HubSpot Integration With Subscription Management Software For Lead Management And Conversion In 2022

In the subscription business ecosystem, companies target to maximise their revenue. To maximise revenue, not just customer retention but also need customer acquisition. And lead generation is the first step to acquiring a customer.

You need to set lead qualification criteria and monitor which leads qualify as per the set criteria. For a subscription business, it is probably not possible to find potential leads without automated tools. But you need not opt for any manual method to find potential leads when there are effective automated sales and marketing tools for this very purpose of finding leads that are likely to turn to your customers.

HubSpot integrated with SubscriptionFlow is one such platform that you can use to track the complete journey of your leads on all touchpoints. This journey helps the sales and marketing teams to know if the lead would convert or not.

In this article, you will find all detail that how HubSpot integrated with subscription management software can be helpful to manage leads.

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Email Tracking

HubSpot is a specialized tool that can be effectively used to implement an email marketing strategy to attract quality leads. Marketing and sales experts can come up with the template and the content of the emails to target leads. HubSpot enables the users to send & track these emails so that potential leads can be found. For instance, if an email is sent to a certain contact, you will prefer sending follow-up emails to the one who not only clicks but also opens up and responds to the content that you send in the emails.

HubSpot integrated with a subscription management platform allows users to monitor if the email is clicked, if the attachments in the emails are being downloaded, and if that specific contact responds to the email or not. When you get this in-depth insight into the emails sent to the enlisted contacts, it is easier to pinpoint potential leads.

Data Insights

No one can deny the importance of customer data in the contemporary scenario when the competition in the market is already fierce. The competitors are ready to grab the customers and you need to be proactive to attract customers before your competitors do. And to attract customers, you need to monitor customer data. If your sales and marketing teams use HubSpot integrated with the recurring billing platform, they can pull data insights from the HubSpot database.

Data is very important for creating marketing magnets to attract leads. If subscription businesses use HubSpot integration, they can use customer data more effectively. The next, step is to segment customers based on the data. This segmentation is very important to segregate potential leads, core them, and prioritise them as per their score. However, lead scoring will depend on your subscription business niche.

Just the name, business, and demographical data of a particular market can help you target those people who can successfully cover the journey from lead to the customer with you. And HubSpot integration is the tool that can offer you these data insights that a subscription business can use for lead generation.

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Syncing to HubSpot Contacts

Today, there are uncountable channels from where the customer interacts with you. And an ineffective tool that fails to maintain the record of the customers who come to you through these varying touchpoints can lead you to easily let the customer go to your competitor. If you do not want that, then the SubscriptionFlow subscription management system integrated with HubSpot is your saviour.

Because through this integration the customers that interact with your business through any touchpoint, their record is maintained. This recorded customer information play role in tracking those leads who can be your customers in the future. Whether these are social media applications or any other platform, the contacts trying to reach out to your business will be synced to HubSpot Contacts.

So, you need not juggle the process of tracking the lead across multiple tools rather HubSpot integration can do this for your subscription business. If you are already using the SubscriptionFlow subscription handling system, the integration with HubSpot will allow you to sync your contacts from your subscription management system to HubSpot Contacts and streamline your business processing.

What Should Be Your Lead Generation Strategy for 2022?

Though you use automated tools that significantly help in tracking the potential leads, you still need to strategize things so that the process of tracking the quality leads run effectively and strategically. Now it is high time to come up with your strategy of tracking the potential leads in 2022. You can opt for SubscriptionFlow integration with HubSpot to generate quality leads side by side focus on the social media platforms in the following ways so as to devise an effective strategy for lead tracking.

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Lead Generation through Facebook

Facebook is one of the social media platforms where you can find a pool of the community that you can target to market your SaaS products. Nonetheless, at present, Facebook has moved towards paid Facebook ads. These ads are tactfully generated with respect to the conventions of this social media platform. You can either go for images or video ads or the method of posting the ad that suits your business.

Lead Generation through Twitter

Twitter allows businesses to post Twitter Lead Generation Ads that help in attracting leads. You can increase engagement through these ads and an increase in engagement automatically brings quality leads.

Lead Generation through LinkedIn

You must not underestimate any social media platform. You can compare the customer engagement rate on these platforms but never think that any of them is not performing to generate enough leads. It can be because of any lag in your strategy but social media platforms are developed for this purpose and you need to harness their power to generate leads. When it comes to LinkedIn, it offers lead generation forms that automatically populate with users’ profile data.

You see, on every social media platform, your strategy to generate leads can vary. And one of the most important tips remains the selection of the right tools to generate potential leads in the coming year. Also, you need to link call-to-actions (CTAs) with the right landing pages. And last but not the least, use social media platforms with properly formulated strategies to generate leads otherwise, you will probably succeed in grabbing the traffic but this traffic might not turn to be lead let alone the loyal customers.

SubscriptionFlow subscription handling software offers integration with HubSpot for managing your leads and tracking the journey till they turn into customers. So, contact SubscriptionFlow experts to discuss your lead generation strategy for 2022 and adopt the integration of this subscription handling software with HubSpot to cater to your leads effectively.