Everything You Need to Know About Hosted Payment Pages

The recurring billing and payment process is the backbone of the subscription business market. The process completes step by step. Retailers sometimes deal with billing and payment processes separately, but they are linked in the same chain.

Billing is the point from where the payment processing starts in the subscription cycle. Accurate billing is the prerequisite of timely payments for recurring charges. And, timely recurring payments become the source of stable recurring revenue. If you want the flow of recurring revenue to be smooth, it is very important to make your collection system efficient enough to get payments in time and securely.

Subscription-based businesses are required to focus their collection on different methods. Hosted Payment Pages are one of them. Collection through hosted payment pages or HPP is one of the best ways to get online payments—one-time or recurring.

With Subscription management and payment processing software like SubscriptonFlow, clients can manage instant, and reliable recurring payments collection using its customizable hosted payment pages for secure automated recurring payment processing.

Before getting into details like how you can do it and what are the benefits of HPP, we would like to take you towards understanding the significance of hosted payment pages.

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What Are Hosted Payment Pages (HPP)?

When subscribers have to pay their recurring charges every month or a year they need to share their credit card information (when using the card as their payment method). This information is kept secure to use recurrently to renew the subscription after the deadline. Hosted payment pages are third-party web pages that assist in secure online payments. These pages act like checkout points for the customers.

For instance, the hosted payment pages of SubscriptionFlow allows you to sign up subscribers and accept their recurring fee securely.

By now you would probably be thinking that why you cannot use your own website to accept recurring payments? Why do you need to invest money in the hosted payment page integration? Let SubscriptionFlow team experts resolve this confusion for you.

Why Do You Need Hosted Payment Pages?

Though digital wallets offer customers a quick means of paying the recurring charges, many subscribers still prefer using their credit cards because of various reasons. When it is about accepting payments through credit cards, you will need PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance. Even if you establish your own page to collect the recurring fee, you will need PCI compliance. There are various complexities involved in the process of making a page PCI compliant. Instead of using your own time and resources, you can use hosted payment pages that are already PCI compliant and ensure secure payment.

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Following are the advantages that hosted payments pages have become a necessity for the subscription business community.

The Best Way for Recurring Payments

The relation of a merchant and a customer in the recurring billing business is not about one-time interaction rather customer has to come to the retailer again and again. Every time, the subscriber needs security and in time transactions. Hosted payment pages are specially designed to offer recurring customers speedy and secure payment processing. They provide the most appropriate way for the payment of recurring charges.

Data Security

When a customer pays his recurring charges, other than his credit card information, he has to share his basic credentials including name, email, and address. Hosted payment pages provide you with the best way to keep this information secure. Customer credentials are not passed to your website directly rather they are used through specified hosted payment pages.

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Easy Integration

Subscription business merchants look for subscription management platforms that are flexible and scalable to integrate third-party applications, gateways, and hosted payment pages. SubscriptioFlow hosted payment pages can easily be integrated with your website. You can save time by integrating hosted payment pages with your website within minutes. So, if you think integrating hosted payment pages will be time-consuming, then it is untrue.

Optimized Online Checkout Experience

At present, customer experience is not limited to customer support. It begins with customer onboarding and ends at the subscription cancellation. So, at the time of recurring payment processing, you must offer customers the best experience. Hosted payment pages are designed in a way that ensures secure and frictionless payment to offer customers the best online checkout experience. They are quick, secure, and easy to use. If you want to integrate hosted payment pages with your website, then SubscriptionFlow is all available for you.

Customizable Themes

You need to know that customer thinks twice before subscribing to any services. You need to provide him conformity that his decision is right. And to provide this surety, hosted payment pages can play their role. For instance, the hosted payment page of SubscriptionFlow is customizable. And customizable payment pages provide you with the feasibility to choose the theme of the page. When you design this page, you need to keep the layout that will emanate this feel to the customer that his decision was right.

Different Payment Methods

Different subscription businesses cater to international customers. And if you are also targeting a new customer base beyond borders, then you will probably need another payment method. Hosted payment methods offer one of the best ways to offer your customer different payment methods. That way you can avoid payment failures to a great extent and minimize revenue leakage.

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The Branding Process

Subscription business companies adopt various strategies to establish their brand awareness. They use social media platforms etc. However, do you know hosted payment pages can also be a source of branding? You can customize these pages according to the nature of your business. The outlook of your hosted payment page can affect the purchase behaviour of the customer. Because some people visit these pages just for having an idea about the payment methods and charges that you offer. But if you input effort to optimize your hosted payment pages, they can become a source of branding.

In Conclusion

Online billing and payment is a multitiered process and there are associated with it numerous complexities. However, using the hosted payment pages is just like having a dedicated section for this process where you can fulfil the needs of your recurring customers. You can offer them multiple payment options and currencies. So, it becomes so easy to entertain national and international subscribers on the same platform. Above all, the security that hosted payment pages offer is unmatched. They can become the best way to win the trust of your customers.

As a retailer, everyone wants to offer a securer and speedier means of online payment. It not only keeps the subscribers satisfied but also maintains the flow of recurring revenue. If you want to integrate a hosted payment page with your website for recurring payment management, contact SubscriptionFlow experts.

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