Top Payment Gateways For Recurring Payments In Europe In 2021-2022

The trend of online subscription businesses did not establish in one night. People used to be reluctant to go for online recurring payment methods for they were afraid of fraudulent activities. However, SaaS companies worked to bring improvement in the security of recurring payments.

Today, analysts predict that subscription billing is going to be the leading business model in the future. How did it happen? One of the reasons behind the success of the subscription billing model is the payment gateways. Payment gateways offer a solution to the biggest concern of the online recurring payment processes which is customer data security.

Customers share their sensitive information for the payment of recurring charges (especially when they pay through their bank cards), and payment gateways encrypt this information. This encrypted information is securely transferred between your payment portal and the bank.

Many people look for the top payment gateways for recurring payments in Europe. A team of experts at SubscriptionFlow dedicated its time to jot down the following payment gateways. If you are already on board, you can contact our team of experts to integrate these payment gateways with the recurring payment management software of SubscriptionFlow.

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Whether you have a small or a large subscription-based business, you can use Fondy as a payment gateway in Europe. It is one of the top payment gateways in Europe that can enhance the functionality of your recurring billing management platform. You can cater to customers from all across Europe and avoid payment-related issues.

At present, all subscription businesses need multiple currency support. And Fondy enables you to offer your customers multiple currency support. So, no matter you have customers from Italy or the UK, this payment gateway will help you offer your customers to pay recurring charges either in Euros and Pounds respectively.

There is a free version of Fondy that you can easily try, and if you find it useful you can try their paid payment gateways plans. It allows you to accept payments through bank cards or e-wallets.


When it comes to customer data security, the first and foremost requirement is PCI compliance. 2CheckOut provides PCI level one compliance. So, you can ensure your customers that their confidential and sensitive data is completely secure. Another amazing feature of this payment gateway is that it can be integrated with third-party applications easily. If you are already a client of SubscriptionFlow, you can contact the team of experts for its integration with your existing subscription management platform. Even if in the future your business requirements grow, you can integrate your payment gateway with other applications.

Just like Fondy, it allows you to offer customers support in 15 languages and 87 currencies. You get the best chance to attract a customer base from different regions of Europe with this payment gateway.

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When it comes to payment gateways, PayPal is considered the trusted name. It caters to millions of clients not only in Europe but all across the globe. It is indeed one of the best gateways to ensure secure payments. According to the updates, PayPal is going to revise its rates and of course, the charges will depend on the services that the customers use.

By using PayPal customers can pay through their credit or debit cards as well as through digital means e.g. cryptocurrency. PayPal also offers PCI DSS compliance. PayPal has millions of subscribers in the world. If you are looking for a payment gateway in Europe, then let SubscriptionFlow provide you with PayPal integration.


When customers visit your web portal, their foremost need is data security. Stripe is one of those payment gateways that ensure customer data security. Many subscription businesses entrepreneurs need to test the payment gateway before investing their money. Stripe is the best for such new entrants in the market for it gives you a chance to test run the gateway, then buy its plan.

It is a feasible option for subscription-based businesses because it will enable you, as a retailer, to accept recurring payments through more credit cards and in more than one hundred currencies.


The integration of Braintree with a subscription management platform can also provide you with a robust product to get recurring payments. Braintree provides retailers with dedicated accounts.  However, if a retailer is already having an account, he can continue using it, but he will be required to pay the fee for his account and Braintree charges separately. Whoever provides you with a merchant account will have an associated fee for the services.

Braintree is capable of connecting merchants to different banks and accounts to enable them to collect charges from all customers.

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Nothing can benefit your business more than making it easy for customers to pay their recurring charges. It is the crucial point where retailers cannot afford to annoy customers. offers you various features to offer the best recurring charges payment experience to your customers. If you integrate your subscription management software with, you can offer your customers to pay through their credit card, debit card, eChecks, and other digital payment methods. In short, this payment gateway supports many payment methods. When it comes to the security of the information, is PCI DSS compliant.

The success of the subscription business greatly depends on your recurring payment processing system. Integrating your subscription handling software with can increase the chances of the success of your subscription-based business.

Why Do You Need Multiple Payment Gateways?

If you are already part of the subscription business environment, you will be advised by many to go for multiple payment gateways. When one payment gateway performs the function of encrypting customer data, then why do subscription businesses go for multiple payment gateways?

Suppose, you are using just one payment gateway, and it is down for some technical reason. When the payment gateway is down, how would you maintain the backup of the payments? And how would you cater to those customers who would try to pay their subscription charges during that time?

Multiple payment gateways not only helps in increasing customer data security but also make your recurring payment management system efficient. Your payment system does not stop working even if one payment gateway is down. They also help retailers offer multiple payment methods to their customers. Payment gateways also play role in offering customers to pay in the local currency. Some payment gateways perform better in some regions in comparison to the other payment gateways. When you are catering to international customers having multiple payment gateways integrated with your system can bring many benefits.

If you are willing to integrate the payment gateways mentioned above or if you want to have some other payment gateway in Europe, then you can contact team SubscriptionFlow. They can provide you with the integrations of all these payment gateways.