer effort, and it improves your brand identity as well.

In your emails, where you feel that you need to explain certain terms, you can add links to the blogs that you post on your website.

Personalised Content

An email that enables you to emotionally connect with the customer is the best email for marketing. And to create such an email, you need to personalize the content of the email. That’s the reason email marketing is tightly linked with content marketing. To make your customers feel that you value them, you should use their names in the email. Communicate with them on special occasions, for instance, birthdays.

According to Statista, the rate of opening marketing emails that are not personalized is less than those that are personalized.

When it comes to personalizing the email content, your tone and timing matter the most. Work with your marketing experts to personalize the content of emails so that you can establish a good image of your brand.

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Limiting the Sales Pitch

As it has been mentioned that the email marketing is not just about achieving sales targets. It is beyond sales and interlinks with certain other subscription business essentials. Choose your words and tone wisely when you are communicating with the customers. There will be times when you will need your emails to have a sales pitch. However, you do not always need it.

For example, you are sending the email to wish your customer Christmas. If you do not have anything to offer on this special occasion, then there is no need to opt for the sales pitch. Just write a highly communicative email to warmly wish your customers Christmas. You do not need to market your brand name. Today, customers are smart than they have ever been before. They do not want you to just think about your business rather they want you to think from the customer’s perspective. They demand customer care which is the foundation of the subscription business market.

Thereby, limit the sales pitch in your emails and establish a better brand identity.

Precise Emails

No one is interested in reading lengthy emails. You have to be precise while working on the emails for the customers. The content of these emails needs to be effective as well as precise. Though it depends on the purpose of writing the email, you have to keep your emails precise and short. It is better to tell the reason for writing the email within the first few lines.

Other than the length, you should also keep the tone of the content in your emails crisp. Emails are not needed to be too formal every time. Writing long and formal emails is more like testing the patience of the customers and it is better to avoid this mistake.

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In conclusion, email marketing is the best way to establish your brand name in the subscription business market. But you need to be wise while formulating the email marketing strategy. If you have any queries while formulating the email marketing strategy for your subscription-based business, then you can get help from SubscriptionFlow experts.

This subscription management tool can be integrated with MailChimp that will offer you an ultimate solution to manage subscriptions and email marketing on the same platform.