Why & How After sale Services Can Enhance Customer Retention For Subscription Business

Do you think that the work of sales and customer support ends with customer onboarding? Or you won’t have to put more effort to learn more about the customers who have been onboarded because the services and packages you are offering are of enough value to the customers? If yes, then there is a need to rebuild your approach toward customers perspectives.

You probably have not realized that your customers are looking for more than what they are given. Customers need not only the product or services. Their definition of value and experience is different from yours. And in this quest, only a wide-ranging and well-managed after sale service can help.

After sale customer services help in resolving the problems of customers and answering queries like how to access the customer portal or to upgrade the subscription plan. Rather, it is an opportunity to resell, upsell and convert them into your advocates to acquire new customers.

Do you know you can provide more insightful and data-driven after sales customer services for your subscribers if you are using Subscription management software that provides predictive analysis and AI to enhance customer experience?

In this piece of writing, we have given a brief intro on what you are missing if you are not incorporating after sale services, and what method you can use that enhances the quality of after sale services.

How After sale Services Build Value For Your Subscription Business

1. Build A Long-Term Relationship With Customers

A customer life cycle is a very complicated process, no matter how much a customer is paying to get your service a single bad experience can nudge them to drop your subscription plan. Hence, in this situation, after sale service can do wonders to retain customers and re-acquire the customers who have voluntarily left you. Whether you are reaching to your customer via email or calling to congratulate on birthdays and anniversaries, it gives the impression that you care for your customer and cared enough to send a personalized message.

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2. Improve Loyalty

Just imagine your customer acquired a problem while logging in to his or her customer portal but the recovery password is not received to the registered email, or got a slight operational problem while using the product and called the customer service. As a result of your prompt response, the query was resolved quickly. This just got you a loyal customer who will likely stay with you for a longer span and spread the word for your customer quality and service.

In addition to the on-site problem resolution, having omnichannel customer support can do wonders. It not only quicken the response rate but also give the impression that you are taking time to respond to your customer where they are active.

3. Motivate Customer To Become Advocates

In today’s world, customers look into many things while making a decision to buy a product or reevaluating their decision to continue the subscription plan or not. And, in all of this, they tend to search for product reviews and ask friends who are already using your service. Hence your customers act as an advocate. This advocation has a trickle-down effect and increases the credibility of a business. And, the key to getting a referral from a client or rating lies in the quality of your service

4. Provide Value To The Customers

Most of the time buyers don’t know how to use a product, and also feel embarrassed to either ask the support team of peer users. In such a situation the scoop of after sale service increases and when a business offers a tutorial on how-to’s tutorial by creating visual and static content on the product usage or maintenance for social platforms e.g. youtube, Pinterest, and other social media sites, it adds value to customers’ experience.

5. Differentiate From Competitor

Providing value, and investing effort to provide customer support on social media create a unique image in the mind of your customer. This set you apart from your competitor, which is the ultimate goal of all businesses to create a unique image.

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04 Ways You Can Enhance Customer Experience By Adding Value To After sale Service

This leads us to the question that is what a business can do to enhance the after sales services. For this, we have created a list of techniques that you can use to enhance your after sale service.

1. Upselling

The first thing that you can do is pair your two services or product and give a recommendation to your customer at the time of checkout or at the moment when he is ready to renew their subscription plan. But the key is to provide personalized services and recommendations that provide value and resonate with the subscriber.

Hold on! you won’t have to hunt for the data yourself, because SaaS subscription software like SubscriptionFlow is designed to collect data on the customer such as the usage pattern and behaviour.

2. Loyalty Programs

Another thing that you can do is to create loyalty programs that include free coupons and discounts. These have been proven effective to retain and engage customers especially when they do not visit your store. Moreover, this further personalizes the service by inducing the ‘Care’ element and calling out clients by their names or birthday surprises, along with special holiday discounts.

3. Personalize Service & Product

In addition to introducing loyalty programs, you can also offer customized your coupons and offer customized discounts to your customer. This might include paring two or more features or offering freemium access to new features, products, and content to your loyal customer.

4. Announcement On New Products & Services

Lastly, we have a recommendation for you, it is to incorporate a newsletter or notice feature into your subscription management software. This keeps users engage and interest. Moreover, every customer likes to hear new things or stories about how a company is making effort to enhance the experience of their user receiving notification or email, personalized to your customer taste improve the social standing and nudge the customer to stay despite having a lot of options to switch.

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Parting Words

Customer retention is a difficult task. It requires a lot of effort especially on the part of customer support. Customers, nowadays, need a reason to stay, and providing quality after sale services, offering customer coupons, and tailored newsletters to the announcement are more than enough to make them feel valued and caring. You can truly benefit from SubscriptionFlow here. It allows you to evaluate your business operations and create room to facilitate your customers.