Managed Services Recurring Billing

Learn How Automated Recurring Billing Can Help Managed Services Providers to Optimize Revenue Collection

Imagine if you are a SaaS startup or SMB with constrained resources, would you opt for developing a whole infrastructure and hiring a team to manage the cloud computing, IT infrastructure, billing system, or whatever the requirements to set up a whole system?

Of course, you won’t.

It incurs you a huge depreciation in the revenue.

Instead, the organizations prefer to outsource services that can provide web-based support and high maintenance on a subscription basis with access to always upgraded tools and updated stacks.

And, through Managed Services Billing Platform, Managed Services Providers charge their customers for the services they have availed, only.

So, What, Actually, Do Manage Services Providers Do?

Managed services providers (MSPs) are the entities that offer their services of maintaining a range of functions to process seamless operations and reduces the overall operational cost.

Most MSPs are now offering subscription services rather than the upfront or fixed-fee pricing. Subscribing to managed services is a cost-effective and proficient way to stay updated with technology, skills, and resources to address quality control, risk management, and business process management issues.

Managing cloud computing for various operations through managed services frees SMBs from the development of the whole infrastructure to monitor and manage the processes.

The various types of Managed Services include;

  • Desktop As A Service
  • Backup As A Service
  • Security As A Service
  • Data Analytics
  • Managed Cloud-Communications.
  • Networking
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Support Services
  • And More

Automated Managed Services Billing Solution—The Ultimate Recurring Revenue Growth Catalyst

Managed Services Model is a subscription business model that is entirely different from the on-demand outsourcing billing model. Managed services providers deliver managed services on a recurring basis.

Managed services is a successful business and billing model to establish a recurring revenue stream with an automated billing mechanism.

Managed Services Billing Solutions

And, to manage the recurring billing and payment processing, SubscriptionFlow provides an ideal subscription billing management platform as a full-fledged, extensible, and industry-leading managed services billing software.

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Let’s explore why and how automated recurring billing empowers the Managed Services Business with a robust recurring revenue collection:

Customers or clients from across the industries and organization—as per their needs, resources, and budget—select managed services. And, Managed Services Billing System allows MSPs to offer their customer a range of billing models based on their consumption, or, sometimes, as flat-fee, or hybrid billing.

For instance, subscribing to the web hosting services include an array of services and with different measurement such as bandwidth, server type, hard disk space, data center location, no. of users, access type, etc.

Managed Services Provider Billing can tailor a range of subscription plans and allow organizations of different types and sizes to select the plan that suits them best.

As a Managed Services Invoice Solution, SubscriptionFlow allows MSPs to generate AI-augmented, automated, and accurate invoices with prorated subscription billing and other billing adjustments like tax calculations, coupon implementation, and more.

Managed Services Providers by offering the recurring billing options can experiment with pricing like never before. It allows MSPs to explore all the hidden and unmapped revenue-building possibilities with AI recommended data-driven consumption-based, per-user pricing, per feature pricing, flat-fee, and flat-fee plus per user, or per feature pricing.

With Managed Services Provider Billing Software, offering optimized pricing is key to draw more revenue and encourage the customer to use more services and features.

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  • Automated Billing Cycle

Automation accelerates frictionless billing cycle management. The automated MSP billing system streamlines billing operations across the board—from custom invoicing to proration and payment processing to dunning management.

With the integration of secure payment gateways, MSPs can automate the recurring process of charging the customers and receiving the payments on-time, throughout the subscription cycle.

The consistent and precise invoice delivery of the automated managed services invoice system of SubscriptionFlow ensures the flow of recurring payments faster.

  • Quote-to-Cash Management

The managed services billing software, SubscriptionFlow allows MSPs to manage their recurring billing right from the beginning. Manage quotes, offer optimized pricing, customize the automated subscription cycle, generate and auto-send invoices, charge customers for payments, and receive payments in accounts, without any obstruction of discrepancy or corruption.

  • Customer Lifecycle Management

The intuitive managed services billing system of SubscriptionFlow helps MSPs to manage their customers in length. SubscriptionFlow integration with sales, marketing, support, and CRM applications streamlines the 360-degree view of customers.

This flow of information helps to attract, engage, convert, onboard, and retain customers for upselling, cross-selling, or renewal of the managed services plans and products.

Businesses aspire for faster business development and revenue growth. As they scale, their everyday operational requirements, tech needs, and services management changes. This is why managed services are saviors as they can easily upscale the managed services for a client without a huge investment in infrastructure development or hiring experts to manage the updated requirements of the services.

  • Real-Time Recurring Revenue Monitoring and Reporting

Optimized and tailored managed services invoicing, billing, and revenue management have multiple challenges of tracking, mapping, monitoring, and managing the recurring revenue stream.

SubscriptionFlow helps MSPs to identify revenue leakages, measure KPIs efficiently, and project and predict the Customer Lifetime Value based on real-time SaaS analytics and dashboard reporting as well as classic score carding reporting.

In a Nutshell…

MSP encompasses a multitude of things that is used vaguely for IT managed services, only. Some of the most recognized Managed Services include IT infrastructure management services, business to business integrations, supply chain managed services, transportation, marketing, media, power, water, and more.

Fixed, Usage-based, Al-carte, Metered, All-You-Can-Have, Per-User, Per-Feature, Per-Device, Per-Month, or Per-Year—the MSP delivery models are many, but the best among all varies MSP to MSP with the organization size, requirements, and resources.

SubscriptionFlow as a Managed Services Billing Platform allows recurring billing, payment processing, and recurring revenue management solutions to all the types of managed services providers across the verticals.

To learn more about the automated managed services invoice and billing solutions, talk to SubscriptionFlow experts, or get a free trial, Now!