Boost Magazine Subscription Growth

Leverage Gift Subscriptions To Boost Magazine Subscription Growth

There’s no doubt that gift subscriptions can be a powerful tool for boosting magazine subscription growth. By definition, a gift subscription is given to someone else with the intention of them using it, which means that your magazine’s potential audience has increased exponentially. But how do you make sure that your gift subscription strategy is working? And how can you leverage it to maximize growth? The best indicator of knowing if your gift subscription strategies work or not is the expansion is the customer base.

Some Useful Tips To Boost Your Growth through Gift Subscriptions

1. Make It Easy To Give A Gift Subscription.

The easier you make it for people to give a gift subscription, the more likely they will do so. Ensure your website and marketing materials clearly explain how gift subscriptions work and provide step-by-step instructions for purchasing them.

2. Offer A Discount For Gift Subscriptions.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Offering a discount on gift subscriptions is a great way to entice people to give them as gifts. Just be sure that the discount is significant enough to make it worth their while. Here, you will have to keep your subscription billing and pricing plans in consideration. However, you can manage magazine subscription discounts through the automated systems.

3. Create Special Gift Subscription Packages.

Make your gift subscriptions even more appealing by creating special packages that include additional benefits, such as access to exclusive content or discounts on other products. Also, it is not mandatory that you offer gifts of the entire edition of the magazine as a gift. You can divide magazine articles into different genres. Offer gift subscriptions for each genre article. There can be a lot more options that you consider to come up with creative gift subscription options.

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4. Publicize Your Gift Subscriptions.

Make sure people know that you offer gift subscriptions! Promote them on your website, your marketing materials, and social media. The more people are aware of them; the more likely they are to purchase them. Take your gift subscription plan to social media platforms. It is the right time to take your magazine gift subscriptions on social media so that more people see it and grab the opportunity on Christmas and New year to gift magazine subscriptions to their contacts.

5. Leverage the Upcoming Holiday Season

Now that Christmas and New Year are coming. And not only that but before the year-end, there is coming up the festivity of Black Friday and Thanksgiving days. All SaaS companies and even other businesses can come up with their unique subscription boxes. And give their customers the option to gift these boxed subscription packages. For instance, Netflix is an OTT platform, if it offers a gift subscription package in the coming days, then it will surely be helpful to expand its already diverse customer base. Just like that, you need to curate interesting magazine gift subscription boxes and let your customers gift them to their contacts.

Gift subscriptions can be a great way to boost magazine subscription growth. By making it easy to give and receive them, offering discounts, and creating special packages, you can make them even more appealing to potential subscribers. And don’t forget to promote them—the more people who know about them, the better.

Are you wondering how to manage magazine subscriptions efficiently? Keep on reading.

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How Can Gift Subscriptions Be More Appealing?

  1. Leverage the element of surprise by offering a gift subscription to someone unexpected.
  1. Include a personalized message with each gift subscription.
  1. Make it easier by offering online ordering and multiple payment options.
  1. Provide customer service support if the recipient has questions or problems with their subscription.
  1. Consider offering a discount on renewals to encourage recipients to keep their subscriptions.

Let SubscriptionFlow Do The Trick

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