Authorize.Net vs. NMI

Comparing Payment Gateways: A Look at Authorize.Net and NMI

If you are in the subscription business market and currently looking for the best payment gateway for your business, then by now, you would have heard of and NMI.

The problem is these are not the only payment gateways available in the market, there are many others. There are so many payment gateways that even experts get confused when it comes to adopting one for their company.

So, once again, we are here with the solution to your confusion. In this article, there are details of vs NMI so that you can choose the right payment gateway, and integrate it with your subscription management software to streamline the workflow and revenue stream.

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Authorize.Net vs. NMI

Overall, both Authorize.Net and NMI are reliable payment gateways with robust features and integration options. The choice between the two may depend on specific business needs, pricing, and support requirements.

However, the differences between these two are the following that you can consider while making a choice between NMI and

1. Payment Processor Compatibility

Now that you are part of the subscription business market, you would have heard of multiple payment gateway integration because a specific gateway is sometimes preferred in a specific region. So, if you are not having a specific payment gateway to facilitate the customers and leads in a specific region of the world, then there are two options.

First, you can either integrate the payment gateway that supports payment processing in the targeted region.

Second, you already have a payment gateway that can process payments through the payment processor that is popular or preferred in the region where you are targeting the customers.

Coming towards vs NMI comparison 2023, NMI can work with numerous processors even beyond the US, in various regions. So, it is a preferred payment gateway for those who cater to customers even outside the US. However, is no doubt an amazing payment gateway, yet it allows payment processing in the US and some near about regions.

So, depending upon where you operate and target customers, you can choose the gateway for your subscription business.

2. Integration with Other Applications

As a subscription business retailer, you cannot deny the importance of integrations with your subscription management software. About 150 carts can be connected with both NMI and Also, there is an extensive list of integrations offered by However, NMI can connect with Shopify but cannot. On the other hand, connects with ClickFunnels but NMI cannot.

So, whether you choose NMI and or any other payment gateway, always consider the factor of system flexibility. Integrations with other applications are important for smooth business operations.

3. Feature Comparison

Now is the time to discuss the features of NMI and Though the core feature of every payment gateway is to process payments securely and timely that both these gateways do, however, they offer additional features as well.

For instance, offers some security features so, if your business demands more security, then should be your choice. Likewise, NMI has an advanced feature that it can manage two merchant accounts and route transactions based on product type etc. Thereby, the basic features of a payment gateway are offered by both payment gateways, however, you can decide based on the additional features that they offer.

4. Transaction Fee

The most important factor that most businesses consider at first to choose their payment gateway is the transaction fee. However, the price can vary depending on the market situation and competitors. Also, the price needs to be improvised with time depending on numerous factors i.e. market trends, currency rates, cross-border tax regulations, and more.

In general, NMI is considered cheaper in comparison to—NMI cuts comparatively less transaction fees. People also say that the API of NMI is easier to integrate than So, consider not only price but other factors as well to adopt the right payment gateway.

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Authorize.Net vs. NMI: What Is Right for Your Business?

Other than price, the most important factor that you need to focus on is the ease of integration. Established payment gateways are not easy to integrate. They have lengthy processing and need permissions at different stages. On the flip side, new payment gateways are easily integrated. So, most startups and SMEs prefer new payment gateways for new payment gateways facilitate their business.

Whether you need to integrate NMI or with your subscription management software, SubscriptionFlow has got you covered. You can choose your gateway and be assured that the flexibility of the system will stay as it is. You will be able to integrate other apps to your business operations smoothly.

Schedule a demo for SubscriptionFlow now to see what NMI and integrations have to offer you.