Subscriptions As Connections

Think Subscriptions As Connections—Build Business with Better Relationships in 2023 And Beyond

Time has long gone when vendors and retailers used to lock sales and the end!

Today, the story begins after locking the sale. Customer relations have become the lifeline for businesses—especially for the SaaS industry. The workload for marketing and sales teams is far more than it has ever been before. They not only need to lock deals but also lock them in a way that customer comes again and again for the purchase.

That’s the very target for SaaS subscription businesses. And to achieve this target, SaaS retailers need to consider a lot more factors than the number of customers. So, here is the key:

Look beyond numbers for sustainable customer relations and better CLV.

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Think about Customer Targets

All business executives think about the business targets. Marketing executives plan and execute these plans to achieve marketing targets. Sales teams plan for big shopping events to achieve their sales targets.

However, have you ever thought about the customer targets? Let us tell you something. If you start considering the customer targets, the other business targets can easily be achieved.

So, here are the customer targets while he looks for a SaaS product:

  • Look for a SaaS product at the minimum price in the market
  • Adopt the SaaS product that can automate all business processes
  • Customer care and support should be all-time available
  • Customer care representatives rather than chatbots
  • Demos and descriptions with the SaaS product
  • In-detail SaaS platform onboarding so that product can be used to the fullest
  • A flexible platform that can be integrated with third-party applications that we need
  • Free training for the employees to help them use SaaS product

That’s what the customer target when he looks for a SaaS subscription management platform in the market. Have you planned in a way to help the customer achieve these targets?

Today, you need to plan marketing and sales strategy to not only achieve your targets but also to help SaaS customers achieve their targets. It is a simple give-and-take relationship.

Offer Consistent SaaS Services

You, while having an approach to offer random perks, can never beat a competitor that offers persistent services.

For instance, at the time of the Covid outbreak, many businesses curated their subscription boxes and entered the market. These amazing subscription boxes at first attracted customers, but the end of the Covid episode happened to be the end of these subscription box businesses as well. For instance, offering a subscription box of T-shirts can be attractive for the first time, but not all people purchase T-shirts every season. Also, after Covid, people had a full chance to head towards the market, check the texture of the shirts, and then purchase. And that was the last nail in the coffin of all such businesses that did not plan for consistent and persistent growth.

So, you need to make sure that your SaaS services are consistent. Make your customers feel that they are having a persistent experience. Your persistent SaaS services will bring persistent customers.

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Implement Customer Feedback

To build a connection with the customer, it is crucial that you communicate with the customer. Also, when you communicate with the customer, you get feedback. Now, the feedback is more like customer data. You get to know the customer preferences, and feedback forms are the best way to extract customer preferences. So, you need to plan to implement what you got from the feedback.

Feedback helps in strengthening relations with customers. And SaaS companies can predict what add-ons they can offer that will the customer will surely like. Also, you need to understand that reviews, star ratings, and referrals are all forms of feedback that are formally called social proof. SaaS companies need to ensure that their social proof is satisfactory which is only possible if you offer great customer support and customer service.

Monitor from Pre-Purchase to Post-Purchase

Customer data is your guide to giving the right dimension to your SaaS subscription business.

And you should monitor the customer data even when the customer was not on board. This tracking helps in segregating potential customers. It is a complete chart of events from customer awareness to customer education and advocacy that play role in establishing better customer relations. Across the customer journey, communicate with the customer. This data monitoring will help you not only serve customers but also make them part of your SaaS organization. Potential customers can be segregated into whom you will nurture so that they will end up in the sales funnel.

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