Psychological Triggers That Can Help You Bring More Customers On Board

The growth of the recurring billing business is directly related to the recurring needs of the customer. All subscription-based companies target to grow their customer base. Have you ever thought that your understanding of human psychology can help achieve this target?

To understand customer psychology, we do not recommend you start hiring psychologists in your team. But you should know some basics, and this article will cover different aspects of the human psyche that will surely help onboard more subscribers and improve your recurring billing business performance.

The relationship between business and psychology is eternal. The decisions that we as human beings make in life involve psychological factors such as our emotions, learning, and motivation. When subscribers come on board, there are involved certain psychological aspects that even the customers are unaware of. You can use these psychological essentials to cater to more customers even with your simple billing software, but only if you succeed in identifying these psychological aspects.

This article aims to uncover numerous aspects of customer psychology that play role in bringing customers on board and turning customers into recurring customers.

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Provoke Customer Curiosity

When you market your new SaaS product, it is just like launching the first teaser of a film, and everyone knows film teasers make the audience curious to watch the film till the end. Your marketing teams should also come up with a plan to launch the SaaS product that will make the SaaS customer community yearn for the product. You should not tell too much or too little. The secret of arousing interest in the SaaS product lies in maintaining this balance.

You can use emails, notifications, and social media to create hype for your product before its launch. SaaS recurring billing software can be used to manage your subscribers and marketing campaign.

Provide Customer Referrals

Customer referrals are considered a great marketing tool. Why? Because there is a major role of the human psyche involved at the back. For instance, you go for groceries at a store, you are willing to buy a product, and a salesperson starts telling you about the qualities of that product. You will immediately get skeptical. You will need some confirmation if the product is worth buying. Even if there is no issue with the product, it is human behaviour that people do not trust the words of the person representing the company.

They prefer the opinion of a third person from their own community. If you want more subscribers, you should keep this human behaviour in mind. Here your happy customers help you. Offer referrals of your happy customers to your potential leads. Listening to the experience of other customers is the solution for the skepticism of the new customers.

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Instil Loyalty

You would have heard that customer trust is as sacred as a shrine. It is the first step to get customer loyalty. But to make your customer trust your SaaS product is as difficult as it is for you to trust the infidel lover. The human mind does not trust anyone and anything easily, but if you are too good to someone, the other person feels indebted to you. This feeling of indebtedness turns into loyalty. You see, there are other ways to achieve the same results.

Your good customer care services can make your customer and potential leads feel indebted. They stay loyal to your product. You resultantly enjoy a better customer retention rate.

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Make Customers Feel Special

Believe it or not, today customers need your attention. You have to be with them 24/7/365. Customers want you to own them because they feel it is their basic customer right. Social media is the platform where everyone can enjoy the omnipresence of others. Now, you need to understand the psyche of the customers as well as the idea behind online social networking. Social networking websites fulfil the need to communicate. Man cannot live in isolation. He needs to listen to others and want others to listen to him. SaaS companies can communicate with clients by using chatbots and social media applications.

You can either use chatbots for quick response to the customer queries, but it is better to communicate in person with the customers. Use your resources and social media applications to fill the communication gap between you and your customers. Your time and all-time presence can bring more customers on board.

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Use Relatable Content

When you develop a SaaS subscription product, it is based on an idea to bring the solution to a problem. You need to communicate with your marketing team to always come up with relatable content to attract your customers. Today, customers have many sources of information. They are already aware that not only SaaS companies but all businesses make big promises when they market a product.

You should use real-life instances for marketing that your leads and customers can relate to. Create content that can engage the right online community—potential leads. You can get the services of social media influencers. Let them market your product in a normal and communicative tone so that customers may not think they are being told to must subscribe to your SaaS services or products.

Save Your Customer from FOMO

We are living in an era where people having conflicting ideas live together. There are Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Z living in the same society with a different mindset. Generation Z is the youngest community of people so, adopted technological changes easily. Millennials and Boomers are the ones who sometimes develop this fear of missing out. They are not tech-savvy and sometimes avoid using SaaS products that are too complex for them.

Your SaaS product should be easy-to-use for Generation Z, Millenials, and Boomers equally. Develop easy-to-use SaaS products and save your leads and customers from FOMO.

Offer Discounts & Coupons

Sales, discounts, and offers are always attractive for customers in both the real world and the digital world. One of the reasons behind offering freemiums and free trials is human psychology. It is human behaviour to try free products. However, free trials are to be planned to acquire customers.

For instance, you offer two boxes of candies and ask someone to pick just one candy. The first box is filled with candies, and the other has just two candies. What do you expect? Everyone will prefer to get the candy from the box that has just two andies. It is the human psyche to feel attracted to things that are relatively less.

Just like this, do not offer free trials for a longer duration. It will kill customer’s interest in your SaaS product.

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It is said that “If you want to sell more, then you better know whey customers buy.” One of the reasons to buy is customer psychology. There are many other aspects of SaaS customer psychology. At SubscriptionFlow you will get not only the best platform to manage SaaS subscriptions but also a team to help you understand subscribers psychology. Once you excel in delivering what SaaS customers need, you have a fair chance of competing with the subscription billing business sharks in the market.