Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation—The Revolutionary Recurring Billing and Subscription Management Technology for Businesses of All Sizes

Businesses everywhere want to grow with a relentless speed; so do their competitors. All are looking for ways to improve their efficiency, productivity, and growth every other day. The businesses are implementing more and more systems and technology infrastructure so that the costs can be reduced, the output can be improved, and the business can be expanded.

What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation or BPA is a digital transformation of multiple business operations. It is the method to enable technology to automate and process different and complex business operations. It can streamline a systematic operational chain thoroughly by integrating multiple applications and using artificial intelligence or machine learning. Automation aided by artificial intelligence helps to understand and process the natural languages and unstructured data sets to adapt to new types of complications, solve complex problems, or detect and mitigate the risks without the guided human assistance.

How Business Automation Is Better?

Business Automation isn’t the replacement of the human being, instead, it is the way to simplify human activities and tasks. Different operations often across the chain require to do several manual and repetitive tasks that, eventually, take a toll on productivity.

Using the software, cloud-technology, and machine learning, business automation put the ley operations on auto-pilot mode that needs no human guidance, training, or surveillance. An established system when integrated co-ordinates, schedules, and processes all the tasks as it is programmed.

Companies and industries worldwide, regardless of their size, are seeing business opportunities in Business Process Automation and adopting automation as a key strategy to accomplish more goals and targets, mint more revenue, improve service quality, contain costs, and manage affairs and operations more calmly and sophisticatedly.

Despite automation is an expensive way out. Still, to efficiently saving and intelligently using the resources like time, money, and labor, the companies are finding the ways to automate their key operational areas, such as sales, marketing, customer support, lead & client management, production and supply chain management, and others as per their budget. Because, in the long run, it can effectively cut the unnecessary costs, provide productive solutions, and benefit great yields.

Each innovation increases the efficiency and productivity of employees. It means we can do more work with more results. For entrepreneurs, this wave of automation and AI-mediation bring new opportunities to disrupt the economy and draw riches and fortune.

What Business Automation Is Meant For Subscription Businesses?

Subscription Business is based on the repeated operations in response to customer constancy and recurrence in need and demand. Products, software, or SaaS—whatever the service of the subscription business is, Business Automation can be implemented in various areas of recurring billing and subscription management such as sales, marketing, workflow, finance, accounting, or other operations. The innovation of automation streamlines revenue operations across the board.

With an increasing trend of using artificial intelligence, it can further broaden the horizon for providing the best subscription services in reduced rates, becoming more productive, and setting the focus for goals and targets without being tech-astute. Do not deal with the manual operational disasters in each cycle. The automation helps you to get rid of these impediments and stay ahead in the competition.

Why Automation Is Inevitable For Subscription Billing Management?

The cash flow decides the magnitude of the subscription business, its growth, and its strength in the market. And, it all depends on subscription billing. With the automation of subscription billing, subscription businesses can contain their costs, time, and efforts by auto-managing the invoicing, payment, and support processing.

Automation establishes a real-time recurring revenue reporting mechanism, devises data-driven strategies for sales and marketing, roll-outs the efficient and customer-driven subscription plans and pricing models, and eliminates all the manual calculations, spreadsheets, corruptions, and complications within the system.

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What Is a Subscription Management Software & How It Can Help Automating the Subscription Billing & Management?

To automate the subscription billing and management operations, building their automation system costs a fortune to the businesses. They need an instant robust subscription management solution. Mostly, it is an online platform that offers its SaaS services to automate recurring billing and subscription management, based on monthly, quarterly, or yearly recurring subscription charges.

A subscription management system could be a cloud-based SaaS or a combination of software and hardware like the POS terminal. It deals with the management of subscription invoicing and billing, payment processing, and recurring revenue with real-time revenue reporting.

SubscriptionFlow is a sophisticated subscription management system that offers the innovation of automation powered by artificial intelligence. With the following assistance, it is an ideal and affordable way for the subscription business of all the sizes and across the verticals to manage their various subscription areas and processes systematically and automatically:

Cost-Saving BPA Implementation

With plans starting at USD30.00/month, SubscriptionFlow offers a range of services of subscription management and recurring billing automation along with the integration of the other SaaS and Non-SaaS platforms at extremely affordable rates.

AI-Enabled Subscription Management

SubscriptionFlow is designed and based on Artificial Intelligence Technology that gives data-driven recommendations and mining through the piles of data suggest clients about the potential risks with any billing or payment method or process.

Customer Base Management

Privacy-compliant database management is a crucial part of cloud operations. It stores and categorizes valuable customer’s information so that it can be converted into a more precious bank of data that will give insights about the customer’s requirements and the market potential.

Automated Recurring Billing and Customer Life Cycle Management

It automates recurring billing to get rid of complicated spreadsheets and manual billing and calculations processing. Automation will not only reduce the cost, but it also will increase the efficiency and transparency in your billing system that, eventually, will be resulted in prolonged access to your subscription services by the customers. It helps you increase customer dependency on your services and hence extend the customer’s lifecycle.

Auto-Proration, Dunning, And Global Tax Management Modules

With the auto proration module, SubscriptionFlow can intelligently incorporate all the billing types. It can also auto-adjust the upgrade or downgrade of a plan changes made by the subscribers in the billing and generate invoice and deduct the amount accordingly. It also allows you to manage taxes in billing according to the tax regulations of the state or country of the customer. Dunning helps you to make re-tries auto in case payments are declined or didn’t process due to any online transaction issues.

Secured Payment Gateways Integration

Stripe, PayPal, ExpressPay, Braintree, or any payment gateway can be integrated with SubscriptionFlow to provide the best, instant, and secure way to process payments without the fears of data theft or payment intrusions.

Extensible Integrations Support

Migrate your data or integrate your third-party applications for accounting, sales, marketing, support, and customer management with SubscriptionFlow and streamline and sync all the RevOps.

Customer/Client Portal

SubscriptionFlow offers clients to access the subscription billing system through the client portal with the revenue reporting dashboard. On the other end, there is an intuitive and responsive self-service portal for customers. SubscriptionFlow allows customers to manage their personal and payment details, upgrade or downgrade their plans, get payment notifications, reminders, and other marketing or support email in their inboxes that can automatically be updated in the client portal in run-time.

Customer Care and Support Management

Customer retention is the foundation of subscription businesses. Integrate ZenDesk, MailChimp, Zoho, Odoo, or any application or even your CRM platform and provide real-time support assistance to your customers.

Revenue Reporting and Analytics 

Monitor MRR, ARR, or churn rate, or get access to the payment failures records. Derive intelligent business insights with the real-time projections of revenue operations.

Request a free trial to learn more about the advantages of configuring the platform that automates and streamlines all the business of subscription. You can also ask for a free demo.

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