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Unlocking New Possibilities: Discovering Authorize.Net Alternatives

In the vast digital landscape of today’s global marketplace, payment gateways play an integral role. Every business in the digital arena needs to process payments online which is impossible without the right tech stack and payment gateways.

Also, in the subscription business market, the importance of payment gateways becomes two folds. Here, customer trust and satisfaction directly link with the payment gateway that the retailer integrates with the payment processing platform. However, many people opt for multiple payment gateways or alternatives. Why?

Today, it is not the trend to opt for multiple payment gateways, but it is the need of the hour. Coming towards the reasons to look for alternatives to

Diverse Payment Processing Needs

Not all retailers in the subscription business market necessarily get their payment processing needs fulfilled with The availability of Authorize.Net alternatives enables companies to select a solution that better satisfies their unique needs, such as lower transaction costs, support for international payments, or specialised functionality.

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Region-Specific Payment Gateways

When it comes to an alternative to, many subscription businesses cater to international customers. For that, region-specific payment gateways are needed. For instance, Paystack is the payment gateway that many subscription businesses opt for that need to expand their business African region. In Africa, people prefer paying through Paystack. So, Paystack is the best alternative to when you enter the African subscription business market.

Competitive Pricing

Another reason to look for payment gateways other than is the pricing. Startups and small businesses prefer opting for those payment gateways that offer comparatively cheaper pricing plans or the ones that offer long free trials.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

Also, many subscription businesses do not look for alternatives to any payment gateway that they are using. They just need more than one payment gateway because technical issues can occur no matter if you are using the best payment gateway. However, your customers cannot wait or understand such reasons. All they are concerned about is making payments and a quick exit. To facilitate customers, businesses need to integrate more than one payment gateway. In such cases, subscription companies can opt for Stripe, Braintree, or any other payment gateway so that even if one payment gateway is down, the payments get processed through the other gateway.

Enhanced Fraud Prevention & Security

Sometimes, businesses need to enhance their security. For example, when it comes to the storage of sensitive customer information, on its platform, Stripe manages the whole payment process, including the gathering and storage of private payment information. Because of this, retailers who use Stripe have fewer security responsibilities and risks because they don’t receive or keep payment information directly. Authorize.Net, on the other hand, gives merchants more discretion over the procedure for collecting payment information by providing alternatives for both hosted and non-hosted payment forms. So, retailers will choose between these two depending on their needs.

Reputation & Market Standing

Payment gateway integration also plays a role in the reputation of a business. How? If you integrate with the payment gateways that lead the market, then your market standing improves. For instance, PayPal, Stripe,, and Braintree etc. are the market leaders. Your customers are aware of their names and worth. They will trust your payment processing cycle if your subscription management software is integrated with these platforms.

Now that we know the reasons to look for an alternative to or any other payment gateway, it is time to see the options subscription businesses have.

The Top Alternatives to

No matter what is your reason to switch payment gateways or to look for multiple payment gateways, team SubscriptionFlow has listed some of the best payment gateways that you can try:

  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • PayPal
  • Adyen
  • Paystack
  • 2Checkout
  • Mollie

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So, these are your options other than Having alternatives to Authorize.Net provides businesses with greater flexibility, cost savings, and the ability to tailor payment processing solutions to their specific needs, ultimately enhancing their ability to serve customers effectively. You can opt for any of the mentioned payment gateways as the alternative to

Another factor that motivates businesses to go for some alternate payment gateway is that now, all payment gateways not only offer payment security and smooth processing of transactions but also some diverse functionalities. Businesses are interested in these functionalities as well. So, as a subscription business retailer, if you need features beyond payment security and encryption of customer data, then you can explore your options.

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However, SubscriptionFlow is a robust subscription management platform that integrates with and many other alternative payment gateways. Whether you need or other gateways, you can reach out to SubscriptionFlow experts. Enhance your tech stack by integrating the right payment gateway with the recurring billing platform.