Managing your eCommerce Payments Using CardConnect Integration with SubscriptionFlow

Ecommerce payments are exponentially increasing with time and that being said the merchants need to have the right payment gateway integration. As there are a number of payment gateways for eCommerce businesses, we need to check the features and solutions according to the current needs and requirements of the business.

The most important features today those merchants look for are eCHECKS, digital wallets, and third-party integrations. CardConnect is one of the payment gateways that offer you all the features for your e-commerce payments.

In this article, we will look at the CardConnect features for eCommerce payments by integrating the payment gateway into SubscriptionFlow. Let’s look into it.

Features for eCommerce Businesses

Here are some of the features that you will get using SubscriptionFlow and CardConnect Integration.


e-checks are an innovation for e-commerce payments and they are the cost-effective route to select for payment transactions. E-checks are processed via the ACH – automated clearing house payments and they are one of the fastest ways to process your payment.

All you need to provide is the bank routing number, account number, email address, and authorization in order to start the process. If you run your e-commerce platform then adding e-checks will help you connect with distributors and other merchants more conveniently.

The benefit of eChecks is that they cost you less fee as compared to the transaction fee on the credit r card.  After the verification is done from both ends by the banks or payment gateway you are good to go to receive your amount.

In SubscriptionFlow, we have recently launched the feature of eChecks for B2B and SaaS merchants so that the payments are processed with the minimum fee.

Get CardConnect integration using SubscriptionFlow to enable eChecks for your business.

Third-Party Services For Payments

It goes with saying that running an eCommerce business would demand you to have the integrations of third-party services such as AfterPay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, google checkout, and many others.

CardConnect enables you to access all third-party service payments to streamline your business and earn potential revenue. It is helpful in making your businesses go-rounds of the glove and gets customers from different states. If you are deprived of the third-party services for payments then there is a chance of loss of profit and more revenue.

To integrate third-party services seamlessly for your e-commerce payments, there is a need for hosted payment pages. Using SubscriptionFlow hosted payment pages, you can redirect the customers to third-party service seamlessly and complete the transaction process. This will help your customers to buy the products using CardConnect integration for e-commerce purchases.

SubscriptionFlow provides third-party integration to B2B and SaaS customers for smooth cash flow and revenue stream. The payment gateway and 3rd party integrations allow your business to deal on a wide horizon in the competitive working of the e-commerce marketplace.

Automatic Transactions For Recurring Payments

Automatic transactions or payments are for those businesses that provide subscription services to their customers. automatic transactions help in saving time and the manual labor that will cost you to transfer payments every month.

The easiest solution is to get integration of CardConnect with a subscription management platform. The subscription management platform will help you in managing the subscriptions and you will also get third-party integrations – all under one platform.

Using our platform, you can access a number of features that will help you in automating recurring features after the user has given information. It will be a treasure for your business to have a subscription management platform and CardConnect integration as you will not have to switch between tabs and windows.

Payments To Multiple Vendors

Payment to multiple vendors is the need of the time as there are a few factors or distributors to send money to. For example, if you run a food subscription business there are multiple vendors involved such as one for packaging, one for delivering across the customers, and so on.

Using SubscriptionFlow’s automatic payments to multiple vendors you can transfer the share of payments to the ones whom you want to. This way you will be able to save time along with smooth payment collection and distribution.

Integrate SubscriptionFlow into your eCommerce business and get the features that speed up the cash flow ensuring streamlined revenue generation.

Digital Payments – Go Cashless

It is the time of digital payments when buyers purchase goods with one click only.

With CardConnect Integration you can enable your customers to digital payments. By auto-filling the card information, customers will have a sigh of relief as it will demand little to zero labor from the customer’s end.

Allow your customers to autofill the hosted payment pages using SubscriptionFlow and CardConnect integration and give them the best experience.

Integrate CardConnect – Schedule a demo!

It’s time to take the action – integrate CardConnect to achieve the top features for your eCommerce nosiness. Not only this, but manage your business subscriptions with SubscriptionFlow and see your business climbing up the ladder.

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