Another-Thanksgiving, -Are-You-Ready-with-Your-Subscription-Boxes

Another Thanksgiving, Another Holiday, Are You Ready with Your Subscription Boxes?

Thanksgiving 2022 is here with all its vibe. Once again happy holidays are knocking at the door.

Holidays mean fortune and prosperity, for people and businesses alike.

Businesses start preparing for it when the last thanksgiving ends.

For instance, BoxButcher offers potential customers to subscribe and get free Turkey to celebrate the festivity with the order that they place.

Blue Apron is also offering its meal feasts to celebrate these days.

Likewise, ChomBox is offering specialized boxes of treats and toys for pups and other pets.

So, to tell you all this is to give you some motivation so that you can curate exciting subscription boxes for this holiday season. And to manage subscription box billing, SubscriptionFlow is available for you.

From billing to payment, and from payment processing to recurring revenue management, here you can do it all.

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How to Harness This Holiday Season?

Though offering the option of gift subscriptions is quite lucrative for customers these days, you still need a strategy and subscription box management software to sell these subscription boxes. So, here we are—SubscriptionFlow experts to help you sell your subscription boxes on Thanksgiving 2022 like hotcakes.  So, there you go!

Optimize the Checkout Experience for Customers

Subscription businesses like eCommerce platforms make record sales every year during this holiday season. However, negligence to the checkout of the customers can ruin this holiday season for both customers and retailers.

The biggest issue that the customer base may face this holiday season is the poor checkout experience. What happens is the flow of traffic to the website and buying and selling portals increase significantly on the days of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. When the number of visitors increases, the load on the website affects the efficiency of the sale and purchase platform. When the server is already busy, the speed of payment processing falls.

So, many customers report this issue that they could not process their payment. And when payments are not processed on time, the subscription of even loyal customers get automatically cancelled—involuntary churn.

In order to optimize the checkout experience this Thanksgiving and Black Friday opt for the best billing software for subscription boxes and other subscription plans. Also, integrate it with more than one payment gateway to increase payment processing efficiency.

 Email Marketing Campaign

Now that you have curated the best subscription boxes, it is important to market these boxes so that you can meet the sales targets. One of the ways is to come up with personalized emails and newsletters. Also, make these emails and newsletters graphically rich so that they depict the image of festivity coming up. Also, you need to portray that you are going to add joy for your customers this holiday season.

One more thing, it is always better to plan your email campaigns and newsletter beforehand so that they can be sent timely, and you can monitor their results in holidays.

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Cross-sell & Upsell Opportunities This Holiday Season

When you opt for a subscription box business model, you have a chance to increase the account expansion rate by offering your boxes to existing customers. It is easier to market and convince the existing customer base to purchase more. All that you need is to track the data of customers so that you may know what the customer wants.

You can also plan different subscription boxes for existing customers. It is also your chance to re-engage dormant customers. Use data insights to find the customers who are not that active for some time and offer them subscription boxes this Thanksgiving. So, the point is you can not only offer your subscription boxes as cross-sell and upsell opportunities but also bring your dormant customers out of their dormancy—account expansion—a way to diversify the revenue stream.

The Gifting Features That You Must Look for

Last but not the least, you must see whatever you put inside the box must have gifting features. There is involved a psychological factor that is placed inside the box, automatically having that element of surprise. Still, there needs to be something worthy so that the customer may not disappoint. So, we will help you in finding the features that a product must have to be gifted.

  • The first and foremost feature is the element of surprise. Whatever you offer inside the box, think out of the box first so that you can make it surprising enough.
  • Always give the option to renew or never renew the gift subscription option with the flexibility of changing the billing address so that your contact and gift receiver can decide later who will continue to pay subscription charges.

So, always find something surprising to offer your customer. It will not only make your subscription box a success but also improve customer relationships.

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If you have planned something astonishing for this Thanksgiving, then we offer you to implement your gift subscription plan with SubscriptionFlow. Here, you can manage subscription boxes as well as gift subscription boxes as well.

So, schedule a demo now!