5 Zapier Integrations for Subscription Management to Simplify your Subscription Business

Making your business optimized to the needs of customers is no child’s play but it is a no-brainer as well. The irony, right?

With Zapier and subscription management software integration, the irony becomes handy and achievable for it has proven to scale the businesses.

According to a report, two thousand plus websites use Zapier for creating zaps and making their business operations accessible to customers worldwide effortlessly. With that being said, you can also be one of the websites that can use Zapier with the subscription management software to reach your goals and get all the business operations done at an all-in-one platform i.e., SubscriptionFlow.

Zapier and SubscriptionFlow

Zapier, undoubtedly, has become the most known and used tool for the fact it provides 4000+ integrations to the users for automating the workflows. Zapier integration with a subscription management platform automates the work manifolds as the software look after all the processes without the need to switch in windows and tabs.

As a matter of fact, subscription businesses have to look after all the crucial processes such as marketing, invoicing, logistics, shipping, billing, and whatnot. For the aforementioned purposes, Zapier is a godsend that automates the workflows by providing third-party integrations.

SubscriptionFlow is a subscription management software that manages all the subscription processes by automation and AI system. The third-party integrations required by the customers are created by making connectors or zaps through Zapier to achieve maximum subscription operations. All the invoicing, billing, marketing, interaction, and revenue processes are made executed through agile integrations that are tailored to the needs of customers.

Integrations to achieve through Zapier for your Subscription integration

Automated connections that are synonymous with Zaps are used by different SaaS businesses to keep their customers equipped with the solutions they want right at the moment. There are multi third-party applications that render services to act as middleware in carrying out and executing processes from one end to another. Let’s look at how integrating Zapier with Subscription management software can help you achieve and complete all your business operations without any obstacles.

Automated Invoicing

Zapier provides integrations with different accounting and finance software with which merchants can easily have generated invoices with no manual handling. Integrate your system with QuickBooks, Saasu, and multiple other software or tools of your preferred choice through Zapier integrations for Subscription businesses.

When a new order or subscription is integrated, or a subscription is paid for – an automated invoiced is generated through the integration of Zapier. Not only this but setting up new clients automatically in the invoicing database is also executed only by setting up a new customer’s trigger.

By setting up the zap with SubscriptionFlow, you will not need to do any manual handling of invoicing rather all the invoices will be managed through the zap.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing plays a crucial role in online selling and purchasing, reaching out to customers, contacting leads, and so on. For running email campaigns and conversing with leads, the need for an agile email integration becomes a prerequisite. Businesses that want to have a preferred email marketing system linked with the subscription management system can get it integrated through Zapier.

A well-known integration across the SaaS and subscription businesses is MailChimp, Gmail, and Podio. With this integration through Zapier, merchants can sync their contacts and mail at both platforms without any obstacles. With this integration, you can automate the email processes whether it is related to dunning or customer support purposes for interactions. With integration for marketing, merchants can:

  • Interact with your social media leads
  • Add leads to marketing campaigns seamlessly.

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Shipping and Logistics

Zapier provides third-party integrations for the businesses that require integrating shipping and logistic applications to deliver the orders and manage it all at the back-end as well. To automate your workflow of shipping and logistics with your subscription management, SubscriptionFlow helps in integrating the applications in the subscription management database to automate the processes at once.

For new orders, you can automate an action like generating a new order for fulfillment within your shipping tool by utilizing a SubscriptionFlow event to trigger a shipping or logistics app to do any action. The Zap for new orders is built using integrations that automate all the processes whenever a new order is made or a subscription is purchased. After this, the integration of shipping and logistics will automatically create trigger the process of shipping the order.

The most used application by eCommerce merchants for shipping connected through Zapier is ShipStation. When a new subscription order from SubscriptionFlow is processed, the Zapier integration automatically creates order in ShipStation and begins fulfilling it. There’s no reason to create ShipStation orders manually when it can be done quickly and easily. Customers that receive their stuff soon are delighted!

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Zapier integrations leave no one behind and with that being said, you can keep your customers updated by sending the notifications for the actions taken on their subscription accounts. Zapier provides integrations with which you can create communication notifications that follow the customer’s behaviors regarding ns subscriptions and notify them when a subscriber buys a new subscription, cancel the subscription, or reactivates the subscription.  Zapier provides more than four thousand integrations and Slack is one of the most used integrations for communicating across customers.

When a customer cancels their membership, this is the time to communicate with them and see if you can retain the customer using retention strategies through Zapier Integration. You can get notifications in your Slack channel once this step is done using a SubscriptionFlow trigger, so you can focus on lowering churn.

Project Management and Organizational Workflow

Organizational Flow is the most crucial factor for businesses as everyone has to be in the loop. With Zapier integrations, you can sync the data and applications coherently which will enable the execution of the workflows. With third-party integrations on your platform, you can automate everything only by connecting it with Zapier.

For an instance, Podio integration is used for project management by businesses. The subscriptions management can be managed through Zapier integration that will automate all the management tasks effortlessly. From the basic to the advanced management for the project, you can enhance the workflow and business health by creating Zap and setting it with SubscriptionFlow.

Bottom Line

Customers and subscribers are more inclined toward the platform that can provide them with the solutions that are available all in one place. To make your business optimized to the needs of customers that are tailored to their interests, one needs to have Zapier integrations API. SubscriptionFlow will not only manage your subscriptions but will also provide integrations through Zapier to make your business more effective and reach the heights of scalability.

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