Adyen vs Braintree

Adyen Vs Braintree: Choose the Right Payment Gateway for Your Subscription Business

Getting your hands on the right payment gateway is not so easy because there are so many companies offering their payment gateways and payment processors. Also, almost all payment gateways offer the same features—making it even more challenging to opt for the right payment gateway.

So, what to do?

Team SubscriptionFlow is here to stop you from doing anything that will be nothing more than a shot in the dark.

Here, we will compare Adyen and Braintree so that you will be able to adopt the payment gateway that best suits your business. Without wasting a moment, we will delve into the details of Braintree vs Adyen.

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Pricing Model of Braintree & Adyen

The pricing model of both Braintree and Adyen does not have a fixed pricing plan for all businesses. Braintree charges a fee for every transaction that is made through this platform. Likewise, Adyen also charges per transaction a calculated commission. Also, the commission that Adyen cuts will depend on the payment method that you have chosen for your customers. For example, Adyen uses the Intercharge++ model for those who opt for the master card, Visa etc.

On the other hand, Braintree has its own pricing mechanism. For instance, it charges some extra fee when the user processes a transaction in a currency other than the home currency. Some flat fee is charged for chargebacks. Braintree also offers discounts based on the business size.

Also, they offer quotes before you finalize the deal with these payment gateways. So, you can tell them details of your business and make them provide you with the details about the pricing plan that they can offer for your business.

Which payment gateway is better adyen or braintree

Ideal Customers for Braintree & Adyen

Braintree and Adyen are equally trusted in the subscription business market. The important clients of Adyen include Uber, Mango and Spotify. And Braintree facilitates Boxed and Jane etc. Both payment gateways are trusted to offer services to small, medium, and large enterprises (SMEs). Braintree is available for online businesses in Asian, American, Canadian, and European regions. Likewise, Adyen also offers its payment gateway in these regions.

Online Payment Security

When it comes to Adyen vs Braintree payment gateways, the foremost feature to consider is online payment security. Braintree claims to offer level 1 PCI DSS compliance for data security. Also, Braintree does not store raw data e.g. PIN block data. Braintree offers a safe data transfer in the Braintree Vault that is not connected to via internet so a data thief cannot access it. Also, the data is encrypted in a way that a thief cannot use the customer data without having its key for decryption and having access to the key is not easy. Every time the user is asked for authentication and passwords are not saved in the database that cannot be accessed directly.

Adyen is also PCI DSS compliant when it comes to online payment security. Adyen claims that they have developed their product in a way that merchants are not asked frequently to enter their sensitive data that would need to be stored, processed, and used again and again. So, automatically the customer data stays safe.

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Adyen Vs Braintree: How to Choose?

Coming towards choosing between Adyen and Braintree, both offer more or less everything that subscription businesses need. So, how are you going to choose between these two gateways?

1. The size of the Business

Both Adyen and Braintree claim to facilitate all sizes of businesses, yet Adyen is considered more suitable for freelancers as well. So, most startups and freelancers preferably go for Adyen. Depending on your business size and market standing, you can also decide between Adyen and Braintree on the bases of the current pricing plans that they offer. The good thing is both of these payment gateways offer quotations. Always get quotations before you finalize the payment gateway for your business.

Adyen vs Braintree comparison 2023

2. Security Features

Seemingly, Adyen and Braintree offer maximum online customer data security, however, you can compare their payment security features in detail before you opt for any of these gateways for your subscription business.

3. Your Budget

The selection of the payment gateway will also depend on the budget you have dedicated to the gateway. Again, the quotes offered by Adyen and Braintree be helpful in deciding on the payment gateway for your business. For instance, it has been mentioned earlier that the commission cuts of Adyen depend on the payment methods that you offer your customers. So, it is not just the budget, there can be numerous other factors on which it will highly depend how much you are going to need to pay in the end for the gateway.

4. System Flexibility

Another important factor that plays role in the selection of the payment gateway is the flexibility of the overall system. You will have to see if the system will remain flexible enough even after integration with the payment gateway. Most of the payment gateways are kept flexible and scalable so that they can easily integrate with large and established CRMs and ERPs to make a perfect business solution. So, Adyen and Braintree can also be integrated with other software and systems. However, you will need to see other applications and fintech apps that you are planning to integrate with your core system so that there are no issues once the gateway integrates with the core system. The overall flexibility of your core system and the payment gateway matters.

5. Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

You can also think of integrating more than one payment gateway with your subscription management system. And both Adyen and Braintree are considerable choices for multiple gateway integrations. Again, here you will need to keep the factor of system flexibility in consideration.

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Wrapping it up, it will not only depend on the payment gateway that you want to get integrated but there are numerous other factors that need to be considered when you are deciding the payment gateway for your subscription business.

If you are still confused about Adyen vs Braintree comparison 2023, then team SubscriptionFlow is on its toes to help you out. We not only offer integration of our subscription management software with Adyen and Braintree but can also help you select the right gateway for your subscription business. Schedule a demo to scale your business!