Integrating NMI With SubscriptionFlow

Embrace 2023 By Integrating NMI With SubscriptionFlow To Optimize Your Business Growth

As the New Year approaches, businesses know that now is the time to start thinking about their growth strategies for 2023. While there are various methods available for business owners to improve their customer base and sales, one of the best ways to make the most out of this year is by leveraging SubscriptionFlow integrated with NMI (Network Merchants Incorporated).

What Is NMI (Network Merchants Incorporated)?

NMI is a payment gateway, that offers merchants a range of online payment options and services such as credit card processing, ACH payments, check assurance, fraud protection, e-commerce solutions, and more.

Features of NMI Integration with a Subscription Management Platform

Our subscription management platform is committed to providing businesses with the most reliable and secure billing and payment processing solutions. However, NMI offers a full suite of transaction processing services, including credit cards, debit cards, ACH/eCheck, check verification and guarantee, gift cards and loyalty programs. With flexible features such as real-time account updates, integrated fraud prevention tools, and advanced reporting capabilities, NMI—SubscriptionFlow integration makes it easy for businesses of any size to accept payments online.

NMI integration enables you to make launching loyalty programs and gift cards easy to generate repeat business and increase customer loyalty. You can easily design and customize customer reward programs to incentivize customers to make purchases, referrals, and more. NMI also offers a free gift card setup, so you can easily provide your customers with exclusive discounts or virtual vouchers.

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Why Business Startups Need NMI Integration

NMI integration is essential for any subscription business startup that is looking forward to growing. It provides merchants with the tools to securely accept payments, manage transactions, and get paid quickly and easily.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a thriving business, NMI with a subscription management software has everything your business needs for a successful payment process. With NMI, you can easily set up secure payment options like credit cards and electronic checks through their integrated point-of-sale system. This gives shoppers peace of mind as they make purchases knowing that their personal information is safe and secure.

Additionally, the system remains flexible enough that you can choose to integrate online invoicing software such as QuickBooks or FreshBooks.

If you already have an established merchant account, NMI offers various services to help you manage and optimise your transactions. They provide detailed reporting on fraud prevention, sales performance, customer service metrics, and custom integration options that allow merchants to incorporate other software systems into their payment process.

The best part is that NMI integration will provide exceptional customer service and fast payouts – meaning you get paid faster without worrying about delays or technical issues. The online portal makes it easy for businesses to track transactions, view invoices, and access payment information.

Benefits Of Integrating NMI With SubscriptionFlow

Automated Recurring Billing With NMI

It provides businesses with a cost-efficient and secure way to manage recurring payments from their customers. SubscriptionFlow, when integrated with NMI, allows companies to set up automated billing for their subscribers. This means that customers are billed automatically on the same day every month, eliminating any manual effort required for processing payments each month. The integration also reduces the risk of failed payments as all transactions are carried out securely and by industry standards.

Quick, Easy & Secure Online Payment Processing

With this integration, businesses can accept credit cards, direct debits, and other forms of payment instantly and securely without manually processing these transactions. All transaction data is stored securely within SubscriptionFlow’s servers, and NMI’s secure payment gateway ensures that all payments are securely processed.

Advanced Interface With Customizable Dashboard

With this integration, businesses can create customised dashboards for their customers that display the status of their subscriptions, view billing information and manage their account settings in an easy-to-use interface. This dashboard lets customers quickly check their subscription status and update account details without logging into separate accounts or contacting customer service representatives.

Self-Service Portal To Empower Customers

Through this integration, businesses can offer customers a self-service portal to easily manage and update their subscription information and make payments. This portal also allows customers to manage account settings, view billing history, change payment methods and more directly from the portal.

Checkout Pages That Can Be Customised As Per The Business Needs

Businesses can create checkout pages that are tailored according to their specific needs. The customisable checkout page ensures that customers can quickly enter all their details without hassle while making payments on the website. It also ensures that businesses have comprehensive data about the customer’s purchase journey right at the moment of transaction completion.

Third-Party Apps Integration That Can Be Accessed With Single Sign-On

This feature allows businesses to integrate third-party apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, and MailChimp into their subscription platform. This integration enables customers to access these applications with a single sign-on process, allowing them to quickly manage their accounts and update information across multiple platforms simultaneously.

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Winter Holidays: Boost Your Sales & Optimise Your Business Processes By SubscriptionFlow Integrated With NMI

Winter holidays are the perfect time to boost sales and optimize business processes. With NMI integration with SubscriptionFlow, you can take advantage of both streamlined processing and a secure payment gateway. This technology allows you to process transactions quickly and securely while providing customers with subscription-based account options.

The process is simple—NMI provides a payment gateway that interacts directly with your existing merchant account. This means there’s no need for manual setup or additional software installation costs. Once integrated, you and your customers can benefit from faster checkout times, better customer service, real-time reporting capabilities, fraud prevention tools, and more.

With NMI integration with SubscriptionFlow, you can also offer customers the ability to sign up for subscription-based services. This makes it easy to automate customer billing and provide a consistent, reliable source of income. You can easily set payment schedules and manage customer data such as billing addresses, card numbers, and more—all through an intuitive dashboard.

And with the holiday shopping season in full swing, this is the perfect time to get your business ready for success. Book a demo today to see how SubscriptionFlow works before you manage subscriptions in NMI.

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