Increase Predictable Revenue with Shopify Recurring Payment Platform Integration

Shopify Recurring Payment Software to Nail Your Revenue Targets

Businesses integrate Mailchimp to run their email campaigns and email marketing strategies.

Xero is integrated to streamline invoicing process, reconciliation and a lot more.

Zendesk is opted to offer customers the best customer support and win customer satisfaction in return.

Likewise, Shopify is integrated for it is a robust platform that allows users to establish an e-store and manage it in a failsafe manner. If you are part of the eCommerce business market, then integration of Shopify with a subscription management system can be a combo that can give your business a push on the spot.

Read on to find out how Shopify recurring payments will boost the flow of revenue for your eCommerce business.

Boxed Subscriptions

Even if someone orders daily-purpose personal care products, when they are delivered inside a box, there remains the element of excitement to open the box and just check out “What’s Inside!”

Here, we are suggesting you craft a business strategy around this “excitement” of your eCommerce customers and turn them into loyal subscribers. You need to create various boxes of those items that people need to purchase recurrently. For instance, people need personal care items, snacks, coffee, tea, medicines, cleaning items etc. every month or at regular intervals depending on the need of the household.

Offer such items inside a box. The best way to start your subscription box is to offer discounts and coupons on such subscription boxes.

Discount and a surprise subscription box make an irresistible combo for your customers.

Another factor that needs to be part of your plan is the surprise should be intriguing enough that the customer would like to go for Shopify recurring orders placement, and then you will succeed in establishing the flow of recurring revenue stream. Shopify—subscription management system will help you manage the entire process from order placement to revenue management.

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Customized Subscriptions

As we have discussed earlier that what you place inside your subscription box matters the most. However, sometimes it is confusing to curate a subscription box that can bring revenue. So, we suggest you let customers curate their subscriptions their way.

Most eCommerce platforms offer such products for which the need and want of the customer varies from time to time. For instance, customers need more coffee and hot drinks in winter. So, leaving it to the customer to personalize subscriptions can diversify your revenue stream. You will get a chance to onboard more subscribers. However, coming towards the level of personalization that you want to offer will depend on the following factors:

  • Selection of products
  • Frequency of delivery
  • Customization options (e.g flavour of a certain product)
  • Flexibility (freedom to continue or pause subscriptions)

Depending on your business, you will decide how much customization can be offered to the subscribers. Shopify integration will allow you to manage even customized subscriptions. Opting for SubscriptionFlow Shopify recurring payments app will remove even the last roadblock to your eCommerce subscription business strategy.

Gift Subscriptions

The concept of gift subscriptions gained popularity during the episode of the pandemic. And one of the top reasons for the success of gift subscriptions is enhanced usability. Today, many subscribers who cancel subscriptions tell the reason that the usability of the subscription that they purchased declined. What happens is the subscriber is willing to pay as long as he knows that the subscription fee is paid for what exactly he is using.

And gift subscriptions not only offer a gift to the contact but also the added value of sending the gift to dear ones. As an eCommerce retailer, you can offer customers the option of gift subscriptions. However, manage them with Shopify integrated with a recurring payment processing platform.

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Inventory Management

Another ease that Shopify integration brings for eCommerce retailers is that they can manage inventory from the same platform. Shopify provides businesses with tools to manage their inventory, including the ability to track stock levels, set up automated inventory alerts, and more. With Shopify integration, subscription businesses can:

  • Create a product in the system with its details.
  • Track inventory as the automated system updates stocks in real-time.
  • Create bundles of products.
  • Get alerts when stocks are low.
  • Use inventory reports for analysis.

You can do it all from a single platform when Shopify is integrated with subscription management software.

Order Management

From order placement to fulfilment, Shopify integration offers such features that can make the life of eCommerce retailers easier.

The system will manage the order not only at the retailer’s end but at the customer’s end as well. The customer will keep receiving notifications regarding the status of the order that he or she placed. Also, the retailer can track the details of the order whenever needed.

When orders are managed manageably, it is easier to make targeted sales and earn revenue. No matter you are a startup or an established enterprise, get recurring payments in Shopify and meet your revenue targets.

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