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Summer Subscription Boxes: Wix’s Payment Solutions in Focus

As the temperature rises, so does the demand for curated boxes filled with seasonal goodies, tailored experiences, and delightful surprises. Whether you specialize in beach essentials, outdoor adventures, refreshing treats, or anything under the sun, Wix’s robust payment system will help you streamline transactions and unlock the full potential of your subscription box business.

In the eCommerce subscription business, the payment processor plays a significant role. And Wix subscription payments can be a panacea for businesses that are offering summer subscription boxes. So, let’s take you toward the most interesting summer subscription boxes and the way the Wix payment system facilitates businesses in selling them seamlessly.

Home Décor & Lifestyle

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”

And décor is the thing that makes home a home sweet home. No other time can be better than the summer to work on the décor and lifestyle of your home. If you haven’t planned vacations, then home décor ought to be your priority. And for that, you can order various home décor and lifestyle subscription boxes. You can offer a range of goodies and items for your customers inside a home décor subscription box.

  • Indoor and outdoor plants
  • Decoration pieces
  • Wicks and candles
  • Fans and fancy lights
  • Smells and air fresheners
  • Flowers and vas
  • Toiletries, bath and body products
  • Toys and treats for pets
  • Art and craft items

There can be a lot more items in a home décor box, however, when it comes to the billing, you can opt for our subscription management platform integrated with Wix. Wix not only allows you to establish a platform for your home décor subscription box but also a payment processor. You can seamlessly receive payments against every subscription that you deliver.

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Yoga & Fitness wear

Summer is just the right time for exercise and yoga. And it is time to reach out to all the fitness freaks who are waiting for exciting subscription boxes. You can add the following items inside the yoga box:

  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga blocks
  • Yoga straps
  • Leggings, tank tops, breathable shirts etc.
  • Essential oils, herbal teas, and candles
  • Meditation beads & pillows
  • Books, guides, and DVDs
  • Healthy snacks

Any other item that you think your customers might need can be added to your yoga subscription box. Coming towards the management of the yoga summer subscription box, you just need to have SubscriptionFlow—Wix integration.

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Beach Subscription Boxes

Now that summer is at its peak, it is just the right time to offer customers a biweekly or weekly subscription box. Offer your customers beach-inspired items that will elevate their seaside adventures. So, what to put inside a beach subscription box? The good news is you can add in a lot of things to offer your customers maximum beachy fun. You can also split items for men, women, and kids. You can also let your customers customize their boxes and add the following items to their boxes:

  • Beach games that can include paddleball, beach volleyball, bocce ball, or frisbees
  • Beach bags and tote bags to carry varying items
  • Waterproof cases for phones, handsfree, and other gadgets
  • Beach umbrellas and anchors for umbrellas
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers, portable fans, or solar-powered chargers
  • Beach safety items like waterproof first-aid kits
  • A picnic set
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Skincare items for men and women
  • Flipflops, swimsuits and shorts

Other than these, there can be a lot more items that you can offer inside your subscription box, and manage it all with SubscriptionFlow—Wix integrated system.

Wix Templates for Summer Subscription Boxes

Wix offers a wide selection of templates that can be tailored to match the aesthetic and branding of your summer subscription boxes. You can choose from various design styles and layouts to create an appealing and visually attractive website. You can find templates specifically designed for eCommerce, retail, subscription boxes, and more. These themes often come with pre-designed sections and layouts tailored to showcase products and highlight subscription offerings.

Wix Payments for Your Boxed Subscription

You can safely accept online payments on your website using Wix Payments, a built-in payment system offered by Wix. It is made to make selling goods or services, such as subscription boxes, through your Wix website as simple as possible. To get paid through Wix, you need to:

  • Set up an account and connect it to your website, here you will be asked to provide identity details to confirm the authenticity of the account holder.
  • opt for various payment methods because the customer base is diverse in this regard. Not everyone prefers the same payment method.
  • Process payments seamlessly with the integrated Wix payments and Wix website’s shopping cart and checkout process.
  • Use the feature of payment management and reporting. Wix Payments provides a comprehensive dashboard where you can manage and track your payments.

If you want to establish a platform to sell your subscription box this summer season, then Wix is for you. Also, when it comes to subscription management for summer subscription boxes, we offer integration of  Wix with our subscription management platform (SubscriptionFlow). If you are thinking about how to handle Wix subscription payments, then our experts can make things easier for you.

To see how Wix can help you sell your subscription box, come, contact us, and explore details!