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Non-Profits Can Increase Impact and Meet Their Fundraising and Revenue Targets Through SaaS Products

Non-profit organizations are the buffer zones in our society that balances the existence of every stratum. They work harder to stretch every dollar so they can contribute fullest towards their cause and drive difference.

And, for their own existence and the success of their cause, they are dependent on donations. Budget constraints can unsettle their productivity, strengths, and impacts.

Besides a dedicated and sincere workforce, the flow of donations towards the cause, and the ability to penetrate the community, non-profits are also hugely dependent on the right use of the technology.

SaaS Supports Cause Promotion, Fundraise Campaigning, and Funds Collection Management

Like many other businesses, non-profits are also incorporating new tech solutions into their day-to-day tasks. The leading among them is SaaS. Non-profits are grooved to reduce their operational expenses and improve their productivity and bring efficiency in their efforts by simply integrating the solutions that eliminate the waste of resources, time, and budget.

SaaS or Software-as-a-service is the cloud access to the set of tools or suite of features that allows non-profit to manage their various operations including fundraising, donors’ and donations management, cause promotion and donation campaigns management,  online donations collection, enterprise management, and more.

This article enlightens some plus points of using the SaaS technology that can help non-profits to

  • increase their revenue
  • reduce frictions from their operations
  • improve the opportunities for fundraising, donations collection, and recurring revenue management
  • garner support for their cause
  • make the most of the technology to manage everyday operations

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What are Non-Profit Charity and Fundraising SaaS Products?

SaaS products for non-profit, charity and fundraising are the SaaS solutions that can be used to manage an array of businesses for non-profit organizations that includes

  • Building the fully white-labeled fundraising online platform that supports p2p (peer to peer) lending, crowdfunding donations, charity-based donations,
  • Integrating the donation collection features with recurring payment solutions
  • Managing the revenue
  • Promoting the cause and support for non-profit and attracting the leads to connect to donate
  • Managing the admin, HR, and enterprise other operations

These non-profit SaaS solutions allow non-profit to build their own crowdfunding platform and manage it from anywhere, every time. These applications are easy to use, can easily be integrated, and do not require tech-savvy ninjas to manage the operations.

Using the SaaS, non-profits are improving their work efficiency, fundraising capacities, and operational capabilities with the following features:

  • Fully customizable and Easy Set-Up
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Support multiple payment methods and currencies for crowdfunding
  • Scalable and flexible
  • SaaS Intelligence and Analytics
  • Supports Lending and Borrowing
  • Support Donate Campaigns
  • Personalized Customer Experience

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How Do the Non-Profit Charity and Fundraising SaaS Products Work?

Non-profit charity, crowdfunding, and p2p lending SaaS are customizable donation collection and payment processing platforms that can be personalized according to the requirements of the non-profit.

To take benefit from these SaaS non-profit products, non-profit organizations are required to get subscribed to any of their subscription plans or ask for a quote for subscription to develop their personalized non-profit solution.

Subscription to these non-profit SaaS products allows non-profit to access their products on a recurring basis. To start collecting donations and crowd fundraising, payment gateway(s) integrations are required.

The SaaS scalability and flexibility provides non-profit the benefit to manage their several other operations using the same platform and streamline their workflows across the business processes. Integrating enterprise management, marketing automation, CRM, accounting and finance management solutions, and more.

SubscriptionFlow—An Exclusive and All-Inclusive SaaS Product for Non-Profits

Collect and manage donations better with SaaS SubscriptionFlow. As a donations management SaaS solution for non-profits, SubscriptionFlow offers several tools for any non-profit organization to grow its donor base.

With crowd fundraising, charity donations, and p2p lending goals, a non-profit organization needs SaaS solutions that allow them to track each and every penny coming to them or can be attracted to become part of their revenue streams so they can serve their cause better.

Get an intuitive dashboard, analytics, and online portal of SubscriptionFlow to access your website for convenient engagement with your donors.

Team up and track registered members, donors, and volunteers and incorporate opportunities for connected business and engagement processes as well, such as

  • Connect donors with your organization via an online portal for payments and event updates.
  • Attract lead or target members with marketing and communication tools.
  • Trigger automated emails regarding upcoming events to boost community engagement.
  • Overview donations, member’s activity, online marketing through email or social media, processing failed payments, and answering queries using the dashboard.
  • Generate powerful analytics and reports to keep track of revenue and donor activity. Insight from these analytics can be used to make future business decisions related to crowd fundraising or approaching donors for funding and donations.

