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How a Circulation Management Software Can Help Your Print Media Business Thrive

Your Print Media Business Could Use a Friend

Long gone are the days when manual book-keeping and legacy software were sufficient to organize subscriber databases for newspaper, magazine and other print media businesses. The media industry is a competitive market with an ever-increasing demand for efficiency and customer engagement. This is where your business could use some help from a magazine and newspaper circulation management system to reach its true potential! A good management software saves businesses precious time, avoids human errors, maximizes customer engagement thereby reducing churn rate and promotes subscription through smart marketing strategies.

What is a Circulation Management Software?

A circulation management software is a circulation, distribution and marketing system that helps print media businesses manage both their subscriptions and advertisements, automate billing and payments, resolve customer complaints efficiently, decrease churn rate and promote subscription through smart marketing strategies.

What does a Media Circulation Software do for you?

You might be wondering what real value a subscription management software adds to your digital or print media business. Let us take a look at what your business stands to gain from opting for an integrated circulation management system and what features to look out for to catapult the growth of your business!

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Manage Subscriptions Seamlessly

Digital and print media businesses operate on both the B2C model, supplying their product to end consumers directly, and the B2B model, supplying their product to group leaders and distributors that sell the product to end consumers. With a management software your business can handle all subscription types in one clean, intuitive and customizable workspace, enabling you to efficiently manage customers, orders, billing, payments and deliveries.

Managing Advertisers

Print media businesses must attract subscribers to consume their content while also selling their readers’ attention to potential advertisers. A subscription management system handles both these streams with ease by creating separate databases in the form of custom groups.

Self-Service of Subscription Plans

It is possible to customize the subscription plan for multiple publications offered by your company which also includes individual or group subscription plans such as those used by organizations. You can empower your customers with a self-service page where they can pick from multiple different plans, gift subscriptions to others and create custom plans that may suit their needs better. After all a customer in complete control of their payments is a happy customer!

Automated Billing

On time billing and smooth execution of recurring payments are important concerns for membership-based business such as newspapers and magazines, among many others. Error-free and efficient billing and payment management is essential in creating a trusting and satisfied customer base. Your management software makes different billing plans available to your clients and gives them the flexibility to switch between them with convenience. This also includes hybrid billing plans. This level of autonomy and control creates a happy and loyal customer base which is the cornerstone of any business’s success!

Integrated Payment

Integration with popular payment gateways that operate internationally enables hassle-free payments. The ability to integrate with multiple payment gateways means that you can work with your favorite! This also gives global clients access to your product, allowing you to grow your business without any security or tax non-compliance related fears. The possibility of switching between multiple currencies helps consolidating a global customer base. This facilitates the expansion of small and SME businesses, boosting revenue while keeping all information safe in one accessible place.

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Branded Checkout Pages

By creating a customized checkout page, your business can build its brand and create a smooth and pleasing purchase experience for subscribers. When a consumer or business signs up, the software automatically stores their details and you can track all orders and invoices in one elegant interface.

Automated Email Notifications:

Any business looking to keep their customers satisfied must communicate effectively and consistently with its clientele. A good subscription management system provides your business with the tools to send out automatic renewal receipts, as well as, promotional emails and reminders to targeted groups at risk of unsubscribing. It can also be used to implement an intelligent dunning strategy to help drive down churn rates. Transparent, smooth and regular customer engagement fosters trust and loyalty in your customer base.

Automated Shipping Labels

The system also allows you to automatically print shipping labels from your customer databases, saving your business precious time and coordination efforts if this is done manually.

Tracking Customer Complaints

Your business is also empowered with complaint management as the software enables you to track and resolve customer complaints effectively. This is crucial to establishing a loyal customer base, decreasing the churn rate of existing subscribers and attracting new subscribers.

Decreasing Churn Rate

Every subscription business is threatened by a high churn rate which is why management systems allow you to filter through you client database and export data to gain key business insights! Tools in print media management software often allow a business to flag customers based on risk of churning. This allows for subscription businesses to strategize marketing interventions for targeted high-risk groups.

Custom Drip Marketing

The custom automated email feature can also come in handy for drip marketing campaigns targeting both subscribers and advertisers. A dedicated marketing campaign can hope to reignite their interest and keep your brand in their line of sight! After all, in the world of shortening attention spans, consistency is everything in growing your business!

Generating Reports

The system also allows you to generate reports to track your business in both classic and customizable formats. These can help you track your business growth and develop strategies to bring in new clientele.

In summary, any business looking to build a brand name and grow exponentially must invest in a circulation management system to manage orders, automate billing and email notifications, resolve customer complaints effectively and promote subscription. This integrated and customizable all-in-one tool can be indispensable to the growth of your print media business. Schedule a demo now to learn more!