Spread Spiritual Enlightenment Across the World by Opting for Recurring Payments with Stripe

When someone talks about Americans, you can visualize a community living on the extreme western side of the world. Just like this, Italians live in a boot-shaped region of this planet that is somewhat near to the Atlantic Ocean and English resides in the segmented region of the United Kingdom. However, religions and spirituality are not region-bound. There is an element of universality in religion. See, we all know nations reside in certain regions of the world but followers of a religion can be anywhere. And when subscriptions are offered for spiritual or religious services, it is not easy to manage the whole setup because one has to serve the needs of a diverse community even in the remotest regions of the planet Earth. That’s the reason, recurring payments with Stripe have become the priority of many religious organizations to process recurring payments.

In this article, you will find details that how Stripe integrated with a subscription management platform can help to establish a set-up to cater to the needs of enlightenment seekers across the globe.

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Future-Ready Subscription Processing

COVID-19 has changed the lifestyle of people and some experts predict that the changes that it has made are here to stay. People have come to know that their life can be a lot simpler and easier than it has always been before. Advancement in technology facilitates them with the availability of everything while sitting back at the home.

The subscription billing business model has come out to be one of the most feasible business models during the pandemic outbreak. So, religious and spiritual services providers also shifted to subscription billing but they need to prepare because the future is of the subscription billing business model. Integration of a recurring payment software with Stripe can streamline online payment processing for these religious organizations. These automated tools are so efficient that they can easily manage worldwide subscribers. So, if you want to access followers of a religion, then first, you need to prepare your system for the future. And for that, a subscription billing platform integrated with Stripe can play a significant role.

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Multiple Currency Support

There are no boundaries of religion. Moreover, we live in the age of globalization where followers of different religions are not only scattered in different regions but also interlink through various platforms. So, the concern is valid that how to bill the seekers of enlightenment and if subscription billing model if opted for, then how to set up recurring payments for them.

Stripe is a payment gateway that offers multiple currency support. If you are offering subscriptions for religious consultancy or products, then you need Stripe integration with your automated subscription billing management software. This integration will facilitate you to satisfy followers of religions with respect to their local currencies. People always prefer paying for subscriptions in their local currencies. And Stripe offers 135+ currency support. That’s the reason religious organizations go for payment gateways like Stripe to offer their clients multiple currency support.

Multiple Payment Methods

In different regions, people prefer different payment methods. The selection of the payment method also depends on the age of the subscriber. Experts have found that young enlightenment seekers prefer paying subscription charges for spiritual services through digital wallets and many other speedy & advanced payment methods. However, aged people especially millennials pay through their credit cards because they get covered by chargeback in case of payment failure.

So, whether you offer a subscription box full of spiritual products or subscriptions for religious consultancy, opt for a payment gateway that allows your religious followers to pay through the payment method that they find the best. For instance, if you run a religious periodical and charge your subscribers on monthly basis, you would like the maintenance of the flow of the revenue stream so that you can publish the next month’s periodical timely.

But if the payment method that you offer does not work, what will you do? Ask your subscribers to wait till things get back to normal? But that’s not how things go. No matter how religious people are and they like the religious content that you publishers, there are many competitors out there offering them somewhat the same spiritual enlightenment and the payment method of their choice. So, adopt Stripe integration to offer multiple payment methods to your subscribers and maintain the flow of the revenue stream.

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Secure Transactions of Subscription Charges

Though Covid-19 has forced the world to shift to online dealings. Even religious enlightenment seekers now go for online services and products. However, the security of online payments remained an issue that the global community had to deal with. Mark it that Stripe is your gateway to reach out to international religious and spiritual services subscribers because it ensures the security of online payments. Stripe is a PCI level 1 service provider. So, if you receive Stripe payments, the chances of fraud will be minimal. Stripe use machine learning to ensure the security of every payment against subscription charges. Algorithms based on machine learning and AI are so intelligent because they are trained through the millions of data from global businesses to protect your transactions from any fraud.

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Why Recurring Payments for Religious & Spiritual Services Subscribers?

The subscription billing business model is usually perceived as the best for SaaS companies. So, it is sometimes difficult for people to think of this business model from the perspective of religion. However, the pandemic spread has shown that it is a convenient option. There are a plethora of magazines and periodicals based on the topics of spirituality and religion already running their set-up based on subscription billing. Opting for Stripe automatic payments while Stripe integrated with subscription handling software, makes things streamlined. From billing to payments and analytics, you get the tool to manage the processing of your business.

Even SubscriptionFlow caters to a client that publishes periodicals with religious content. So running religious and spiritual services through a subscription management system and integrating it with Stripe for secure transactions is becoming a norm. You can also opt for Stripe recurring payments and for that contact the SubscriptionFlow team so that you can feasibly spread spirituality and enlightenment.