What Should Be Your Lead Nurture Workflow to Onboard Loyal Customers

Targeting the right market and finding potential leads has always been a taxing task for SaaS subscription businesses. Sometimes, marketing teams succeed in getting the attention of their target market, however, the leads that they capture do not come to the sales funnel. In that case, SaaS businesses need to work on lead nurturing.

So, here we are to help you define the lead nurture workflow so that you can bring leads that will surely lock deals.

SaaS Free Trials

To nurture deals, the first thing is to offer your customers trials for your SaaS subscription services or product. Trials not only nurture leads but also increase the conversion rate. The time period that you set as the trial period depends on your business. However, sometimes, customers ask for a trial extension. Trial management software can help you manage such leads and customers. Also, you will be able to send notifications regarding extensions or the end of the trial period. Automated emails will be sent regarding trials.

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The Science of Free Trails

You need to understand the science of the trials before you strategize them. In the real world, it is comparatively easier to convince customers to lock the deal. Nonetheless, in the SaaS market, there is nothing tangible. So, what at least can be done is to offer customers to use your SaaS platform for a certain time and limit. Free trials not only offer your customers an overview of your SaaS platform but also establishes a bond of trust between you and your potential customers.

But you need to see the time for which you are going to offer the free trial. Some SaaS businesses do not need a free trial at all. Offering free trials can devalue their SaaS product. So, plan free trials but do it vigilantly.

Lead Score

SaaS companies can see the success of the trials that they have offered. The lead score is a business strategy to see the worth of the leads. Your trial management software can help you segment the leads and score them accordingly. Lead score is an important factor while you are working on the workflow of lead nurturing. The lead score makes the marketing campaign more directed and shows whether your lead nurturing plan is going in the right direction or not.

The lead score will show your performance regarding:

  • Outreach
  • Conversions
  • Sales funnel

When the score of your leads improves, it is a clear indication that you are reaching out to the right target market, finalizing more deals, and bringing more leads to the sales funnel.

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Mapping the Lead Journey

Offering trials to potential leads is a complete journey. And you need to monitor your leads just like you monitor the customer journey. Monitor the behaviour and activities of even those leads that are not converting because they will help you maximize conversions in the future. All your leads leave chunks of data that you can use to analyze various factors of lead management. When you map the lead journey, you can influence the decision of the leads.

You also use the data of leads to educate them so that they turn out to be educated customers. Education of the customer is important for it reduces the burden of work for quality assurance and customer care departments. So map the lead’s journey to have a loyal and educated customer base.

SubscriptionFlow-HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is a marketing platform that offers a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. SubscriptionFlow now offers integration with HubSpot. So, now you have a chance to manage your marketing strategy and the lead nurturing workflow. HubSpot allows users to define the complete workflow to nurture leads. This workflow speeds up customer acquisition.

SaaS businesses that are operating on the subscription business model can manage their subscription billing, online payment processing, and analytics with HubSpot subscription management platform integration. When it comes to marketing processes, SaaS platforms can manage everything from lead to sales funnel from HubSpot. At present, HubSpot is empowering a marketing event—Inbound 2022. It is a huge opportunity for subscriptions-based companies to market their business and manage subscribers on one billing solution for inbound marketing.

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In Conclusion

Marketing teams usually perform well when it comes to marketing campaigns. But when it is about the lead management, sales and marketing teams need to collaborate. It is a crucial time as it decides whether leads are going to convert or not. Subscription trial management can help SaaS businesses only if trials are managed through the right subscription management software. At SubscriptionFlow, you have a chance to manage all subscription business processes and marketing activities side by side by opting for the SubscriptionFlow-HubSpot integration.