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SubscriptionFlow Helps Non-Profits to Improve Their Impact

  1. SaaS Decreases the Initial Investment for IT Solutions Deployment

The endless advances in technology are also becoming the reasons to increase its cost, too. However, the subscription model of the SaaS is a highly compatible IT solution for businesses across the sectors. SaaS products are available to the customers on a recurring basis for a subscription term as a monthly or annual fee.

SubscriptionFlow offers multiple billing solutions catering to the needs of the users. Non-profit organizations can opt for any plan from its users-based or features-based recurring plans or ask for a quote for the tailor-made plan for non-profit. With no large upfront fees, operates on a pay-as-you-go method and minimizes the investment in the IT infrastructure to manage business processes.

  1. SaaS Is a Cost-Saving Option to Reduce Operational Costs

SaaS are money savers at every step of non-profit management. From subscription to the software to manage donation to reducing the budget frictions due to superfluous expenses such as paper costs, over-staffing for clerical tasks, investing and managing multiple software for various operations, etc., SaaS provides several cost-control and carbon print reduction back-office solutions.

  1. SaaS Facilitates Remote Working

Gearing up a non-profit to support a cause requires approaching, recruiting, and connecting people from all over the world. Not only donors, but also the employees, board members, volunteers, grant writers, and other stakeholders—all need to work together. These people are usually not present at a place. Connecting them requires the SaaS to bring them up on one –platform.

SubscriptionFlow provides people access to any information, connect, collaborate, and communicate from anywhere using its SaaS platform via multiple integrations. Share data more effectively and securely, remotely.

  1. SaaS Improves Digital Security

Non-profits require higher security measures to protect their donors’ data, donation information, payment processing services, and even, communication. Besides, they need systems that can reap all other enterprise-level security measures.

With SubscriptionFlow, get full-fledged backup services, disaster recovery, and digital security against payment frauds, unauthorized use of personal or payment information, and more.

  1. SaaS Scales As the Non-Profit Grows or Needs

SaaS is usually the extensible platform. With SubscriptionFlow, allow your non-profit SaaS to integrate with multiple third-party applications and streamline the workflows of several business operations.

The flexible and scalable platform of SubscriptionFlow scales up or down the non-profit organizations as they need to meet their teams for promotion, fundraising, management, and other goals in one place.

  1. SaaS Requires No Software Updates, Maintenance, or Other Troubleshooting Upkeep

SubscriptionFlow offers another most cost-effective cloud-based solution for a non-profit as cost-cutting services for IT services such as system maintenance fees, such as backup, updates, and security. Cloud tech does not require the user to buy, install, or update infrastructure, have a local server installed, or even, to employ a dedicated IT staff.

  1. SaaS Leverages Donors’ Data and Amplifies Philanthropic Targets

For non-profit organizations, data is the soul of their business. There are several points of data across non-profit business operations. Data from every source—donors, stakeholders, and the community they serve—is crucial to manage and leverage for better insights into the opportunities and current status of fundraising campaigns and donations to meet the philanthropic targets.

SubscriptionFlow intuitive dashboards, analytics, and real-time reporting tools leverage data to amplify fundraising goals. The Al-enabled modules of SubscriptionFlow enable non-profit to connect their marketing applications to leverage data from the donors’ list for email marketing, social media approach, and mapping the possibilities of their contributions to the cause of the non-profits. Use SubscriptionFlow to analyze and understand donor habits, interests, and preferences, measure the accomplishment of fundraising campaigns, to raise more.

  1. SaaS Prompts Transparency and Efficiency in Recurring Revenue Streaming

No business is immune to errors or corruption. Man tends to look first into their interests and comforts. Non-profits are more prone to such opportunists or people who are not enough efficient to produce more with fewer resources.

SubsciptionFlow is a solution to combat the challenges of manual errors or malintentions that may hurt the image and the cause of the non-profit. The automated platform of SubscriptionFlow offers non-payment to intgrate multiple payment gateways, recurring donation collection, and management, or any other application all in one place and manage it online and without the intervention of humans to avoid any fraud or exploitation of the non-profit resources or services.

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