What’s Inside the Box? Craft Your Subscription Business Strategy Around This Customer Curiosity

Whether it is a magic box or pandora’s box, it is human nature he wants to know what’s inside it.

And team SubscriptionFlow believes that the subscription business community has a huge opportunity to monetize this curiosity of people. There is always attached a psychological factor with the gift boxes. Many SaaS businesses and other industries that somehow implement the recurring billing business model are already utilizing the concept of boxed subscriptions.

We are here to help you curate your subscription box billing strategy in a way that you can maximize your revenue, customer retention, and business growth. And to manage everything, you can adopt our retention and subscription box management software.

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New Opportunities for Subscription Business Growth

As per Statista, groceries, food, and beverages have become the most favorite and popular subscription services because, in 2022, more than 40% of people used these services. For a layman, it is the growth of the market and expansion of businesses—a good thing.

However, for a businessman, it is an opportunity. Just imagine, the same grocery items are offered inside the box. The psychological factor of curiosity will automatically be attached to this subscription box. All of us need to purchase groceries and a lot more eatables. However, offering these items in the form of a subscription box can facilitate recurring customers. Their recurring needs will be fulfilled and customer satisfaction will boost for they will consider the subscription box a gift box containing what they need every month or a week—depending on the subscription package.

Wine subscriptions have also been popular among drinkers. And Forbes reports some amazing subscription boxes for inexperienced and experienced drinkers. And there is nothing better to sell than favorite wine bottles to your customers, but of course, inside the box. So, box the best wine experience, and monetize it accordingly.

Subscription as an Addiction

Taking you to another level, subscriptions are becoming an addiction for customers. People have numerous recurring needs, and subscriptions are the best way to get the best things at the best price. For instance, people are addicted to these subscription boxes:

  • Beauty and lifestyle subscription boxes
  • Bespoke Post (the most famous subscription box for men in 2022)
  • Educational subscription boxes for kids (e.g KiwiCo Crates—box for kids)
  • Makeup subscription boxes (e.g Ipsy subscriptions for teenage girls)
  • Rocksbox—the best jewellery subscription box for women in 2022

Apart from these, there are many other subscription boxes that people are addicted to. These boxes have become part of the lifestyle of customers.

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Factors Making Subscription Boxes Addictive

Now is the time to analyse the factors that make these subscription boxes addictive for the customer:

1. Pricing

The foremost reason for the addiction to subscription boxes is the price. Today, customers want the maximum value from the money that they invest. And boxed subscriptions offer this value. First, in most subscription boxes, there are miscellaneous items. Another psychological factor associated—people feel they are getting so much in comparison to what they pay. Second, many companies allow their customers to gift these subscriptions which is again a way to make customers feel satisfied.

2. Personalization

The other factor that makes the subscription boxes addictive is personalization. The companies that offer subscription boxes curate these boxes in a way that the customers feel they are specially designed and packed for them. For instance, they will add a message with the name of the customer in the box, and the customer feels that you feel for him. Personalization and customization of subscription boxes make them more attractive and addictive for the customer.

3. Variety of Products

As it has been mentioned that most of the time there are miscellaneous items that the companies opting for subscription boxes business model place in the subscription boxes. For instance, if a box is curated for personal care, then you can add anything from skincare products to healthcare items. The essence of the box is to deliver satisfaction. The customer should get what he can think of regarding the domain for which you have curated the box.

4. Customer Services

Customer services add to the attraction of subscription boxes. Customers love it when they receive their subscription plan inside a beautiful subscription box with a customized and personalized card or message. They live the moment every month or week when they receive the subscription box. And customer services make this box attractive this way for the customer. Also, the time when the box is delivered and the behaviour of the deliverer also count.

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You can also think of something new regarding your subscription-based product or services. Offer your subscriptions in a box and double the interest of your subscribers in what you are offering. However, when it comes to the management of subscription management or customer retention, you can adopt SubscriptionFlow—retention and billing software for subscription boxes that can help you grow the customer base and retain it as well.