Adyen vs Square

Adyen vs Square–Exploring the Ultimate Payment Gateway

Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you all to this showdown between the two leading payment gateways—Adyen and Square. In the arena of cash processing platforms, on one side, we have Adyen which showed a growth of 65% last year, on the other side, there is Square with a gross payment volume of 52.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.

So, the competition is sizzling hot and stakes are high at this time because not only these two but many other payment gateways are putting in equal effort to help businesses get paid seamlessly. Adyen vs Square comparison 2023 isn’t going to be any ordinary comparison; this is a battle of innovation, convenience, and the almighty dollar.

Without wasting time, let’s take you to the detailed analysis of features that Adyen and Square offer.

Adyen: A Payment Processing Powerhouse

Both Adyen and Square are significant players in the payment gateway market, but they set themselves apart with particular features and services. Let’s examine the characteristics that distinguish Adyen from Square.

1. Global Outreach

Today, subscription businesses transcend geographical boundaries. To facilitate retailers and sellers in this competitive market, Square has added a thrill to payment processing. Through this robust payment gateway, you can now process payments across 200 countries in the world. Your adoption of Adyen can make you an international sensation overnight.

So, gear up to cater to customers from every corner of the world because SubscriptionFlow (our subscription management platform) also integrates with Adyen.

2. Unified Commerce Experience

When it comes to Square vs Adyen, eCommerce subscription businesses prefer integrating with Adyen because it offers the best experience to their recurring customers. So, no more disjointed experiences or frustrated customers. Just imagine a customer of yours who logs in to your eCommerce platform and shop for his favourite items. Here, Adyen integrated with the subscription management platform will lead your customer through different phases of payment processing. It will make the process so smooth that your customers will be as comfortable as they could be at their nearest store in the world of brick and mortar.

3. Pricing Plans

Adyen charges a fixed payment processing fee for each transaction. Other than that, their charges depend on the payment method that the user opts for. Also, other features and products that Adyen offers are priced and charged separately. There is no initial set-up fee.

Adyen facilitates users with Payment Method Explorer which helps those who do not know which payment methods would suit their business.

4. Insights Vault of Adyen

Gone are the days when subscription business retailers had to shift through huge datasets. Adyen has the capabilities to transform data into dazzling visuals and actionable intelligence, presenting a feast for the eyes and a roadmap for success.

You will get intuitive dashboards and customizable reports based on analytics. So, get ready to unveil secrets in the numbers that can uplift your business.

Square: A Payments & Payout Multiplier

Coming towards the Square payment gateway, with this robust online payment processor, you’ll never have to utter the phrases like, “Sorry, we don’t accept that payment method.” Credit cards? Check. Mobile wallets? Check. Crypto? Oh, you bet!” Square lets you tap into the diverse ways customers want to pay, ensuring that every sale is sealed with a smile.

1. Strong Developer Tools & APIs

All payment gateways including Square cater to a versatile customer base. Businesses from different verticals opt for payment gateways like Square. So, Square is kept flexible that it easily integrates with other software and applications. Developers find it convenient to integrate and use.

This ease of integration facilitates businesses in improving their operational efficiency which in the end, increases the flow of recurring revenue.

2. Pricing Plans

Adyen offer a free trial, however, Square has a completely free version to offer its customers. Other than the free plan, there are two other pricing plans that Square offer. In Square Plus Plan, the user gets the free domain for a year and some other advanced features.

However, in Premium Plan, Square offers lower processing rates and real-time shipping rates. So, this premium plan is widely opted for by eCommerce platforms. Still, the payment gateways keep improvising their payment pals. You need to follow them regularly to track any change in plans.

3. Square Capital

Square Capital is available for Square customers only. Here, Square allows users to get a loan for a short term. Square Capital has become an attraction for startups and small businesses because it helps them get funding as well. With Square Capital, the hassle of paperwork lessens. Also, Square has kept repayment options flexible enough to facilitate users.

These factors make Square Capital an attractive financing option for businesses looking to grow, invest in their operations, or manage cash flow effectively.

By now, we hope that the dust would have been settled from this battle between Adyen and Square. Adyen captivates users with its global outreach and multicurrency support, while Square is loved for its versatile payment acceptance and Square Capital.

Still, the choice of the payment gateway will not only depend on your business needs but also the preference of the customer and the region. In certain locations, you cannot help but opt for region-specific payment gateways. Also, some payment gateways are preferred by customers. To satisfy customers, you have to integrate the payment gateways that customers want.

Howbeit, whether you need to integrate Adyen or Square, SubscriptionFlow offers both. Contact our experts now to see how these integrations can streamline your payment processing and the flow of recurring revenue as well.