How SubscriptionFlow HubSpot Integration Can Help You Track Customer Journey

When people communicate with each other, they show a certain persona. Just like this, when people interact in the digital world, they show a specific behaviour. And automated marketing systems based on AI algorithms assist in keeping the record of customer behaviour that they show in the digital arena. However, there is no system designed to date that can accurately track and decipher customer behaviour because artificial intelligence has yet to reach the pinnacle.

However, HubSpot is a specially designed tool that helps subscription businesses achieve their sales and marketing targets. And SubscriptionFlow now offers HubSpot integrations with its subscription management software. This integrated application can help you in the task of tracking the customer journey so that you can find customer preferences to acquire more customers and retain them for a longer duration of time.

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Communication with Leads

One of the targets of the marketing is to bring potential leads that would convert to loyal subscribers. HubSpot Marketing Hub is part of the HubSpot stack that can help in effectively communicating with recurring customers. Time has gone when the sources of communication with the customers used to be limited. Today leads need to be found and tracked on different digital channels. And HubSpot Marketing Hub offers omnichannel support. Also, you need uniformity in the communication when you contact a certain customer. Automated tools like HubSpot keep the track of communication with leads in a way that they comprehend the context of your previous communications and help you follow up aptly so that you can smoothly complete the task of turning lead into a customer.

Contact Timeline

When marketers are done with their job of bringing potential leads to a business, the job of sales representatives starts. They have to convert that lead to a customer. HubSpot is the tool that does not leave its users to stray after effective marketing rather it allows you to track the contact timeline so that you can send relevant ads and posts to your customers. For instance, SaaS companies upsell and cross-sell and they need to market these ad-ons to their existing customers in a way that they get convinced to pay more for what you offer. HubSpot integration with SubscriptionFlow offers SaaS subscription companies a business solution to continue the relationship with the customer and earn more profit by keeping the track of their contacts.

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Smarketing to Achieve Marketing Goals

HubSpot has introduced this term by aligning the concepts of ‘Marketing’ and ‘Sales.’ The marketing targets can better be achieved by alignment with the sales teams. When we integrate HubSpot with SubscriptionFlow, you can get accurate sales analytics reports that will help in achieving marketing and sales targets.

When marketers and sales executives align their goals by finding the ground of commonality, the customer journey can better be tracked from point A to point B. Also, content marketing is an important part of digital marketing. And when marketing teams work in collaboration with the sales team, they get a better chance to understand the customer psychographic and demographic needs that they can portray in their marketing campaigns. HubSpot is offering enough opportunities to pinpoint these needs and effectively fulfil them.

Content Marketing

HubSpot is one of the best tools for content marketing and content marketing involves customer journey tracking. There is a huge role of customer data tracking in content marketing. The customer data shows the customer behaviour and based on the knowledge of the customer data, marketers devise effective marketing campaigns.

You need to understand that marketing is a data-driven business process. And to study customer data, you need specialized automated tools like HubSpot integrated with SubscriptionFlow. When marketing campaigns are formulated in the light of the study of the customer data, they are more targeted.

Also, the track of marketing campaigns helps in tracking customer journeys holistically. You can study and research customer data by using tools like HubSpot.

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What to Add in Your Customer Journey Map?

You can use HubSpot integrated with SubscriptionFlow to map the journey of a customer. But it is important that you know what to add while creating the customer journey map. You can also use ready-to-use HubSpot customer journey map templates. There is a range of templates from which you can choose. Nevertheless, the essentials of the customer journey templates include:

  • Website traffic
  • Social media interaction
  • Purchase habits of the customers
  • FAQs that support and services teams receive
  • Email response
  • Customer engagement

Website traffic will be part of the initial phases of your map. If traffic is maintained, there is nothing to worry about. You can follow the same strategy. However, if there are any fluctuations, then you will need to pay attention to factors like website speed, the content of the website, and SEO against this content.

Social media or any other channels are the touchpoints from where you can track the customer data trail because when the customer comes to these touchpoints it is somehow part of his data trail. You also need to monitor the purchase habits of the customer. For instance, on Black Friday, businesses make record sales. The data that different companies collect on Black Friday, help them observe the purchase habits of customers so that they can put in the effort to increase their sales the next year.

FAQs are another touchpoint where the customer interacts and companies can extract useful information from these questions. These FAQs also inform you whether the customer is satisfied or not—contributing to improving the customer retention rate.

Email responses are also part of the customer journey. Some customers actively respond to emails that you send them while others are reluctant to do that. The response or no response for the emails is also a huge source of information that can help in mapping the customer journey.

Customer engagement shows the bonding of the customer with your product or services. If this bond is strong, then the customer will purchase more otherwise not. HubSpot considering all these essentials of customer journey mapping offers ready-to-use templates.

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The importance of the customer journey is undeniable for SaaS subscription businesses. HubSpot integrated with SubscriptionFlow offers you a business solution that can boost the performance of your SaaS subscription business because it helps in tracking the customer journey and improving the customer engagement so that you can retain your subscriber base.