Where is the World headed Technology Predictions for 2025

We live in interesting times. There are many predictions floating around technology but we need to keep up with all the changes well before they develop and flourish. It has been widely observed that the market is shifting towards a subscriptions and service-based economy. In the coming years every industry is likely to be affected by this transformation. Let’s look at some of the changes that are likely to happen in the years to come.

GDP will become outdated

The current GDP is operating through a framework which fails to capture the value of recurring revenue. When you look at the national GDP, a dollar is represented as a dollar, having a discrete value. This is not the case in a Subscription Economy where there are no finite values. This is because SaaS or subscription companies have multiple sources of revenue. A subscription based business that uses Subscription Management Software strives to sustain lifetime customer value for an ongoing period of time. For example upgrades and bundling once included in the mix will increase the revenue figures quickly. This way there are billions of dollars of economic activity which are not being registered correctly.

A spike in demand for the car companies

A rise in automation and transportation solutions will see an increase in fleet management and a decline in car sales. However, all the major auto firms know for a fact that they will still be manufacturing cars for the emerging ride sharing platforms and the new digital services. Given the fierce competition, these companies thrive on the motto: true mobility as a service. This includes taking advantage of all modes of transport and not only driving. As companies start to capitalize on this opportunity, it is very likely that you won’t buy your next car, you will subscribe to it.

New life gets breathed into malls

The concept of retail annihilation has given rise to a state of utter confusion. However, this is far from what the facts state. As an obvious distinction starts to draw up between online and physical retail, people think that brick and mortar stores will take a back-seat. But the actual gap emerges from data-driven, app- centric retailing versus old retailing. As a growing number of digital franchises start setting up new brick and mortar stores, malls will become entertainment avenues and partial museums. The only way for malls to thrive will be through investing in access and amenities.

Big banks get Netflixed

The financial industry is looking for new ways to feed on consumer inertia. The customer experience that you derive from them is similar to that of the old TV networks. A new wave of fintech options are motivating people to not let their assets just sit in their bank accounts. These companies are looking for ways to decentralize power within the finance industry.

The content industry will enjoy a stable growth

The mass media which is made of pop starts, blockbuster movies and best-sellers are here to stay. People want entertainment and such modes are a solid source of the same. But content creators have mainly been in the spotlight through subscription platforms. We will see how these avenues will become a mainstream force at large. The support these folks will enjoy will come from their dedicated fans and the stardom the content creators will have is going to be long-term unlike that of flashy YouTube stars.

AI platforms will change the face of ownership

A growing number of consumers subscribe to Netflix or Spotify for watching movies or listening to music. The concept of buying music or movies has significantly declined. A time will come when we won’t own any products but we will subscribe to them. The subscription management platform offers a robust billing and invoicing software that allow customers to purchase multiple subscriptions from the comfort of their homes. You can see the trend in transportation industry and consumer electronics and this is picking pace and will soon reach to products such as clothes, floors chairs etc. A time will come when subscribing to services will be the norm such as housing services, furniture services, clothing services etc. Things are changing fast and we will soon be living in a true Subscription Economy.