What Should Be Your Subscription Business Strategy To Make The Most Out Of Christmas & Holiday Season 2021

Now that Christmas and the holiday season have just started, and you find every company facilitating its customers in its own way to double the happiness at this time of the year. Being part of the subscription business ecosystem, you should also facilitate your recurring customers. However, what should be your strategy to maximize customer satisfaction and diversify revenue streams?

SubscriptionFlow—the subscription management and recurring billing software, has a team of experts on its panel and they are here to help you strategize on Christmas in a way that you would be able to satisfy and make them happy & loyal so that flow of the revenue stream remains maintained. So, let’s explore the innovative ways to make this Christmas and Holiday Season memorable for your subscribers.

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Holiday Discounts

On holiday, from small to large enterprises, all companies put discounts and sales on the commodities that they offer. In the SaaS subscription market, offering discounts and sales will be different. Why?

Because SaaS businesses usually opt for the tiered pricing model. And to offer discounts for each tier, it is important to consult with your sales executives. They will study the behaviour of the market in the previous years. Your records of marketing and sales of the previous years will also be studied to plan discounts for Christmas.

For instance, streaming services platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus offer coupons, promo codes, and deals to their subscribers on Christmas.

However, offering discounts on Christmas and holiday seasons also depends on your business niche. For example, it is easy for eCommerce businesses to come up with subscription boxes on Christmas. On the other hand, it is comparatively difficult for SaaS subscription businesses because dividing SaaS products into tiers and monetizing these tiers is already a challenge. But if you mobilize your sales and marketing resources on time, there will be no difficulty in planning a surprise for your subscribers on Christmas.

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Christmas and Holiday Season is the best time to offer Add-ons to recurring customers. In the SaaS subscription business market, you will find these add-ons typically in two forms:

  • Upselling the SaaS product
  • Cross-selling the SaaS product

Upselling is to encourage your recurring customers to try the latest version of your SaaS product. So, Christmas and Holidays are the right time to launch the latest versions of software. For instance, customers have more time to try the newer versions of video games during their holidays. If you offer subscriptions for your gaming software, then Christmas is the time to launch the latest version of games.

Cross-selling on the other hand is to convince your existing customers to purchase the other items that you offer. Marketing plays a huge role in making the cross-selling strategy a success. SaaS companies can also offer integrations to their customers on Christmas that can boost the performance of B2B businesses.

On this Christmas, SubscriptionFlow has HubSpot and SalesForce integration to offer to its customers. Other than this, SubscriptionFlow also offers integration with reliable payment gateways like Stripe. These integrations can help any subscription business in devising a perfect fintech stack.

Email Marketing

Consider this scenario, you have to come up with really exciting Christmas discounts for your customers. And they can actually help you diversify the revenue but how would your customers know about this? So, propagation of the discounts and coupons that you have planned in the right ways is also very important so that you can achieve the revenue targets. And to do that, you need to involve the marketing team as well.

Involve the marketing and sales departments both so that you can not only devise lucrative sales and discounts for your recurring customers but also meet your sales targets by the end of the holiday season.

Email marketing is the best option to propagate what you offer on Christmas. Subscription management software integrated with HubSpot is the best tool to not only manage subscriptions but also market the right product to the right community of customers. HubSpot has email templates that can be used for effective marketing of Holiday discounts.

It also suggested forwarding personalized emails to your customers. Today, customers are equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets and numerous sources of information. If they are not satisfied with a certain product or service, the competitors in the market are already waiting for them. Emails are not only a way to market add-ons but they also provide you with a way to impress the customer. Personalization of emails is one of the ways to impress your customer base. Thereby, your emails, this Christmas ought to be written and designed in a way that the customers will feel you give them the importance, and they are part of your family.

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In-Time Ads

Billboards, newspapers, and television ads are conventional means of marketing. And for SaaS subscription businesses, they are not sufficient to increase the conversion rate. Digital marketing is rather more suitable for SaaS companies. It is the time for YouTube ads, LinkedIn ads, and Twitter ads, etc. If you have finalized your marketing and sales strategy for this Christmas, then the right time to post social media ads to promote your Christmas deals is ten days before the Christmas holidays.

Before you launch add-ons for the customers, it is important that maximum people are aware of it so that you can achieve the targets set. The timing is very important when it comes to Christmas discounts and deals. You cannot market is too many days before Christmas and the holiday. Likewise, you cannot post is just a day before Christmas. Thereby, timing is the key that has significance in the success of your discounts, deals, or coupons.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes for Christmas are another way to boost sales on this occasion. There are many businesses that were not operating on the subscription business model previously but they came up with a subscription box and today, this subscription box has become a source of revenue diversification for these businesses.

So, if you have not tried offering boxed subscriptions to your customers now is the time to at least try it as a pilot project. For example, Netflix offers boxed subscriptions at really cheap rates and it also allows subscribers to gift this streaming box to other contacts. What do you think will be the results?

The boom in the sales!

Exactly, and the factors for the success of this streaming box are many. First, it is cheap, second, it is the holiday season and people look for options for such recreational activities. And third, it is the best thing to gift to many people these days—it is the era of screen addicts.

Other than these the boxed subscriptions for sweets, cosmetics, games, toys, books, and a lot more such things can be an instant success on Christmas and holiday season.

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And to manage these subscriptions and subscription boxes, you can adopt the subscription handling software of SubscriptionFlow. Here, you can also get consultancy to plan discounts and subscription boxes on Christmas. SubscriptionFlow can be integrated with HubSpot so as to streamline not just the subscription business processes but also the marketing tasks.

So, Plan your subscription business strategy for this Christmas with SubscriptionFlow!