Customize Your Wix Checkout Page for eCommerce Success

The checkout page is the final crossroads where visitors become customers or abandon their carts in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce. It is the essential last step in a smooth online transaction, the digital cash register, and the digital handshake of trust. You’re in luck if you use Wix to run your online store; Wix provides a user-friendly platform that enables you to customise your checkout page to match the unique needs of your company and, as a result, increase conversion rates. This thorough article will take you step-by-step through the process of customising your Wix checkout page. The insights in these pages will enable you to design a checkout experience regardless of the size of your eCommerce business.

What Are The Wix Checkout Pages?

For any eCommerce business, the checkout of the customer is a crucial time. Here, the chances of getting or losing customers are equal. However, your tech stack plays an important role in helping you get customers.

Wix is one of the popular platforms among eCommerce retailers. Wix allows users to set up an eCommerce web portal, and one of the most important features offered by Wix is its checkout pages. The following are the eminent features of Wix checkout pages:

Product Selection & Cart

Just like any other eCommerce platform, Wix allows users to select items or products that as an eCommerce retailer you offer. These products are added to the cart. On clicking the cart button, the system also shows products being added to the cart.

Checkout Form

Next comes the checkout form. When the customer is done shopping on your eCommerce platform, Wix checkout forms ask for the customer’s information so that an invoice can be generated. This form is important to fulfil the order.

Payment Options

Wix offers eCommerce customers with various options to pay their subscription charges. They can opt for a payment gateway or credit card. Even users can configure their preferred payment methods.

Tax & Shipping Calculations

To make sure that consumers are charged the exact amount based on their location and the things they are purchasing, Wix typically allows users to set up automatic tax and shipping calculations.


There are many customers who have trust issues. Especially, when customers order something from an international eCommerce business, they are reluctant because they have ambiguities regarding sharing their account information. There is only one way to win customer trust. Facilitate them in payment processing by keeping their account information secure. Security elements are often included with Wix checkout pages to safeguard consumer data and financial information. To protect data transfer, they frequently utilise SSL encryption.


Different eCommerce businesses have different needs and requirements. To fulfil these needs, there are needed some other software and applications. These software and applications are integrated with the core Wix platform. Wix may provide integration with third-party eCommerce and payment processing services, which can be helpful for managing orders and processing payments efficiently.

Customization Options on Wix Checkout Pages

Now that we have explained in detail what Wix checkout pages are, it is time to go into the details to customize checkout page Wix.

Change the Title of the Page

The user can change the title of the checkout page that is set to “Checkout” by default. Once just need to go into the settings and find the ‘Change Page Title’ option. Name this page in accordance with your eCommerce business.

Add a Logo or the Image

Every eCommerce platform sells different items. So, you are given this option by Wix to add a logo or image that will represent your business and what you sell on the eCommerce platform.

Change the Background of the Page

One of the best things that you can do to change the entire look of your checkout page is to change the background image of the checkout page. Wix allows users to do this.

Custom CSS Code

In the field of web development, CSS is used to enhance a website. While using the Wix eCommerce web portal, one can use customized CSS code so that the platform can be designed the way one wants. Many established eCommerce businesses use this option to offer their customers a completely customized look representing the eCommerce platform.

Wix—SubscriptionFlow Integration

Many businesses are offering subscriptions for their products. They sell these subscriptions from the same eCommerce platforms that they use. However, to streamline everything sooner or later subscription management software is needed. SubscriptionFlow offers that platform. It integrates with Wix so that eCommerce businesses can manage their subscriptions and offer their customers a perfect checkout experience.

Contact team SubscriptionFlow so that you can have a demo of Wix integration with SubscriptionFlow subscription management software. Offer your customers a perfect checkout experience with the Wix custom checkout page integrated with our software.