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Review Of The Year With SubscriptionFlow

2021 has been challenging for almost all businesses because of pandemic, different variants of the virus, and everyday changing scenarios regarding social activities, however, the SubscriptionFlow team has put in the effort to make things easy for its clients. Throughout the year, from sales & marketing teams to the team of skilful developers, experts at SubscriptionFlow have been active to serve the needs of all clients.

Though businesses faced a shock all across the world, the subscription business model proved to be very effective for the business community. Even the industries and enterprises that have been working and limited to the real world for long turned to the digital realm. They identified the recurrent need of their customers and subscription management software for enterprises helped these businesses thrive in the difficult times of pandemic outbreaks.

In this article, we are rounding up that how SubscriptionFlow helped its clients survive the tough times of corona spread, lockdowns, and havoc of the variants of coronavirus.

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Expansion in the New Markets

A blessing in disguise, yes, that’s what this coronavirus spread episode proved to be for some businesses. Pandemic outspread speeded up the process of shifting to the digital world. And subscription-based businesses found opportunities to expand the business and diversify the revenue.

And to expand business in the international subscription business market, it is important that you have flexible, scalable, and efficient subscription management software. SubscriptionFlow is the platform equipped with all these amazing qualities. It can be integrated with third-party applications and software. For example, SubscriptionFlow HubSpot integration for subscription businesses has been a success this year. It facilitated clients to run all business processes through a single platform.

Also, SubscriptionFlow proved to be a viable option for SMBs. Even subscription-based startups can use this platform effectively. It offers affordable integrated business solutions and flexibility of the subscription handling software keeps the doors open for expansion in the new markets. At any stage, the system can be integrated with the required payment gateways and applications that are required to facilitate new customers.

To expand the subscription business beyond borders, multiple payment gateway integrations multiple currency support are required. And SubscriptionFlow has successfully facilitated its clients with Stripe, PayPal,, and other payment gateway integrations so that retailers can easily operate in foreign subscription business markets and facilitate customers accordingly.

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Implementation of Revamped Interface

It is crucial to improvise the layout and features of the website with time. Every time a visitor visits a website, he gets the impression of your brand. To improve the user experience, improvisation and revamping of the website are important. Team SubscriptionFlow has improved the look and feel of the website and made it more interactive.

In 2021, the team SubscriptionFlow has used its resources to improve the outlook and features of its subscription management platform. Now, the SubscriptionFlow web portal is more interactive and a website that is more interactive offers a more personalized experience to the users. And personalized user experience is important for brand awareness.

The look and feel of the website leave a long-lasting impact on the user’s mind and advanced features turn website traffic to loyal customers. There is added an SF bot to quickly communicate with the visitor. The content on the website is completely relevant, and the links are well-placed to help visitors navigate quickly. All such features have enhanced the interface of the SubscriptionFlow web portal.

New Partnerships

SubscriptionFlow has recently partnered with the leading names of the tech industry so as to fulfil the increasing needs of clients more effectively. The clients can now contact SubscriptionFlow experts to get the HubSpot Stripe integration and streamline subscription billing and payment processing. The integration of the recurring billing management platform with HubSpot enables businesses to handle all business processes from the same platform. And Stripe integration secures online payment processing.

So, you can now contact to get HubSpot or Salesforce integration with the subscription management system so as to implement a complete business solution. When it comes to payment gateways, you can opt for CardConnect or Stripe integration to ensure the security of online payments for your customers. The integrations of these payment gateways can make your fintech stack highly efficient.

These new partnerships are meant to help our customers reach new heights of success in the upcoming year.

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Features Enhancement

If you are working in the tech market and selling a SaaS product, you need to enhance the features of your product with time so that you can compete with market leaders. Technology changes every day and to survive in this quickly changing business market is to improvise. You need to improvise not just the software but also the pricing model to retain the recurring revenue. SaaS companies launch the latest versions of their software and improvise prices to earn profit.

SubscriptionFlow has worked to enhance its features so that clients can be facilitated in a better way. Now a QR code is attached with every invoice that is generated through the SubscriptionFlwo platform. This QR code can be used to track invoices and you can avoid any discrepancy in the invoicing process.

Conversions through the hosed payment pages of SubscriptionFlow can also be tracked. SubscriptionFlow users can now redirect the customers to the custom URL in the following scenarios:

  • When payment is successfully received
  • When payment is pending
  • In the case of payment failure

The clients are also given the feasibility to add policies plus terms & conditions to the HPPs. These policies and terms & conditions on the invoice help new customers.

Other than the feature enhancement, there are many other features in the pipeline that will be a surprise for clients in 2022. The feature enhancement has played role in satisfying the end customers.

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Way Forward

There are many other advanced features in the pipeline and SubscriptionFlow experts are working on them to bring forth something exclusive for the customers in the coming year. The set of integrations and features that the team has planned will be so effective that they will add value to the stack of advanced tools for the clients. SubscriptionFlow marketing experts are also conducting a series of webinars so as to extract the essential and current needs in the market. This would be helpful in identifying the challenges faced by subscription businesses and we will set towards launching more tools to help the retailers and vendors in the subscription business market.

These days, people start thinking about their New Year’s resolution. As a team, SubrtionFlow experts have agreed on this:

In 2022, SubscriptionFlow will help subscription businesses explore new avenues to continue their growth amidst Covid-19, rising remote work trends, and beyond.