Manage your Subscriptions on TalentLMS with SubscriptionFlow through its Agile Features

With strong roots in statistics, TalentLMS 14th most popular learning management system in the United States. This comes with the implication of a significance in the learning management system (LMS) category and not only this but that also shows its key role in the related businesses.

If you are a user of TalentLMS or plan to use it, then here are all the answers to how you can manage TalentLMS subscriptions in SubscriptionFlow.

TalentLMS and SubscriptionFlow

TalentLMS is a learning management system, globally recognized, catering to the business needs of customers. With that being said, trainers, coaches, students, and related key persons use the platform to grow their teams with an easy setup and interface. However, to manage LMS subscriptions and pricing plans holistically, SubscriptionFlow offers its platform.

SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management platform that aims to serve SaaS businesses and businesses that provide subscriptions to users, and TalentLMS is one of them.

With SubscriptionFlow you can manage your subscriptions with third-party integrations and customized features that are hard to find elsewhere.

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Make your eLearning experience seamless with SubscriptionFlow features

In case you are wondering to achieve a seamless experience on the eLearning platform – TalentLMS, we are here to acquaint you with the features that will make you a satisfied subscriber. Let’s jump into them without further ado.


For the learners and eLearning businesses, Proration is a linchpin, undoubtedly. Customers are more concerned with the usage and the amount they are charged for. For an instance, if a customer starts a subscription plan in the mid of the month, then the charges will be prorated in accordance with the start of the subscription. It creates a win-win situation for the user and service provider as the customer is not penalized and the latter does not lose revenue.

With SubscriptionFlow integrated into the TalentLMS, the prorations processes get as easy as they can. Through an automated system, and tech-savvy infrastructure of the software, you can attain and manage your proration seamlessly.

To look at the benefits of doing so, it builds high credibility among your users slash learners that want to sign up for the course being provided. To scale your business by leaps and bounds, this strategy and also a feature can be the kickstart of making your business successful twice by not losing a sale.

Not only this but through our platform, automated prorated invoices are generated that reduce the manual labor while streamlining the revenue along with robust reporting and analytics. For customer pricing strategies with special reference to proration, you can offer users the following:

  • Usage-Based Billing
  • Volume Based Billing
  • Tiered Billing
  • Flat Fee Billing and more!

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Automate Management Processes

Imagine doing every process on the web portal manually? It will make you worn out and lethargic. Our subscription system and platform come to rescue this through its automated technology.

From setting up the free trials, managing web portal information, setup charges, offering discounts, managing chargebacks, and refunds, to one-off transactions one each invoice – every process is managed and automated through SubscriptionFlow.

Integrate TalentLMS into the SubscriptionFlow and see the business operations being managed in a matter of seconds. SubscriptionFlow’s system works to full capacity to manage the business operations and execute them successfully without any hindrance.

Coming to the web portal, all the updated changes, modifications, and processes will be managed through SubscriptionFlow on the TalentLMS web portal. This gives you the room to get worry-free about the processes that are to be managed at the back-end. With that being said, the administrative tasks of eLearning platforms such as TalentLMS become manageable and achievable as well.

We believe in automation and agility; therefore, we bring you the system that reduced the burden off your shoulders. So, get hold of the opportunity and see your eLearning business become more agile and tech-savvy with all the required features that you have been looking out for. To say it in the nutshell:

  • Get administrative tasks managed
  • Improve workflow with automation
  • Achieve web portal agility

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Payment Gateways – Make your eLearning course Global

Go global and get global – well, easier said than done but SubscriptionFlow is here to make it a reality.

To make your eLearning platform global, there is one prerequisite that you must be equipped with and that is multiple payment gateways.

While TalentLMS equips its customers with Stripe and PayPal, SubscriptionFlow goes an extra mile to do it all for the subscribers. SubscriptionFlow platform and our robust third-party integrations will equip every learner to get started with your eLearning course, training, or whatsoever it may be as they will have plenty of options to choose from.

Not only this, but we offer multiple payment methods through which online payments are accepted such as a digital wallet, bank transfers, and much more that are listed below. To go to every extent in providing the best customer experience and attract as many users as you can, one cannot miss on providing the maximum options.

eLearning is a global arena and to compete in this market for generating a potential revenue, it is highly recommended to integrate TalentLMS with SubscriptionFlow.

SubscriptionFlow Payment Methods


SubscriptionFlow Payment Gateways


Ready to acquire customers from all around the world? Integrate with SubscriptionFlow and see the results.

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Payment Management – All in One Place

Billing, Invoicing, and payments – all under one roof of SubscriptionFlow.

We do what we say and on the SubscriptionFlow platform, you can do it all.

SubscriptionFlow offers multiple billing models that are essential to any business such as eLearning platforms and many others. Offer your customers different and customized billing plans that are tailored to their needs.

In addition to this, to provide your customer with a more personalized experience, and enable them to create a customizable billing plan. It is also a great idea if you have just started with your eLearning platform as this will attract a greater number of learners to get enrolled in your course or whatever learning plan you have to offer.

Coming on to the invoicing, being an automated platform, our system creates automated invoices for the customers against their subscription plans on TalentLMS. This keeps the customer’s agility in receiving invoices and clearing bills as soon as they can. Not only this, but all the error-prone processes are minimized, and the burden of manual invoicing is brought to zero.

The process of payments is closely joined with the above-mentioned processes and to make it more agile, our system is equipped with multiple payment gateways and payment methods that leave no vacancy for any obstacles to occur.

  • Customized billing models
  • Generate automated invoices
  • Create multiple subscriptions against learners/users

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Bottom Line

TalentLMS is undoubtedly a great platform to start your eLearning arena now and to make it more tech-savvy and internally strong, SubscriptionFlow is the right choice you can go for. With our customizable dashboard and AI-driven reporting & analytics, we offer you all the solutions for your business. It is high time to scale your eLearning businesses and give others a competition.

Now you have come to the bottom of the article, it’s time to take action. Schedule a demo with SubscriptionFlow and scale the business in double-quick time!